June 26, 2022

Adventures of the Young Photographer VIII (18+)

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Adventures of the Young Photographer VIII (18+)

After getting enough close-up footage in that position, she held the camcorder between her legs, pointing up to get an underside shot. I went in and out of her at different speeds, so she could cut to a close up at any point of our lovemaking.

Sometimes it felt like we were just working on a school project together. But other times I almost forgot about the camcorder and just made love to her sweet body.

After we got all the doggy style shots she wanted, she laid on her back and had me fuck her that way for a while, first with her holding the camcorder pointed up at me, and then I held it pointed down at her.

I taped an extreme close-up of my cock sliding in and out of her pussy lips, while she fingered her clitoris. It looked amazing! I taped her boobs rolling in circles as I fucked her with growing power. It looked astounding! She started having another orgasm, and I taped her beautiful lips, groaning and whimpering with pleasure. It was unbelievably awesome.

“Oh, fuck, oh, fuck, oh, fuck….” She moaned uncontrollably.

Damn! I started feeling an orgasm coming on. Shit! I had no choice but to pull out of her.

“What? Don’t stop!” she moaned.

“Sorry. I was about to cum.”

“Why didn’t you just say so?” She quickly got on the floor and kneeled between my feet and began to masturbate with both hands. She looked up at the camera as she did it, her brown eyes wide and innocent.

My orgasm was coming, and soon! I didn’t know what she was going to do when I came, but I decided to leave that up to her. It was all I could do to keep the camera pointed down at her beautiful face.

“Shit… here it comes,” I grunted.

She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. She jerked me hard with the tightest grip she could manage until my semen began spurting. I shot three powerful, gushy loads, right into her face, surprising both of us.

The first one looped over her face, laying a strip of gooey white across the top of her nose, cheek and left eyelid. Her second one glanced across her upper lip before splashing up into her hair. The third one shot right into her mouth, fanning out over her beautiful tongue.

She motioned for me to get the regular camera and take some nice photos of her face, which was spattered with my spunk.

Then she had me get the camcorder again and began to put on a show. She played with my cum in her mouth for a minute, opening her lips wide so I could see it spread all over her teeth and tongue. Then she slowly let the cum spill out over her lip onto her breasts.

Then she began to spread it all over her tits with her hands. It was ridiculously filthy! I guess she had seen some of the same porn I had. I had seen that kind of thing a thousand times… only this time it was Dara Johnson, and the cum she was frosted with was mine!

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