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Adventures of the Young Photographer VI (18+)


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Adventures of the Young Photographer VI (18+)

“How’s this look?” she said, playfully, putting her hands sensuously on the inside of her thighs and opening them for the camera.

“Fucking awesome.”

She giggled. Her panties were white, with little blue teddy bears dancing on them. And the centre was dark with her wetness. She ran her fingers under her panties as I took pictures, and she groaned in pleasure. Then she took her hands out and said, “are you ready for the money shot?”

I said, “Yes!”

She pulled the panties aside, exposing her pussy in all its glory. It was more beautiful than I had ever imagined. It was a simple, elegant slit with a round button on top, and a cap of fluffy pubic hair. It wasn’t curly, but soft and almost straight.

She moved her fingers down and pushed them in, revealing bright pink flesh inside. After touching herself for several shots, she said,

“Take pictures of your hands touching me.” I held the camera in one hand and reached out with the other.

My fingers felt her wetness and slipped easily inside. She arched in joy.

“Rub my clit.” I paused, “the round part on top, stupid,” she said with a chuckle.

I was happy to comply. I began to rub it, perhaps a bit clumsily at first, but she moaned, clearly enjoying the sensations I was giving her. She lay back on the bed, and put her feet on my shoulders, opening her legs as wide as humanly possible for me. I switched the camera to movie mode because there was too much motion for clear photos anyway.

I filmed my fingers going inside her and a few seconds later she gasped,

“Yeah, like that! Don’t stop!” I thrust two fingers in and out of her tight, wet pussy, trying to respond to her cries of pleasure. I couldn’t believe that my fingers were inside Dara Johnson… feeling the silky fold and flaps in her vagina. She was so tight; I couldn’t imagine how a dick the size of mine could ever get in there.

But the more I finger fucked her, the more open she became. So I added a third finger to the party. Pretty soon she was screaming into a pillow and her whole body was shivering uncontrollably. Her breasts danced as she gasped for breath.

She suddenly reached out and grabbed my head and pulled my face right into her pussy. I forgot about taking pictures for a moment, because, after all, I was buried nose deep in Dara Johnson’s wet cunt. I wanted to taste it, so I flicked her slit with my tongue and it was delicious.

She whimpered adorably in pleasure and coaxed me to keep doing it, so I licked her clitoris as fast and firmly as I could and she completely went stiff with a powerful orgasm that seemed to go on and on. Her wetness was all around me and dripping down my chin. I loved every second of it.

Finally, she pushed me back, overstimulated by my eager mouth, and I took several photographs looking down at her quivering naked body, some with my raging boner in the foreground. God, she looked beautiful. After a while, she opened her eyes and caught her breath. She smiled up at me with a dazed expression and said, “That was perfect Edwin. Fuck, where did you learn to do that?”

“That’s the first time for me. Beginners luck I guess.”

She smiled. “Are you a virgin, Edwin?”


“I wouldn’t have guessed. That’s the best orgasm I’ve ever had. You have the magic touch, Edwin.” I thought she was probably just saying that to be nice, but I glowed with pride nonetheless.

“I’m too weak to get up. So come over here. Bring the camera. I want to suck your cock.” Shit. I just about passed out when she said that. She pulled at me until I was straddling her with my balls resting on her belly.

Her breasts looked even bigger than ever, now that she was on her back. I opened the lens as wide as it would go, and took a few photos of her beautiful body, with my cock resting on her belly, holding my breath to make them as clear as possible. She grabbed my ass with her hands and guided me up to her body until my cock went up between her breasts.

Her breasts bunched up on my thighs as she pulled me even higher until the tip of my cock was sitting right in the little dimple on her chin. I took photos of her smiling up at me. She spits into her hand, as she had seen me do earlier, then grabbed my cock and pulled me higher until my balls fell into her open mouth.

All I could think was, holy fuck!

Barely able to speak, I told her to freeze in several positions while I took photos. It felt so awesome, but I managed to keep my mind clear enough to take good photos. She looked up at the camera with her beautiful eyes and ran her tongue in circles around my balls. Then she licked my shaft up and down, from tip to base, her tongue wrapping around the edge of it. I took several close-ups.

A while later she repositioned herself, with her head propped up on a pillow. She made sure that I arranged her hair artfully for the pictures. Then she started caressing my cock with her delicate fingers while looking at it appraisingly.

“Your penis is beautiful Edwin. I love it. It’s like a work of art.” She licked her lips and looked up at me with an expression of pure desire. I took a photo. Then ever so slowly she pulled me toward her open mouth, never taking her eyes off the camera lens.

She took my cock deep into her warm, wet mouth. It was the greatest moment of my life, but I guess that goes without saying. For several perfect minutes, she sucked and slurped and stroked. I switched the camera to movie mode again to get capture the action.

She got into it and handled my cock in her mouth like a piece of delicious chocolate. I wanted this to go on forever, but it felt too good. I felt an orgasm coming.

“If you keep doing that,” I said, “I’m gonna cum.”

She smiled and said, “That’s a good idea. But let’s do this right.” We got up again and she spent several minutes trying to figure out a way to mount the tripod over the bed, but it was too bouncy. So we moved the bedsheets to the floor, so the tripod had a rigid surface to stand on. Then she had me aim the camera down at her so it included her face and breasts.

Then I pushed play on the movie recorder and straddled her again. This time she spits all over my cock, until it was dripping with spit. I wasn’t sure what she was up to. Then she pressed her hands against her breasts forcing them together. “Fuck my breasts, Edwin!” So I did.

I pushed my cock into the warm pocket she had formed between her soft breasts, and my god, it was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. Not only did she look great, but I felt powerful and in control.

I began thrusting myself between her tits, feeling the silky softness of them on my hypersensitive cock, my balls sliding up and down her upper body. It took all my balance and strength to keep from banging into the camera that hovered over her head and in front of my face.

I pinched and twisted her nipples playfully as I thrust, and once I even put my fingers in her mouth, which she excitedly sucked on. I felt a surging sensation build up inside me. I grunted, “I’m coming.”

“Cum for me baby,” she said. And I just kept pumping. It took longer than I thought. Usually, when I masturbated I came pretty soon after I felt the warning surge, but this time, perhaps because of how long we had prolonged things, it took a powerfully long time for my sperm to gallop free. I exploded between her breasts.

To my surprise, a little spurt of white fluid shot up through her cleavage and onto her face, spattering her chin, lips and eyes lightly. She smiled widely, and shouted, “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” I kept pumping until I couldn’t move anymore, and the last spasms of jism shot out of me onto her collar bone.

“Quick,” she said, breathing heavily, “take some good photos, while you’re still hard.” I switched the camera to photo mode and took several clear photos of my cock resting between her breasts, which were spattered and dripping with cum, and photos of the little splatters of cum on her face.

I was particularly thrilled by the little drips of my spunk that were caught in her long eyelashes. I don’t know why that excited me so much, but it did. She pulled me up and licked my shaft, and took the sensitive tip into her mouth while I took more photos. Finally, I was too weak for more, and I fell to the floor next to her. I turned to look at her from the side. Ah, rapture. I put my hand on her belly, and my dripping cock started to fall limp against her thigh.

“Edwin, that was fun. More than I thought it would be. Most fun I’ve had all year, actually, and that includes winning the election.”

“Dara, it was the most fun I ever had in my life, and that includes being born.” She laughed, her breasts bouncing playfully.

After resting on the floor for quite a while, she asked me to bring her a warm wet towel. I got it and wiped my sticky white goo off her boobs and face. It was a great opportunity to feel her up some more. I was already totally certain that once she left my room it would be the last time she ever talked to me. She was the queen of the senior class, after all. She smiled up at me, with her hands behind her head. She enjoyed being bathed this way, the pampered little poodle she was.

“How long is that movie your parents went to, by the way?”

I sat up in terror. I checked a clock, but I saw we had another half hour at least, maybe more.

“Yeah? Hmm… that may be enough time.” She said.

“Enough time for what?”

“For you to get hard again, of course!”

When I was good and hard, she reached for her purse and took something out. She ripped open a condom and expertly rolled it onto my cock. I calmly thought I’m going to lose my virginity to Dara fucking Johnson. I’m blessed.

When the condom was on, she straddled me and said. “I think we’ll do this one without photos if you don’t mind.”

“Not at all,” I said. I couldn’t believe how calm I was. Dara guided my cock as she squatted until it touched her pussy lips. Then she rubbed the tip of it against her clit for a few minutes, making happy sounds. Then she looked down at me, her eyes twinkling with mischief.

“Are you ready to lose your virginity, Edwin?”


She slid herself down a few inches onto my shaft, and we both sucked in deep breaths of ecstasy.

Now I was a man.

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