June 27, 2022

Average Joe (18+) : The Shower Act

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Average Joe (18+) : The Shower Act

I lay in bed flipping through an old novel while she showered in the bathroom. The scented fragrance of her bath-wash filtered into the bedroom and I suddenly couldn’t control myself anymore. I dropped the novel on the bed and took off my clothing.

I walked quietly to the bathroom door, opened it and let myself in. the bathroom door didn’t creak so she didn’t know I was behind her until my half-boner had wedged itself between her butt-cheeks. The warm water pouring from the shower was nice. Her soapy body was even nicer as I slid my hand  up her flat tummy and reached for her boobs, squeezing each softly. She moaned and chuckled.

She welcomed me into her as her hand reached behind for my rod and caressed me slowly, stroking my shaft and squeezing my knob. I made her raise her right leg and place it on the edge of the tub as I slowly went inside of her.

The warmth of her was magnificent.

Her walls were wet and slippery, she obviously had played with herself a little while in the shower to make it easier for what was to come. I felt fulfilled as I thrust into her gently. My eyes were shut, the warm shower pouring all over us caused our temperatures to rise and even more and heighten our desires. She threw her head back and rested it on my neck.

Her wet, sweet smelling hair stuck to my chest. She reached for my face and made me kiss her. Her tongue tasted of strawberry gum. Her buttcheeks grind into me from behind, accepting the whole of me deeper into her. My legs began to shake as I felt my climax reaching its peak.

She pushed back into me, grinding her hips faster, moaning, whispering my name as the water cascaded our bodies. I called back at her, letting her know how sweet she was. I called her by her name…she answered, and called me by mine.

It was a moment I never wanted to end, but my balls constricted and I thrust faster into her till my seed shot deep into her. I groaned with so much lust and desire. She moaned my name one last time.


Kemi had become more than just the girl I had a fling with. We met at least four nights of each week either at my place or hers until she suggested staying over at my place over the weekend. She was a smart lady, very intelligent, knew what she wanted.

She had had her few share of men and had told me that I was just a little different from most of the men she’d been with. I’ve heard stuff like that before from ladies in the past and she wouldn’t be the last. I never wanted something to do with any girl from the office but there was an exception to Kemi.

She acted way too smart for me to comprehend at times and it intrigued me and made me want to spend more time with her. We shared a few interests in video games, ancient literature and even football. She could multi-task at such speed and efficiency that I knew she’d make a great wife and mother to some lucky guy one day. I was only interested in being with her for the moment until the next best girl came into my life. But the best part about Kemi was that she knew how and when to give me the best sex.

And yeah, I loved sex a bit too much. Is that a bad thing? LOL.

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Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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