May 21, 2022

Average Joe (18+) : The Friendly Neighbour II

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Average Joe (18+) : The Friendly Neighbour II

I walked up to Amaka slowly and grabbed her ass. Then I squeezed…

She paused, she didn’t say anything, didn’t resist. She didn’t fling Chinaware at my face, my hand was still grabbing, so I decided to go all in. With one swift move my fingers were beneath her ass cheeks and had found way to the moistness below. She wasn’t wearing panties. I felt her soft pussy lips with my fingertips and caressed them for a bit before inserting my index finger in without hesitation.

Amaka gasped and lunged forward. I put my other arm around her, placing a hand on her boobs. Squeezing those lovely mounds while she moaned at the wonders my fingers were doing inside her pussy. She hadn’t spoken a word yet. I didn’t care if she did. Her moans were enough to urge me on. My dick was aching already from being confined in the tightness of my jean trousers. I removed my fingers from behind her and unzipped my fly, letting my turgid dick out in the open and rubbed it hard on her soft ass cheeks. My hand went from the front to resume what it had been engaged in. Amaka turned her neck, brought her lips to mine and kissed me. I used my tongue to find hers as two of my fingers toyed with the wetness between her legs. My dick was aching to get into that wetness. I raised her gown above her butt and tried to penetrate from behind…but she stopped me.

I paused, I wasn’t sure what to do next. I retreated from her and my dick became limp. How could she make me get that far and stop me just as I was about to hit the promised land? A promised land that wasn’t even in panties. Amaka brought her dress down and faced me. She was taking slow deep breaths. I was standing there looking like an idiot with my dick limp and hanging loose.

“Urhmm… I’m sorry. I think I should leave now.” She said

I said nothing. I just kept looking at her. She started to walk towards me and just as she was about to walk past me a thought just hit me like a hammer on a nail…


She came here for knacks, mahn…don’t be a bloody learner!

I grabbed her arm just as she walked past, dragged her to me and held her tight in an embrace, kissing her so voraciously she was even scared for a bit. I grabbed her ass again, held her dress and dragged it out of her completely. She stood new-born-baby nude before me. Before she could say a word I had dropped down and used my mouth to attack her pussy while she stood naked in the kitchen. I sent my tongue deep as it could up her orifice and her legs became week in that instant. She managed to find something to hold on to as her knees buckled under the intense pleasure I was providing at that moment.

I lapped at her pussy like a dog at its favourite meal. She held my head and moaned in ecstasy, and it wasn’t long before I heard those magic words…

“Fuck me, Joe!”

But I refused. I continued to suck and nibble at her clitoris, making her body tremble till I knew she couldn’t take it any longer. Her knees dropped on my shoulders like she was trying to trap me in there forever. I somehow managed to set my precious head free and carried her to the nearest bedroom from the kitchen, which was the guest room. The new mattress was still in nylon but I gently placed her on it and quickly got rid of my clothes. My dick had reached its erecting limit once more and I was ready to plunge into the gloriousness that was Amaka’s pussy.  But it was like the devil had other plans for me that night.

My doorbell rang.

I cursed the devil with the vilest of words I could mutter but the doorbell kept ringing. Amaka told me to go check who it was, I looked at her like if I left for even a split second she would vanish into thin air. I kissed her deeply, and even planted a few kisses just above her coochie before grudgingly putting on my boxer shorts to go check who it was the devil had sent to disturb our moment of passion.

It was Tricia, Amaka’s friend, before I could ask what she was doing at my place at that time of night she grabbed me and kissed me like I was her long lost lover.

The night was just beginning…

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Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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