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Average Joe: Auntie Onyi & Her Concubines [Finale] (18+)


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Average Joe: Auntie Onyi & Her Concubines [Finale] (18+)

Onyi was reluctant at first, then tentative, and then finally completely gave in. Her tongue emerged to meet Ebere’s, and they French kissed as Ebere fondled Onyi. Onyi reached out and felt Ebere’s breasts. “Um, so that’s what big ones feel like,” she moaned.

Aunt Olivia is about four inches taller than me, and my head was lying on her chest. I could feel her breasts pressing up into me, just below my chin. Olivia was all I needed to enjoy myself – the other women’s antics were just eye candy at this point.

But I couldn’t help looking up to see Ebere and Onyi playing with each other’s pussies. And Ebere was holding her breast out and rubbing her nipple against Onyi’s. Ugo and Nkechi were diddling their own clits, watching both Olivia and me and Ebere and Onyi.

The two sisters gave each other a little look; then each fingered the other one while sitting up on their knees.

In order to pump even faster and harder, I pushed myself up on my hands. I looked down at Olivia. Her big breasts were shaking and bobbling like nothing I had ever seen before. I didn’t know breasts could do that. Whatever direction Aunt Olivia was moving, her breasts were moving the opposite way. It was an amazing, wild, erotic, dirty sight.

I glanced over at the others. Onyi and Ebere were lying on the carpet, with Onyi lying on top of Ebere backwards, in what every school kid knows as a “69” position, licking each other’s pussies. Ugo and Nkechi were lying on their sides, fingering each other, watching Onyi and Ebere, and Olivia and Me.

Olivia pulled me back down and dug her fingers into my back. She was hollering in my ear and squeezing me with her thighs. “OOOOOhhhhhhh!” The Big One thrashed from side to side and almost threw me off of her. I hung on tight and felt the tickling friction on my cock head that told me I was about to come.

From the other four, I just heard muffled moans and whimpers, getting faster and louder.

” I’m CUmmINNG! UNNG! HUUGGG! HUUUUHHHGG!” screamed Olivia. I shot a load into her as she threw my little body this way and that. Finally, she bucked me completely off of the chair.

The others had all finished their activity, too, and we all lay there resting for quite a while. Finally, everybody got up and got drinks, went to the bathroom, and stuff, but nobody got dressed. Aunt Ebere asked where everybody wanted to sleep.

“I want to sleep with Joe!” said Ugo.

“No, I want to spend the night with Joe,” said Olivia.

Everybody wanted to sleep with me, so it was decided that we would all sleep on the sitting room floor. Ebere brought down a bunch of blankets and pillows, and we laid out together on the floor, and I spent the night there, with the TV on, sleeping naked with my five aunts.

Somewhere during the night, Nkechi whispered to me, “You should come and visit me someday. When Uncle Ike is at work. Just the two of us.”

And not long after that, I was up getting a beer from the refrigerator. Aunt Ebere was heading for the bathroom. She stopped and talked to me, with her face smeared with cum. “You know, Uncle Richard travels a lot. Maybe you can stop by sometime when the kids are in school. I’ll call in sick. Just the two of us, all day!”

And while lying in a sleeping bag, Olivia whispered, “I was thinking. Maybe sometime I can tell Uncle Nnamdi that I’m travelling to visit my mother, but really we can get a hotel room, just the two of us!”

And later, when I rolled over towards a naked Aunt Onyi, she whispered, “Joe, you know I don’t live far from here. I’m all alone all day when the kids are in school, and Uncle Sammy is at work.”

And still, later, Aunt Ugo said, “I’ll give you my WhatsApp phone number. You can chat me there, and maybe arrange to get together alone sometime. We can learn a lot together.”

So it looks like I’m going to be kept busy visiting my five aunts for a while.

The end

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