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Average Joe: Adventures of Ahmed, My Roomie [Episode 3] (18+)


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Average Joe: Adventures of Ahmed, My Roomie [Episode 3] (18+)

I didn’t think Oluchi had had that much to drink, so I couldn’t figure out what the deal was. Why was she acting this way? When his whole hand was clean, Ahmed looked around and finally saw me standing at the edge of the dance floor. I can only imagine the look I had on my face, but Ahmed waved at me like nothing was wrong. He even used the hand that had been fingering my girlfriend. The nerve of that bastard.

Oluchi was still out of breath when they walked over but otherwise gave no indication of what she had allowed to happen.

“Hey, I see you found a couple of bottles. Let’s get out of here and take them home. I’ve got some shot glasses we can use.” On the walk home, I tried to walk side by side with them again, but there were too many people on the sidewalk, and I somehow ended up walking in front of them. Oluchi was leaning on Ahmed for a little support but didn’t seem too drunk.

Maybe things had just gotten out of control in the heat of the dance. But whenever I looked back behind me, I could see that Ahmed had put his arm around her and was letting his wander between the small of her back and her ass.

Oluchi was doing nothing to stop this, even though I was a short distance in front of them. We finally got back to the apartment, and Ahmed disappeared to find his shot glasses. I took the opportunity to lean in and kiss Oluchi, but something had changed.

She was hesitant to kiss me. I suggested we go back to my bedroom and let Ahmed do shots by himself.

She shook her head no. “It would be rude to leave him now. We’ve been having so much fun, let’s do a couple of shots and then we will call it a night. I promise.”

I wasn’t very happy with this, but again, what was I going to do? Any argument might ruin the night, and I was bound and determined to get laid tonight. While I was still wrestling with this dilemma in my head, Ahmed walked in with the shot glasses and handed them to us.

He quickly poured a round, and we all took a seat. One shot was quickly followed by a couple more. I had had quite a bit to drink at the party, and now with the shots, I was really beginning to feel the alcohol hit me.

We were just sitting around talking and bullshitting each other when all of a sudden, Ahmed sat up straight. “Have either one of you ever done any body shots before?”

I should have known better, but in my drunken state, I only mumbled that I had never tried one. I wasn’t entirely sure what it was; I only knew I hadn’t done it. Oluchi had never done one either, from what she said. “I’ve always wanted to try one, but I’ve never had the opportunity.”

“Well that counts as part of the college experience, so lets give it a try!” Once Ahmed had an idea, he followed through on it without hesitation. “You can go first. Oluchi, put a little salt on your neck here.” Ahmed then handed her a shot glass. “Put the shot glass between your boobs and hold still while I pour the drink in.” He then gave her a wedge of lemon for her mouth. “Now Joe, you’re gonna lick the salt from her neck, drink the shot, and take the lemon wedge from Oluchi’s mouth.”

I got to my feet shakily. Oluchi was standing very still. I leaned in and tongued Oluchi’s neck, getting all the salt off. I felt her shiver a little bit at my tongue on her neck. I then took the shot glass between my lips and tipped it back. When I drank it, I leaned in and gave Oluchi the hottest kiss I could manage around the lemon wedge.

“Excellent,” said Ahmed. “Now it’s your turn Oluchi. Joe, you’re gonna have to take your shirt off buddy. Put some salt on your neck for me. Now lay back and hold still. Good, and the lemon wedge in your mouth. Go ahead, Oluchi.”

Oluchi followed the same steps I had. I shuddered a little bit, too, when I felt her lick my neck. In my drunken and horny state, I needed very little to get me going. Another hot kiss followed when she went to take the lemon wedge out of my mouth. Ahmed let it continue on for a minute, taking another shot for himself. I wasn’t paying much attention.

I could feel Oluchi getting into the kiss, and I felt sure that this was going to be it for her, and we could finally go back to my bedroom. Oluchi started to pull back, and I tried to go with her, keeping our lips together. I got a little dizzy, though and fell back onto the couch. “Ok, my turn,” said Ahmed.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. This was going way too far. It was one thing for me to do a body shot off Oluchi, but I’ll be damned if I was gonna let Ahmed do a body shot off of her too. I managed to sit up this time.

“Not a chance, Ahmed. I’m sure you’ve done more than your fair share of body shots at all the parties you have been to. You’ve had your experience.’ We’ve had enough for one night.” I looked over at Oluchi for support, but she was not being helpful at all.

“Hey man, fair is fair. You can’t expect me not to have a little fun too. Besides, it’s not like I’m getting her naked or anything. And we are barely going to kiss. Just relax, there’s nothing to worry about.”

Oluchi turned to me then. “It’s only fair. I see no reason why he can’t do one off me.” I was beaten, and I knew it. I was back in between a rock and a hard place, not wanting to ruin what, until now, had been an ok evening. I watched uneasily as Oluchi rubbed a strip of salt on her neck and then set a shot glass down in her cleavage. Ahmed poured a shot for me, then moved to the glass between Oluchi’s breasts. I downed my shot as I watched Ahmed get ready to do his shot.

Oluchi presented her neck to him, and Ahmed leaned down to lick her. He seemed to be doing this awful sensually, and I noticed Oluchi shivered as the liquid in the shot glass slopped around a little bit. Ahmed knelt down and steadied her with his big hands at her side while he leaned in and captured the shot glass with his mouth.

I could see his thumbs playing with the undersides of her breasts as he leaned back and tipped the liquid into his mouth. He rose up slightly and took the lemon wedge from Oluchi’s mouth, kissing her slowly. He was blocking my view, but I’m almost positive that he had both hands on Oluchi’s breasts while he kissed her.

They finally parted, and I could see Oluchi breathing heavily. She took a step back from Ahmed, and I could see the fire in her eyes. “Ok, my turn. Oluchi will do one off me now.”

There was no argument this time. Ahmed took off his shirt, revealing his muscular upper body. He poured us both shots and then handed one to me. By now, the alcohol was really getting to me, and one more would probably put me under. Oluchi was handling it better because she had been dancing all night and had burned more of it off.

I did my shot and watched as Ahmed balanced his on his stomach and put the salt on his neck. Oluchi leaned in and slowly licked the salt off his neck, but when she got to the shot glass, Ahmed gave a sudden jerk, and it spilled onto his trousers.

There was no way that wasn’t done on purpose. “Ah shit, I’m sorry. Oluchi did such a good job of cleaning my neck that I just jerked a little bit. I’m gonna take my trousers off, I don’t want to be sitting here looking like I pissed my trousers.” Before I could say anything, Ahmed had his pants down around his ankles, leaving him clad only in a pair of boxers.

Oluchi and I could both see the outline of something huge hiding behind his boxers. As Oluchi continued to stare, Ahmed’s dick began to slowly grow. Shaking herself out of it, Oluchi turned away. She saw the shot glass on the floor and bent over to pick it up.

She had totally forgotten what she was wearing, or rather, what she wasn’t. She gave Ahmed a perfect view of her bald pussy, and that caused his dick to start inching its way through the flap in his boxers. He wasn’t even fully hard yet, and he was already much larger than I am.

Oluchi turned around and started to hand the shot glass back to Ahmed. She gasped when she saw his quick, hardening cock sticking out of the flap of his boxers. “I didn’t think it was possible for something to get that big,” she mumbled. Indeed, Ahmed’s cock looked like it had hit the ten-inch mark and was very thick, almost like one of those long flashlights.

Oluchi was breathing hard and unconsciously licking her lips.

“Oluchi,” I said. “Quit staring, you’re gonna embarrass the guy.” I was trying to joke my way out of this and hope that this ended things for the evening.

“Touch it,” said Ahmed. It wasn’t really an offer or a request, more like an order. Oluchi was frozen on the spot, her eyes wide. I could see she really wanted to, but she kept looking back at me. I certainly wasn’t going to give her my permission. I tried to stand and grab for Oluchi, but Ahmed pushed me back onto my couch with a menacing look. Even if I had been sober, I don’t think I could have resisted the force of his push; he was just that much bigger and stronger.

Oluchi reached her hand out slowly and finally touched the head of Ahmed’s cock. He gave a soft moan, and his cock jerked a little bit. Oluchi pulled her hand back but quickly returned to Ahmed’s cock and began stroking it. It looked even bigger in her tiny hand; her fingers couldn’t touch together when they wrapped around his cock. She began to slowly jack him off. “It’s so big,” she mumbled.

I couldn’t believe this was happening. Oluchi was jacking off my roommate right in front of me. And I was just sitting here letting this happen. “Oluchi,” I said a little more forcefully. I wanted her to snap out of it. She turned to me like she was in a trance.

“I’m sorry, Joe. I want to try it so bad. I want to feel it. I still love you, but I have to try it out.” I was stunned by this.

“Oluchi, you’re just drunk and not thinking clearly. Let’s go to bed and you will feel better in the morning.” I stood up but made no move towards Oluchi this time. She had not stopped pulling on Ahmed’s cock; in fact, her hand was moving faster.

“You can go to bed if you want to. I will be in in a few minutes.” Against my better judgment, I walked away. I was angry with Oluchi and didn’t want to argue with her with Ahmed standing around. I waited in the bedroom for a few minutes, but Oluchi didn’t come in. I opened the door and listened, but I couldn’t hear anything coming from the living room. I walked back quietly and peeked in, expecting things to have calmed down. I was dead wrong.

Oluchi was wrapped up in Ahmed’s arms, kissing him passionately. I could see their tongues dueling back and forth as Oluchi continued to jerk off Ahmed. Breaking the kiss, Oluchi leaned down and began to lick the head of Ahmed’s cock like a lollipop. She slowly began to work more and more of his cock into her mouth.

I don’t know where she learned to do this. She had never given me a blow job and had claimed she had never given anyone else one either. But she was working Ahmed’s cock like a pro. She couldn’t get very much into her mouth, so she would pull off and lick the parts she couldn’t reach. Ahmed had leaned back and was just letting her do her thing.

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