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Average Joe: Adventures of Ahmed, My Roomie [Episode 1] (18+)


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Average Joe: Adventures of Ahmed, My Roomie [Episode 1] (18+)

“Oh My God! Fuck me! Harder baby! Fuck me with that big cock!” These were the sounds that greeted me as I walked in the door after a long day of work and class. It was the normal thing and probably wasn’t the first time they had been fucking today.

Oluchi was an insatiable lady, and Ahmed was like a machine. Even if he had just cum, it seemed like he was always ready to fuck again. It was normal for them to fuck multiple times throughout the day.

For once, they had actually made it to the bedroom. I had lost count of the number of times I had caught them fucking on the sofa or walked into the kitchen to see Oluchi lying on the table on her back. They simply didn’t care if I saw.

And truth be told, I did like to watch. It was better than any porn, and it was incredibly hot, seeing the difference in size.

I looked into the bedroom and saw Oluchi with her arms and legs wrapped tightly around Ahmed, passionately kissing him. Ahmed was plunging his big cock in and out in long strokes and slamming it all the way back home.

I could hear a sloshy sound, and I figured it was a combination of Oluchi’s wetness and all of the cum she probably had in her. Oluchi was humping back for all she was worth when she finally broke the kiss.

“Oh God! I’m cumming! Keep fucking me, Ahmed!” I saw Oluchi’s whole body shudder as she came. Ahmed was losing his rhythm now and was close to cumming, as well as he kept pumping into Oluchi’s pussy.

“Oh shit babe, here it comes,” Ahmed yelled. He was completely buried in Oluchi’s pussy as I watched his balls tighten up and begin to shoot his cum into her.

“Oh God, I can feel you cumming in me! Oh God!” With that, Oluchi came again. Oluchi’s body had relaxed from her orgasm, but she still had her arms and legs wrapped around him, kissing him and thrusting back at him.

I stood there and watched as they began to catch their breath. It had been a year since Oluchi had met Ahmed. Ahmed and I had started off as roommates during our first year at the university. For me, it had been a little bit different having a Hausa guy as a roommate.

I had come from an urban “Southern” town, and while I didn’t consider myself a tribalist, I was a little uncomfortable around Ahmed at first. But Ahmed and I grew to be friends, and we roomed together in a small apartment for our second year.

Up to that point, I had not had many girlfriends. There was always a steady stream of girls leaving Ahmed’s room. I had spent many nights jerking off from the opposite side of the wall while I listened to the cries of random girls while they fucked with Ahmed.

But by my third year, I got lucky. That was when I met Oluchi.

Oluchi was a junior who had just transferred to the school, and I had been asked to show her around. I couldn’t help but stare at her the whole day. She had long hair that went down to the middle of her back. It was thick and slightly curly, and it looked great against her skin.
She was so petite at 5’1, but what she lacked in size, she made up for in energy and personality. Normally I was a shy and quiet person, but after 10 minutes with Oluchi, I felt like an old friend.

The rest of Oluchi was just as perfect. She had breasts that sat high up and were a 32B. I would find out later that her nipples were like little pebbles and got about that hard. Her breasts were very sensitive, and she told me that she had had orgasms just from having them sucked.

The rest of her body was smooth and unblemished. She was thin with a perfect heart-shaped ass. Many men had risked their hands trying to get a feel, but she was adept at deflecting their attempts.

How I ever got Oluchi to go out with me is a mystery that I will never solve. She had offers from every guy on campus. But she chose the small, quiet, nerdy one. I was only about 5’7 and not very strong or heavy.

Ahmed had once picked me up and held me over his head for several minutes without even trying hard. My greatest strength was my intelligence.

Oluchi and I hit it off quickly, studying together during the day and going out in the evenings. We were inseparable. The first time we made love was at her place. Her roommate was gone, and we had been going out for about a month now.

It was an experience I would never forget. I didn’t consider myself a very good lover due to my lack of experience. I don’t think Oluchi was very experienced either, but you would’ve never known it. I was about average size for a guy, but I felt like I had a gigantic cock while I was with Oluchi. She seemed to orgasm over and over whenever we made love.

For a long time, we only hung out at Oluchi’s place or went out. Never my place. I was able to explain it away by saying that the place was a mess and I never had time to clean it up. I was reluctant for her to meet Ahmed.

There was no telling what Ahmed would try to do. Sure we were friends, but I had watched him take the girlfriends of guys he considered friends. The old rule of bros before hos didn’t seem to matter too much to him. Oluchi was persistent, however, and I finally brought her over one night.

And it seemed like my fears were all for nothing. Ahmed was his usual charming self but didn’t really flirt throughout the evening. By the end of the night, he and Oluchi were friends. I should’ve known, though, that Ahmed took what he wanted. And he wanted my Oluchi. He knew he had to play it cool and learn a little about her.

By the end of the first evening, he had everything he needed. She was basically a good girl and modest in her manner and dress. He could see that I had been reluctant to bring her around, but since he had behaved himself, I might be unsuspecting enough to bring Oluchi by more often.

The nights became a little bit more evenly divided about where we spent the night. The first night I made love to Oluchi at my place, she was a little noisier than usual. I was proud of myself when I walked out to the kitchen the next morning. I felt like I had shown Ahmed that he wasn’t the only one who could make a girl cum hard.

“Sounds like a couple of people had fun last night,” Ahmed joked.

I turned and smiled a shit-eating grin at him.
“I hope we didn’t keep you awake too late last night. Once Oluchi gets going she’s loud as hell.”

“No, not at all. I never would have expected that from her. If I hadn’t known better I would’ve thought it was a different woman in there.”

“Yeah, Oluchi can be a bit of a wildcat. Last night she was particularly loud though.” I had been curious about why but hadn’t had a chance to ask her what was up. I would never have admitted that to Ahmed, though.

No telling what kind of theories he might come up with about that.

“Well, if you ever find you can’t handle her, you could always let her visit my room. I’d be happy to give her a go while you rest.” Ahmed laughed as he walked out the door.

And there it was. The first indication that Ahmed was gonna fuck Oluchi. I, however, missed the implication and continued to dwell on my own thoughts. Why was Oluchi particularly noisy last night? We hadn’t done anything out of the ordinary besides sleeping in my room instead of hers.

I couldn’t figure out anything, so I set it aside for the moment. Maybe she was just particularly horny for all I knew.

There comes a time when all couples fall into that pattern. It varies with every couple, but eventually, a routine is established, and it takes a concerted effort to break it. Oluchi had started spending more of her nights at my place. She was a little awkward being around Ahmed so much at first. She wouldn’t leave my room without being completely dressed.

Ahmed had none of these worries and walked around in nothing more than boxers. Eventually, Oluchi started wearing a little less and became more comfortable with having Ahmed around so much.

One night we had already finished having sex, and I had fallen asleep when Ahmed came in with some girl. They went to his room, and he eventually started to fuck her. I didn’t hear it at first. I guess I was just so used to it that the sound didn’t wake me immediately.

I did wake up when I felt Oluchi’s leg bump into me, though. I lay still for a bit, and I could hear Ahmed and his girl on the other side of the wall.

“Oh my God! I love your big cock in my pussy! Fuck me harder!”

These words were coming through the wall as clearly as if they were in the room with us. I was laying on my side facing Oluchi when I heard her moan softly. She paused and looked at me, but I had already shut my eyes.

After a couple of seconds, I chanced another look. I could see Oluchi’s hand moving beneath the sheet. She was masturbating while listening to Ahmed fuck the girl!

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