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May 16, 2021

Average Joe (18+) : My dear Ruby
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Average Joe (18+) : My dear Ruby

I was in urgent need of a good lay. I had spent the last 3 weeks reading and preparing for my exams, and I just finished my last paper this morning. Now I’m free, and the first thing that came to my mind was the fact that I hadn’t gotten laid in 3weeks.

That’s a whole lifetime for some insects

So what are my options? I thought to myself.

Julie. She is my steady chic. The one I claim to ‘love’. But she wasn’t gonna be taking her clothes off and getting in my bed if I haven’t spent up to 3,000 naira trying to ‘show my love for her’. And me sef no get that kind money, I lamented to myself.

Sarah. My other chic. The one who loves me more than I love myself. But she was angry with me because I’d not called or texted her for more than a month. She called one day to say that she was fed up with this relationship, and ended the call before I tried to explain.

And Ruby. my ex-chic who I still had flings with. She was a nice girl. But the reason she now carried the ‘ex’ title was because she found out I was cheating on her at the same time I called her ”the love of my life”. She still had feelings for me, but she wasn’t gonna put her heart at risk again. Why we still are intimate till today is because I’m the only guy that knows how to make her squirt. I know all the right buttons and also how to manipulate them.

I dialed Ruby’s mobile number. . .. . .she picked up on the 3rd ring.

”Jo darling, how you doing?”

‘I’m great Ruby, but could be better”

”Awww, what’s bothering my Joe today?”

”Nothing much, just that i kind of missed you this past few weeks. Are you busy now?”

”Hmm, the good Joe missed me? That’s music to my ears. Well, I was going to get my nails fixed but i can shift that till tomorrow. What are you up to?”

”Hey, I’m serious when i say i missed you. So, i’ll be picking you up at your place by 6pm” I replied

”Ok darling, let me put on something nice” She said

A few hours later, I was holding Ruby by her waist, both of us tipsy from Red Wine. I took her to my apartment, and immediately the door closed behind us, we went wild. . .
I grabbed her ass with such violent urgency and squeezed hard. All those intimate urges I’d suppressed for so long came rushing back, engulfing me like a tidal wave. I needed to undress her and have her as soon as my c0ck was out of my briefs.

Ruby kissed me passionately, her hands groping beneath my trousers, and she found my already erect tool. we were pressed hard against a wall, each not wanting to let go of the other, as our tongues did battle within their mouths. . .

I lifted her, placed her on the couch and went for her boobs. I undid the buttons of her shirt hurriedly and unclipped her bra to reveal those full, luscious boobs I had always been fond off. I was about to suck the first nipple when my phone rang. I pretended not to hear it, even as it vibrated in my jean pocket.I concentrated on munching on the areolas spread out before me.

”Why don’t you find out who’s calling?” Ruby asked between moans.

My mouth was still glued to her bosom like a hungry baby feeding on mommy’s milk even as I reached into my pocket and brought out the phone. He checked the caller, and found out that it was Sarah calling. My mouth still busy with the boobs, I switched off the phone and threw it  away, not minding if the phone crash landed or not.

Right now, the only thing important to me was Ruby’s delicious breasts. . .. .and I was getting her to that spot every second

‘Take your clothes off” Ruby said. She was half dressed beneath me, in her denim jean. I still had on every thing I’d worn that day. Even my shoes.

She watched me undress to my last piece, looking seductively into my eyes, licking her lips in anticipation.

”You won’t need this” I said, smiling and taking off the denim she wore.

Her sky blue panties showed a dark wet patch. Her juices were already flowing, which meant she was wet and ready for the plunge of my dick.

“I want to say hello to someone” she said, teasingly

”You’re welcome to do that” I said excitedly, anticipating one of Ruby’s super sensational blow jobs.

I lay on the couch while she knelt before me between my legs and grabbed my throbbing member. . .
My breathing increased immediately my c0ck felt the warm flesh of her mouth, her tongue licking and slurping on my shaft, driving sensual madness into my skull. She sucked so hard and sweet on my dick that I was beginning to speak French, or was it Spanish?

Definitely one of those, I thought. . .

After 5 minutes of sucking and slurping and a couple of deep throatings, when my orgasm was beginning to take control of me and my hips began to move uncontrollably, she got up and eased her pussy on my c0ck, riding me.

I grabbed her ass and penetrated fully, my flesh against hers. . .

”Aaaaw, sex is sweeeeeeet”, I said

”And who makes it sweeter, jojo?” she asked as she rode my dick

”Yoouuu, babe, yessss youuuu, my Ruuuuby”

My climax had overtaken me, my load bursting through my c0ck and filling her pussy. . .

It was at that moment that Sarah walked into the apartment unannounced and called my name. I could recognise Sarah’s voice even from a distance

”Joe? Are you home?”. . . .


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