June 26, 2022

Adventures of the Young Photographer VII (18+)

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Adventures of the Young Photographer VII (18+)

She was so tight; it felt like my cock was being squeezed by a circus strongman. The sensation of it was almost as amazing as the sight of it going inside. I just tried to soak in the visual splendour of my cock disappearing into Dara Johnson’s beautiful body. I looked up at her face, into her eyes… Shit. She was beyond beautiful.

She was Venus, the goddess of love. She was staring into my eyes, her mouth quivering in pleasure, holding her breath as she exquisitely lowered herself farther and farther onto me until I was almost fully encased and pressing into the back wall of her innermost recesses.

“Oh god,” she moaned, her face a mask of pleasure. Then she began to ride herself up and down, slowly gaining speed. But she suddenly stood up and said, “Fuck it, Edwin. I need to film this.”

I said, “Shit yeah. But not with my camera. The quality of the image is crap. Let me get my parent’s camcorder.” I ran through the house to my parent’s room, my cock bouncing like a board, found the camcorder and raced back, my feet barely touching the ground. I madly screwed the camcorder to my tripod. Then I lowered the tripod, pointing it at the spot we had been fucking a few minutes earlier. I pushed record.

She said, laughing, “Okay, back to positions!”

That reminded me: we had both taken a video production class last year. I’d spent the whole year looking at her from the other side of the room as she goofed off with her friends, afraid to talk to her. Now she was naked in my room and was about to fuck me on camera. What a difference a year makes!

I lay on my back in front of the camcorder, also giggling now.

She straddled me, slapped her hands together like a movie clipboard and said,

“Take two!” Then she lowered herself onto my cock again, and our giggles turned into groans. My god, knowing the camcorder was there, its shiny lens pointed at us… well, all I can say is it felt even better than before. And she was like a wildcat now, performing like crazy for the camcorder, riding me like a bucking horse. Our eyes were locked. We were doing this together. Like it was a great hobby we had just discovered.

After fucking me for a few minutes she hopped up and repositioned the camcorder, to capture a close-up of her pussy swallowing my cock.

She fucked me like that until her legs started cramping up, so we changed positions again. This time we pointed the camera at the bed, and she got on her hands and knees and I kneeled behind her. I grabbed her hips, feeling her soft, silky flesh under my fingers, and I slowly guided my cock into her tight, swollen pussy.

Then I started fucking her with intense power. She was moaning and shrieking in pleasure. I had never heard such amazing music before. She was a beautiful singer, but the sounds she made in my room that night were better than any song.

I’m fucking Dara Johnson, I kept thinking to myself. I even mumbled it under my breath once or twice.

“What are you saying, Edwin? Speak up!”

So I said it out loud, “I’m fucking Dara Johnson!”

She laughed, between gasps of pleasure, and said, “Yeah, Edwin! You’re fucking Dara Johnson! You’re shoving your cock into the Student Union President’s pussy!!” She began gasping and quivering, then she stuttered, “You’re m…m…making Dara Johnson cum!!!” She shrieked and I pounded her as hard as I could, my bed squeaking and shaking like mad. Her orgasmic screaming went on for minutes. The neighbours could probably hear, but I didn’t give a shit.

My body was shiny with sweat, and I was filled with energy. It felt like I could do this all night, if only I could keep from coming again. I knew that once I came, our night was over. But it was so hard to hold out! I kept changing the pace, anything to keep an orgasm at bay. I even tried to think about baseball and cowboy movies, the antithesis of sex for me. But I could only hold out for so long.

“I’m coming,” I grunted.

“Oh shit, yeah, Edwin!” she yelled, “Cum in Dara Johnson’s pussy!” Another wave of orgasms shivered through her body. I felt the cum charging out of me like it was stampeding from my guts. I shot my wad into her pussy… well, technically, into the condom, but that didn’t matter. I was coming inside Dara Johnson, the hottest girl in school.

I stopped thrusting and just held onto her hips, buried deep inside her. I felt her vaginal muscles rippling and contracting around me as she continued to orgasm. It felt like she was milking the last spurts of cum out of me, although I doubt she was doing it on purpose. My cock softened, I finally pulled out, sadly knowing this awesome night was at an end.

Dara had another surprise for me, however. She hurriedly had me sit on the edge of the bed, and moved the camcorder closer, aiming it at my crotch. Then she pulled the condom off, letting the cum spill all over my cock and balls, then she licked and sucked the white stuff off me, playing for the lens. She was swallowing it, making humming yummy sounds. It was so raw… so off the hook… my cock started to grow again. It had never gotten so hard again so fast after an orgasm.

Once she had licked every drop of cum off me, and sucked every drop out of my rock hard shaft, she said, “One last thing. We only had that wide shot in that last setup. We need some close-ups to get proper coverage.” I guess she had been paying attention in video production class after all!

She had me kneel behind her in bed again, with the camcorder in my hand.

I said, “Uh… do you have another condom?”

She looked over her shoulder at me and smiled, “No. Now be sure you get a nice shot of yourself going in. But whatever you do, don’t cum inside me. If you do I’ll kill you!”

Shit, I thought. It’s real this time. No condoms.

I pointed the camcorder down at her ass. She arched her back and the light illuminated her pussy beautifully. Her tight little asshole puckered, almost like it was winking at me. I’d never thought an asshole could be cute, but Dara’s was adorable.

I positioned the head of my cock between her beautiful pussy lips, playing them for a while before finally pushing myself into her soft, wet tunnel. My cock was inside her. My flesh, her flesh, touching… I felt as if I was having an out of body experience. I began to fuck her again, but it felt so much more intense this time than before. Every nerve on my cock, from tip to base, was firing like mad. I could feel every detail of her insides.

It was unreal. But it was real.

Totally real.

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