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Average Joe: Auntie Onyi & Her Concubines [Episode 6] (18+)


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Average Joe: Auntie Onyi & Her Concubines [Episode 6] (18+)

A few minutes after Ebere climbed off my lap, my spent cock was lying on my leg semi-hard. Olivia reached over and stroked it with her right hand. Having had three massive orgasms and cumming a gallon, I was pretty exhausted. But I started playing with Aunt Olivia’s breasts again, and with her smooth handjob, I got hard again quickly.

Then Olivia climbed between my legs and started to suck my dirty cock. Her mouth was stretched wide around it, her hair falling onto my thighs and tickling them. God, these ladies didn’t have any aversions to sucking cock!

Aunt Nkechi was still sitting to my left. She leaned forward, ignored the smeared pussy juice all over my lips, nose and chin, and made out with me. I put my arms around her and played with her breasts, then her pussy. She took a breath and whispered into my ear, “Please fuck me, Joe, please. Oh, I want you so bad.”

“I want you, too, Aunt Nkechi ,” I whispered.

Olivia came up for air. Aunt Ebere took over for Olivia and became the last of my five aunts to suck my cock.

Aunt Nkechi turned her back to me and knelt on the couch with her elbows on the left armrest. She presented herself to me, sticking her ass in the air and showing me the pussy hair between her legs. She was naked except for her dangling earrings, necklace, and wedding ring. Her hair was hanging down. “C’mon, Joe,” she called.

Ebere looked at her and released my cock from her mouth. I got up on my knees on the couch and knelt behind Aunt Nkechi’s bare ass. I took a minute to line myself up and massage her protruding butt. I laid my cock on top of her ass and slid it along her crack. Then I took my cock in my hand, and aimed the head between her legs, found her pussy slit with my other hand, and worked it in.

Nkechi moaned as I entered her, and she pressed back into me. I pumped slowly as I got my rhythm and balance right. I could feel Nkechi ‘s cunt muscles contracting and expanding around my dick. We made a slapping noise when my pelvis and her butt met. “Ooh,” purred Nkechi. I reached around and felt her little breasts that were hanging down.

Nkechi and I got into a nice rhythm. Her pussy was a little wider, and I learned to alternately slide my cock along her left pussy wall and then her right, to get friction. We were in a groove but nowhere close to cumming, it seemed.

“Do you want to feel MY breasts while you do her?” asked Ugo. Ugo crawled over to Nkechi’s right side and shook her breasts in my face. She had taken off her bra and was now topless. I reached over with my right hand and felt her nice breasts.

“You can feel me, too,” said Ebere, and came around to Nkechi ‘s left side, leaned over, and let her breasts dangle down for me. I grabbed one with my left hand. Olivia and Onyi gathered around, too, and I had my choice of what breasts and other body parts I wanted to fondle while I fucked Aunt Nkechi. I felt like a kid in a breast store; there were so many things on display that I had wanted for so long. I may have gotten a little grabby for the ladies, but I was having a blast, and they had a few giggles, too.

I tried some combination of things that I particularly enjoyed; I fondled the two biggest pairs of breasts, Olivia’s and Ebere’s, for a bit. Then I went for Olivia’s breast with my favorite ass, Onyi’s. I nibbled on Ugo’s B cup breasts for a bit, then sucked Onyi’s whole breast, long hard nipple and all, taking the whole thing into my mouth at once.

“Uhh, Uhh, Ohhh, Joe,” Nkechi moaned. “UUUH!” I started to step up my rhythm, and soon I was slapping fast and hard into her like a jackhammer. I loved the way her mature white ass made multiple ripples like a rock hitting water each time I slammed into it. “Uhhnng! HuuGGGhh! she grunted in a husky voice.

Our piston-like banging did its job, and as Nkechi broke the rhythm and gyrated her ass all over, I felt my orgasm start. Nkechi’s sudden jerking caught me by surprise, and my cock fell out of her pussy. Before I could get it back in, I shot white jism all over her ass, back, and thighs. We both collapsed on the carpet.

Having just fucked four of my aunts, I was tired. My balls ached, and my cock finally started to shrivel up. I sat on the carpet with my back resting against the couch. I looked around the room at my five aunts. Their nice new sexy lingerie was covered in sweat and jizm.

Seams had been stretched and popped and fabrics had been snagged. I guess maybe I ruined some fun for my five uncles. The women began to remove what was left of their outfits and hose. They all stood up and stripped completely naked in front of me.

I looked over the five older women. They didn’t look at the top of their game like they did just a little while ago. They were drunk and a little bleary-eyed. Their hair was messed up badly. Their makeup was smeared and running and caked, and they had circles around their eyes. Without the flattering outfits, the nearly middle-aged moms looked their age. Breasts hung down. Scars and stretch marks were visible. Faces were wrinkled and jowly. I still loved them all.

I watched Aunt Olivia strip off her outfit and sit on the couch naked just next to where I sat on the carpet. She was the only aunt that I hadn’t fucked. She was also the only aunt whose pussy I hadn’t eaten. Even if I were too tired to fuck her, I sure would love a chance to bury my face in that big woman’s hairy pussy. Olivia saw me looking up at her and smiled. As if she read my mind, she lifted her left leg and threw it over my head. I was now looking right up at her pussy with her legs spread around me.

I reached up and stroked her long, smooth, naked thigh. I reached further and hovered my palm just above her pussy mound. Not close enough to touch it, but just close enough to tickle her thick patch of pubic hair. She purred just enough to let me know she liked it and spread her legs wider.

I got on my knees, leaned over, and kissed and sucked on the inside of her beautiful, long, fleshy thighs. Aunt Olivia put her hands on my head and ran her fingers through my hair.

I put my hands under her thighs and pulled her toward me. Olivia scooted her butt closer to the edge of the couch. I leaned forward and burrowed into her pussy hair until I cleared a path to her moist pussy lips. I licked back and forth, up and down, in and out. She arched her back and pressed her hips forward. I felt her thighs on my ears. I took my time; I was in no hurry to leave this place.

But Aunt Olivia pushed my head back and stopped me. Was she done for the night?

“Joe, will you fuck me?” My religious, conservative Aunt Olivia was the last person in the world that I expected to hear that word from in any context. I looked down at my limp cock. “Let me get YOU ready,” she said.

I climbed up onto the couch next to her, unsure what she had in mind. She gave my semi-limp cock a couple of strokes while I played with her breasts. Then she climbed off the couch and kneeled between my legs. She leaned her body inward and let her big mammaries dangle over my crotch. She stuck her elbows out, grabbed her own breasts, and squeezed them around my cock. She arched her back, and bounced up and down on her knees, and breast fucked me.

I looked down in amazement. My cock head kept disappearing and reappearing from the top of her cleavage. I bucked up and down to give more friction. I got really stiff, really fast, watching my aunt do that to me.

My other aunts were watching, too. “I wish I could do that,” lamented the small-breasted Aunt Nkechi, and Onyi and Ugo said the same thing.

Aunt Olivia had already told me what she wanted. She wanted to fuck me. “I’m ready, Aunt Olivia,” I told the buxom woman.

Olivia let go of her breasts, lied on her back on the couch with her legs spread, and held out her arms to invite me in. I got on my knees between her long legs. I had fucked four women to this point in my life but had never fucked missionary style. It took me a while to get the position and the angle right.

I lay on Aunt Olivia and slid my cock into her wet pussy. I planted my elbows on either side of her and laid on her. She wrapped her arms around me, as well as her legs, and let me find a rhythm. I could hear her panting in my ear as our nude, sweaty bodies pressed together. I pumped harder and harder. Olivia moaned louder and louder, in a higher and higher pitch.

I didn’t know anything about technique, but I had speed. I fucked fast and furious, feeling my balls slapping into Olivia. It was a good thing Aunt Olivia was dripping wet. I planted my feet and knees as well as I could for leverage. We were getting wild and loud.

“Ohhh, ohhhhhh, oOOOOOEEEEEEEYYY!” Aunt Olivia’s wails were echoing off the walls. “WoooooooooooooooOOOOO!! “WOOOOOOOO!”

There had been a couple of times when I was able to jerk off four times in one day if I was horny and had some good material to work with. Tonight I was on my fifth ejaculation attempt and had great “material” to work with, but I didn’t know if I could cum or not.

I would hate to give up in the middle of fucking the woman I most wanted in the world. But the other four women were sympathetic and sat around encouraging me. They also seemed to enjoy watching us get it on.

Ebere knelt in front of me and jiggled her own breasts to entice me. “Want to watch me play with myself?” she asked. She didn’t wait for a reply. She spread her legs and fingered her own pussy. Onyi sat nearby and watched Ebere intently. Ebere noticed Onyi watching her.

“Want to watch two women?” Ebere reached over and grabbed one of Onyi’s breasts. Onyi recoiled and gave her sister-in-law a startled look, then looked over at her other sisters-in-law.

“Oh, let her touch you, Onyi,” said Ugo. “No one’s gonna tell.” This time when Ebere reached out, Onyi let her fondle her breast and play with her long nipple. When Ebere leaned over and tried to kiss Onyi, she pulled back again.

But the second time, when Ebere gently grabbed Onyi by the hair and pulled her closer, Onyi let Ebere kiss her lightly on the lips. Slowly, Ebere opened her mouth and kissed harder.

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