May 22, 2022

Average Joe (18+): The Friendly Neighbour

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Average Joe (18+): The Friendly Neighbour

“Oga how much be your money?” I asked the elderly man as he swiped sweat from his forehead with a soiled handkerchief as we both stood under the blazing sun. He sized me up for a bit and said

“Four thousand naira.”

“Four thousand?!” I exclaimed. “for wetin na?”

“Oga your load too plenty. If na another driver dem for charge you pass five thousand. Na beta price I give you so, I don tell you before we comot na” He said with a contemptuous look on his face.

I was in no mood to argue with the elderly man in this heat so I counted four thousand naira  and paid him. He muttered a few words of appreciation before getting into his truck, starting it up and leaving. I closed the gate behind him. I needed to get a security guard to man the gate as soon as possible.

I turned around to look at my new house. The building that will be my home for years to come. You’re finally a man, Joe I told myself. I smiled for a bit, then I remembered all the work that had to be done in unpacking my belongings which I’d just hauled all the way from my former apartment to this place and the smile vanished. It was going to be one long ass week.

Three days later the house was beginning to feel more like a home and I’d set up the kitchen good enough to make breakfast before heading off to work. I still had not gotten a ‘gate-man’ so I had to open it, drive out and go back to close and lock the gate. Just as I was locking up from outside…

“Hello Neighbour… good morning.”

I turned around to look at the person whose voice I just heard. A very pretty lady, in sports gear, and sneakers. An iPod was strapped to her toned bicep and she had a head-band on. I saw patches of sweat under her arms and on her chest just above the mounds that seemed to stretch her top to its limit. I hadn’t yet replied her greeting, as my eyes had wandered all the way down her flat tummy to her flared hips. Those thighs, though I thought to myself. Those long, slender legs. I just wanted to abduct her right there, take her into my house and do numerous things to her. But the only thing I could do right then was…

“Urr…hi…Neighbour. Good morning to you too.”

She chuckled. “It took you a while to reply my greeting though.”

I smiled, and decided to be corny that early in the morning. “Yeah, well, I guess I was awe struck by your presence. It’s not everyday you wake up and the first person you see is as beautiful as you are.”

I suddenly wished I never said that, but it seemed to work, as she laughed and we both chatted for a bit. She told me her name was Amaka and she owned the building to my right. It was just a fence that separated us. She asked about a house-warming and I told her I didn’t know how to do house-warmings. She promised to be of help. I thanked her, wished her a lovely day and headed for work.

When I got back that day there was a man waiting at my gate. When I inquired who he was he said it was the madam in the next house who had told him I was looking for a gate-man. I shook my head and smiled while the man observed me with bewilderment. I asked him his name and a few questions and Sunday said he was from Akwa Ibom, had a wife, two kids and had been working as a gate-man for over ten years. I asked him when he wanted to start and he said…

“Oga, I don start work since morning o. I just dey wait make you come back.”

Sunday seemed to be a jovial man. I liked him already. I gave him the keys, he unlocked the gates and opened them as I drove in. I got my laptop bag from the car and walked in thinking about Amaka and how our first fuck was going to be like.

The house-warming happened on the first Saturday in my new house. The place wasn’t looking all homely yet but the guests weren’t many. Just Amaka with a couple of her friends. They were all female, It was a bit uneasy having to observe all three without staring.

They were all beautiful, nicely dressed, and exuding such sexiness that I had to force my boner from being visible. Her friends were Tricia and Vanessa. They acted like twins even when they were not. They had all been friends since childhood. Obviously had been pampered little brats from extremely wealthy homes but I didn’t care about that…what I saw in them was potential.

A potential that they would one day have a taste of my penis. Amaka had prepared a delicious meal and we ate that all up.  I had stocked my mini-bar with drinks and so we drank, and played music, and even danced a little. It got to a point when I couldn’t hide my boner anymore since I was tipsy and willingly rubbed it hard against every bum it came in contact with. Vanessa was the most tipsy that night, she was so high that she put her legs around me and licked my face once while the other girls cheered. If only Amaka and Tricia weren’t there at that damn time…

Amaka still had her senses about her and managed to take the two ladies back to her house were they would crash for the night, then she returned to my place to help me clean-up. I’d told her not to bother but she had insisted. I stood in the kitchen with her, we chatted while she washed the cups and dishes.

My eyes were on her ass all the time. She was dressed in a short black, gown that clung tightly to her sexy figure.  I wanted to do her so much at that time. I knew she wanted it too, she wasn’t just there to wash some dishes. I just didn’t know how to proceed, I’d only known the lady for a week. Even less. My heart beat faster and my temperature increased with anticipation. she was talking to me but I wasn’t listening to her words.

Should I make the move? What if she’s not interested? Of course she’s interested a familiar voice in my head said. I knew that voice. A lady pretty as this who isn’t your girlfriend can’t be washing your dishes for you, man. She is here for one reason only. Go and grab that ass!

I agreed with the voice in my head. She wasn’t here because she wanted to help me clean up. She couldn’t just have told me directly what she wanted. I had to figure it out myself and she’d made it quite easy, dressing up as nice as this. I felt a tingle in my loins as I recollected the way she held me when we danced earlier that evening. I had made up my mind to make that move.

I walked up to Amaka slowly and grabbed her ass. Then I squeezed…

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Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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