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Adventures of the Young Photographer V (18+)

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Adventures of the Young Photographer V (18+)

She gleefully directed me through the first stages of taking off my shirt for the camera. I had a pretty scrawny chest, but she oohed and ahhed like I was a model. Then she told me to unzip the fly of my jeans. I did, and immediately my underwear-encased erection emerged.

“Ooh, that’s nice,” she said. She adjusted the camera lower and told me to lean back against the bed, which made my erection bulge out even further.

“Fuck”, she said, “you’re packing a pornstar size!” I smiled. I don’t know what thrilled me most, that she thought I had a big dick, or that she knew what a pornstar size was!

“Now play with it. Rub it with your hand.” I did, and she took several photos.

“Now, let it out.” After a pause, I started to yank my undies down, but she interrupted. “No, do it nicely. Look at the camera. You’re showing it off. Be proud of it.”

And I felt it then. Pride. Dara fucking Johnson wanted to see my cock and I wanted to show it to her.

I knew it was a pretty good cock. Not huge, but above average. So I looked at her camera lens and I pulled down the band on my underwear slowly, letting my engorged cock fold out dramatically. It was larger than I had ever seen before.

“Beautiful, Edwin! It’s beautiful, like a little sculpture. I mean a big sculpture. You know what I mean.” She zoomed in and told me to hold it in different ways, and turn sideways to see it in profile. I just couldn’t believe this was happening.

“Now turn around and pull your trousers down. Show me your ass. That’s right.” She whistled comically as I pulled my jeans down. I stepped out of them, and then I pulled my undies down. It was thrilling to hear her snapping photos as she said,

“Now that’s a mighty fine ass, Edwin. Wow. All I can say is, wow. Hold it just like that.” She really liked my ass I guess, because she had me show it off in various ways.

“Now sit down and spread those legs. Shit, look at your cock, Edwin! Impressive!” I put my hands behind me and showed her my cock and balls and I felt like a macho man. It didn’t matter that I was smart and skinny. I had a great cock, and she couldn’t take her eyes off it.

Maybe it was a good thing I was so skinny, because it just made my penis look that much larger. She took the camera off the tripod so she could get down on her knees and take close-ups.

Then to my enormous surprise, she reached out and wrapped her lovely fingers around my shaft and took photos of it in her hand. I had never felt anyone touching me down there before. It sent an electric wave of pleasure through my entire body. She ran her fingertips lightly under my balls and I just about jumped out of my skin with joy.

The hairs on the back of my neck stood up.

She said, “How do I turn that movie thing on again? Oh, I see.” She turned the knob to the movie setting, and started recording.

“Now, jerk off for me, Edwin.” My heart fluttered. She was really getting into this! I spit into my palm and began to stroke myself, with her kneeling between my legs aiming up at me. It was utterly erotic. I looked down at her in amazement. She was dressed in jeans and a loose white shirt, which pulled slightly against her breasts. She saw me looking down at her cleavage.

“Here, this might help.” She unbuttoned her shirt slowly, revealing more and more of her skin. Then she opened it up completely so I could see the lacy white bra she was wearing. It was so sheer that I could see the dark circles of her areolas through it. I was masturbating like a madman.

At this rate, I was going to cum any second.

She suddenly stood up and turned her back on me.

“Hold on a minute. I want to do another setup.” So I stopped and let the moment pass. I sat there in amazement at the recent events and watched her as she screwed the camera back onto the tripod. She moved it around looking for a new location. She was thinking hard… then she had an idea.

“Edwin, does this thing have an automatic setting? To take pictures by itself?”

“Uh… yeah. You can set it to take pictures at regular intervals. One second is the shortest, I think.”

“Cool. Can you program that for me?” I got up and stood near her and programmed the camera. All I could think was that Dara Johnson had just been watching me jerk off, and now I was standing right next to her, buck-naked!

After fumbling for a few minutes, I finally had the camera set up. Then she had me put in a new flashcard, just to make sure we didn’t run out of memory. She put the old flash card in her purse. Only then did I begin to wonder what she had in mind.

She took a deep breath and said, “Okay, Edwin. I didn’t plan to take it this far but I am just too fuckin’ much of a camera whore to stay on this side of the lens.”

She pushed the button and the camera started taking photos. She told me to kneel on the bed and she sat in front of me on the edge of it, facing the camera.

“Kiss my neck,” she said. I came up close behind her.

I paused and said, “This will work best if you try to pause when the camera snaps. Otherwise, the photos may all turn out blurry.”

“We wouldn’t want that,” she said, “come on, I’m waiting.”

So I leaned forward and kissed the neck she offered to me. I paused while the camera shutter clicked. From then on, every second we tried to pause together, no matter how hard it was to remember.

During the whole time she played directly to the camera, but I only had eyes for her. Her neck was amazingly soft on my lips. I loved the smell of her skin and the hairs that grew along her hairline. I breathed into her ears, which she seemed to enjoy.

Without her asking, I put my hands on her waist, and moved them slowly upwards, under the loose tails of her shirt, until they were at the base of her breasts. I stopped, thrilled to have gone that far.

“Keep going,” she said huskily. So I slowly slid my hands up to cup her breasts, which were softly but firmly under my touch. I felt the bump of her nipples through the thin fabric of her bra. She arched her back and I pulled her shirt open for a photograph, I peered over her shoulder down at the top of her cleavage.

So this is what her breasts look like from her point of view! I ran my palms over the exposed flesh above the bra and squeezed her tits slowly. I noticed there was a small hook on the bra between the cups. I moved my fingers down to it and then paused. She whispered,

“Yes. But do it slowly.” So I slowly opened the hook, my mind exploding with lust, and pulled her bra open, careful to let the camera snap several photos of the entire procedure, while I greedily stared at her nipples from just over her shoulder.

She reached an arm back over her head to run her fingers through my hair. When I had fully opened her bra I ran my hands up her belly and cupped her breasts, feeling the weight of them in my palms. I could feel her naked nipples touching my sensitive fingertips.

Her perfect round breasts fit so neatly in my upturned palms, it was like they were made for this purpose. She turned her head sideways and kissed me deeply. I felt her tongue invade my virgin mouth, and my tongue ventured forth to meet it.

They danced together and I felt utterly alive.

Without breaking the kiss, I pulled her shirt and bra off her shoulders, slowly for the camera, and put them aside, then ran my hands all over her torso, front and back, exploring every nanometer of her exposed flesh.

She reached one hand behind her and wrapped her sensuous fingers around my penis. I groaned in her mouth, and she groaned in mine as I squeezed her naked breasts. I moved my hands down her belly until my fingers went a little way under her waistband.

“Unzip me,” she said, so I did. I fumbled with the button fly for a few moments. She laughed, but I finally got my fingers on the zipper and slowly pulled it down for the camera. She spread her legs and I reached down into her trouser over the top of her panties until I could feel the warm wet mound between her legs.

She arched herself into my touch. I felt my middle finger push the fabric of her panties between her pussy lips. Oh god, it was great!

“Take my trouser off,” she said as she stood up. She turned toward me. Her breasts were right in front of my face. I kissed them tenderly, lovingly. She had us turn sideways so the camera could see. Then I took her soft nipples one by one into my mouth.

I was particularly thrilled to feel her little black mole on the tip of my tongue.

After doing that for a good long time, I pulled her trouser down for the camera, and she curved her body to make the best show of it. She stepped out of her jeans, but only after an awkward moment when she had to clumsily kick off her sneakers. We laughed like crazy.

Then she faced the camera again and opened her legs wide, and I touched her pussy through her panties. I did that for a moment, and then she said,
“Go take a few close-ups.” I ran to the camera, took it off the mount and got on my knees between her spread legs.

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