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Average Joe: Auntie Onyi & Her Concubines [Episode 2] (18+)


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Average Joe: Auntie Onyi & Her Concubines [Episode 2] (18+)

This is a work of fiction. All characters are eighteen years or older.

As Ebere continued her show, and Nkechi held me tight with her right arm, Ugo was standing next to me, just slightly in front of me. My right arm was at my side, and before I realized it, the back of my right hand was bumping into Ugo’s bare ass. I left it there, feeling her smooth ass flesh against the back of my hand. I thought Ugo would move away when she realized what was touching her, but when she looked back and saw my hand, she pressed back harder into it.

The shyer Aunt Onyi was then coaxed into trying on her outfit. She sauntered out quietly but looked right at me with a little smile as she modelled a thong. Her thong wasn’t as see-through as Ugo’s – it was an elegant deep blue satin material. But it was tight over her pussy mound, and cut in back, revealing a great firm ass for a late-thirties mom. Still, it jiggled when she walked, and I had a hard time taking my eyes off it. There was one problem with the outfit.

Onyi had really tiny breasts, and the top was too big, and gapped open so I could see her whole right breasts as she paraded by me. I have to confess that this was not the first time I have seen Aunt Onyi’s breasts. I discovered early that she wears stiff, padded bras, and when she leans over I’ve seen her dark nipple a couple of times, giving me excellent jack-off material. But her nipples were always soft then, and in her undies, her nipples looked hard and very long.

I was wearing fairly loose trousers with boxers, and my hardon was sticking out a bit. I worried about showing it too much, but nobody said anything, and I wasn’t about to leave the room.

Ugo’s ass was still pressing into the back of my hand, and I pressed harder into it. Then Ugo turned toward me, and asked, “Are you enjoying the fashion show?” When she turned, she pressed her crotch into the back of my hand. She leaned her hips into me, and the back of my writing could make out the shape of her pussy mound rubbing against it.

When she turned back to watch Onyi, I turned my hand around and palmed her bare ass cheek. Again she leaned back into it, and I gave the half-globe a gentle squeeze.

Nkechi, while talking to Ebere, lowered her hand from my hip down to my ass. At first, her fingers lightly touched my butt, and then she got bolder and placed her palm over my cheek, the same way I was palming Ugo. I then lowered my hand down over her bum shorts. I slid it down her lacy material over the top half of her ass and then rested it on the bare flesh of the bottom half of her cheek.

So as The Big One, Olivia, walked out of the bathroom, I was squeezing two of my mom’s sister’s bare butt cheeks. Now there was no controlling my hardon. Any of my aunts that looked would have seen my trousers tenting out.

“This is called a Baby Doll,” said Olivia as she walked through the room. The big busty woman was wearing a sheer red “baby doll,” that was hemmed just below her crotch. The only other thing she was wearing was a pair of red satin thongs.

Her big hanging breasts swayed back and forth as she walked. Not only could I see the outline of her breasts through it, I could also easily make out the silhouette of her surprisingly large and very dark areolas. She walked past me, and though covered by the sheer baby doll, I could make out the shape of her otherwise bare butt.

Ebere, the only one of my mom’s sisters whose ass I wasn’t currently squeezing, was standing in front of me, and moved back into me. Maybe she had noticed my hard-on, but deliberate or not, she backed her thong-clad ass right into my hard cock. She pressed back into my unit as I thrust forward slightly. Man, was that a great feeling, goosing my cock into her crack between her big fleshy buns!

Aunt Olivia stood in front of me, looking at me and smiling, posing in her red teddy, thrusting her big jugs towards me, and I instinctively squeezed Ugo’s and Nkechi’s asses harder, and rubbed my cock up and down into Ebere’s ass crack. Onyi was sitting on a chair just to the left of me, leaning forward just enough that I could see her bare tit. I stopped rubbing my cock into Ebere before I climaxed.

Throughout the “fashion show,” Ebere had been keeping the women well supplied with liquor. I hadn’t touched my beer, mostly because I didn’t want to take my hands off of my aunts’ butts. Now Ebere broke off and got the women another drink, and then Nkechi started a conversation with Onyi. Olivia, The Big One, was standing in front of me, talking to me about school and things. But there seemed to me to be serious sexual tension, as the taller woman stood in front of me with her nearly-nude breasts right in my face.

I tried to look into her inebriated eyes as she talked to me, but I couldn’t help looking down at her big hangers. She almost certainly must have caught me looking. My pants were tenting straight out, and I thought I caught her looking down at my crotch.

Ebere returned, stuck her face right into mine, and rubbed her breasts into my shoulder as she talked to Olivia and me. She reached around and blatantly squeezed my ass. I put my arm around her as we talked, and soon had my hand on her big bare ass.

Nkechi was leaning over the table in front of me, displaying her ass sticking out of her bum shorts. Ebere noticed it too, and said something about all of the women’s asses hanging out. “Who has to best butt here?” she shouted out. “I know it’s not me. Let’s have a butt contest! Line up and let Joe be the judge.”

Ebere made all of the girls line up in front of me, and turn their backs to me. “What do you think, Joe, do we have decent booties for a bunch of old ladies?” I stared at all five of my aunts’ nearly bare asses – Nkechi in her bum shorts, the others in thongs, Olivia and Ebere lifting up their tops to allow full butt exposure.

They were all looking back and smiling at me. The older ladies wouldn’t make too many calendars with their ample buns, but it was an exhilarating pose for me. Onyi’s ass looked the best, followed by Ugo, then Nkechi, then maybe Olivia, with Ebere “bringing up the rear.”

“Shake ’em, girls,” ordered Ebere, and on command, they all shook their butts while giggling and smiling at me. I just grinned at the wobbling buns.

“Should we try on our other outfits?” Ebere asked the women.

“Other outfits?” I asked.

“Yeah, the REAL naughty ones,” replied Nkechi.

“The saleswoman said if we bought one outfit, we could get a second outfit at half-off. So we all got a second outfit.” Said Ugo. “We got some really sleazy stuff.”

“Oh, I don’t know about modeling those,” said a reluctant Olivia.

“Hey, Joe should model something!” Interrupted Ebere, momentarily changing the subject. “You should wear a guy’s thong!”

I didn’t really like that idea. I’m a little guy, and don’t have a great body. I don’t know about my dick, but I’m really slender and may not impress anyone with a skimpy outfit. Still the women had all seen me in swimming shorts before.

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