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Adventures of the Young Photographer IV (18+)

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Adventures of the Young Photographer IV (18+)

Then I came to the ‘unofficial’ photos she asked me to take toward the end, where she had gleefully showed way too much cleavage and posed like a sex queen. I wondered what it meant that she had trusted me to take these photos. After all, I had already proven that I couldn’t be trusted. It was baffling. I thought maybe the last video clip might explain things.

The moment it began, I saw a gleefully wicked smile cross her beautiful face after seeing me turn away. She knew I’d done something with the camera. She looked into the lens and licked her lips sensually and slowly opened the fur wrap, exposing herself fully. She looked playfully down at her breasts. My cock leapt to attention again, and I began to stroke it with abandon.

The fur slipped from her shoulders as she reached up to cup her breasts in her hands. She mouthed the words,

“You like this?” then she squeezed her breasts together and wobbled them back and forth in the most ostentatious way. Then she brought her right breast up to her beautiful mouth and tickled the nipple lasciviously with her tongue. She smiled wickedly and stood up.

Her face went out of frame, but now I could see her midsection. She unbuttoned her fly, and slowly unzipped her jeans. She pulled them down exposing her little pink panties.

“Oh, shit!” I groaned, grasping my cock in a death-grip while fingering my balls with my other hand. Then she did something that made me gasp in shock. She pulled the panties aside to show me her little bush. Her hair was so fine and fluffy that I could clearly make out her delicate little slit.

She sensuously ran her fingers down her belly, between her legs and into the slit; finally pushing her two centre fingers deep inside. She rubbed herself for a while and then leaned forward until her face filled the frame of the camera. She brought her wet and glistening fingers up to her lips and licked them slowly with her tongue.

She silently mouthed,

“Yummy,” then smiled and winked. She pulled her trouser back up, and put her bra back on slowly, all the while looking right at the camera with a wicked grin I had never seen on her face before. She pulled her sweater on and then pulled it up one last time to let me see her bra-clad breasts. Then she blew a silent kiss at the camera.

She grabbed the fur from the back of the chair and walked toward the camera, throwing the fur at me as she strutted out of view, saying, “Catch you later, Edwin!”

I was about to cum, so I reached out to run the video back to the beginning in order to watch it again.

But the door knock interrupted me. “Shit!” I shouted out loud. I looked at the clock, wondering if my parents were back already. Impossible! So I figured it was probably Kunle dropping by to see if I would tell him what was up between Dara Johnson and me.

I pulled my trousers back up, painfully forcing my cock inside so I could zip up. I closed all the photos on my computer, to prevent Kunle from seeing them by accident. I went down the stairs and opened the door, prepared to stonewall Kunle if necessary.

It wasn’t Kunle.

It was Dara Johnson.

“Edwin, Edwin, Edwin…” she said with one hand on her hip and a delicious grin on her lovely lips, “So how do you like the photos?”

I was utterly incapable of speech. She smiled and shifted her weight from one leg to the other. She looked casually past me into my living room.

“I guess you’ve seen them by now. What do you think?”

I gulped, nodding slightly. I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out.

She seemed to enjoy my discomfort greatly. She giggled and said, “Well, can I see them?”

I stood back from the door and she walked inside with a cocky strut. I could see her boobs bouncing lightly under her shirt. I closed the door, mortified, and turned to look at her. She was casually peering around the living room. She looked back over her shoulder at me. “Well, are you gonna introduce me to your parents or what?”

“Uh, they’re at the movies.”

She smiled and nodded. “Cool. Then I guess we better go to your computer or wherever you’ve got the photos. I can’t wait to see them.”

I numbly led her to my bedroom, and I began to say that I hadn’t sorted out the bad ones yet. “No, no.” she said, “Just show me the pictures. All of them, understand? You bad boy.” I nodded and went to the computer. She added wryly, “They better be good or I’m gonna be pissed.”

I opened all the pictures in a viewer so she could go through them herself. I sat on my bed and watched in mortified silence as Dara Johnson looked through the photos as she sat in my chair. She was gonna kill me. Life, as I knew it, was over. She might even have one of her bouncer friends beat me up. I felt like hurling.

At first, she was very displeased, particularly with the photos of her in the hated sweater. But then she saw the secret pictures I took of her when she was braless. She made a

“Tsk, tsk, tsk,” sound. Then she came across the beautiful, perfect shot of her holding the fur wide open, exposing her naked breasts. She looked over at me and without a smile, she said, “What do you think of my body, Edwin?”

“Beautiful.” I managed to choke out.

“Yeah?” She looked back at the photo. “This is a pretty good photo. I look fuckin’ awesome. It was sneaky bad of you to take these photos without my permission, but I guess I’m glad you did. I love this fuckin’ picture. Shit, just look at me. Fuckin’ rock star is what I am.” I felt a thrill of relief. Maybe I was going to survive this after all!

I also felt proud, weirdly, of my photography skills. I moved off the bed and kneeled on the floor next to her so I could see the screen too.

As she looked through the official photos she was extremely pleased, and openly praised my work. “I love the light. Wow, that fur looks awesome.”

“It was a good idea to use it,” I added. “It made all the difference. You’ve got great instincts. You should be a model.”

She smiled at me, “You think so too? My stupid parents think it’s a stupid idea. But look at me! I look great!” she said, pointing at a particularly nice photo.

Then she came to the unofficial shots she asked me to take, which showed her deep cleavage. She clapped and laughed in joy looking through them. “Oh my God, Edwin! These are great! Thank you so much!” She put her arm around my back and kissed my cheek.

It burned and I smiled so hard my cheeks hurt. She kept her hand on my back as she went through the rest of the photos, which I found stunningly intimate.

When she was done with the photos, she turned to me and said, “Okay, where are the rest?”

“Uh, well, those are all the photos, but I did take a few video clips.”

“Videos? Shit! I didn’t know your camera did that, but I knew you were up to something. Come on. Let’s see them!”

I reached up and started the first movie. She laughed as she watched herself taking off her bra. Then I started the second video. She laughed watching her antics. I felt myself unable to look away.

There she was, touching her breasts, squeezing them together, licking her nipple, and finally touching her pussy for my camera. My cock got hard again as I watched. I didn’t know if it was noticeable or not. I was afraid to look. That would only make her look.

When the second video was over, she played it again and said, “I don’t know what came over me, Edwin. I guess I’m as much a perv as you are.” Suddenly I felt the palm of her hand press against my crotch. I pulled away so quickly, I tumbled back onto the floor. But not before she got a good feel of my erection.

“I’m glad you liked it, Edwin.” She rotated the swivel chair and looked down at me.

“And now the big question: what are we going to do with these naughty little pictures of yours, Edwin?” She reached over and took the flashcard out of the reader and put it in her breast pocket.

“These are mine,” she said, patting it so her breast bounced deliciously.

“The copies you put on your computer, however… I’m wondering if I should let you keep them or not.” My heart sank. The idea that I will never see those pictures and videos again was a very sad one.

She leaned forward and put her elbows on her knees and steepled her fingers in front of her. “What do you say, Edwin? Do you want to keep them?”

I nodded.

“Of course you do. But how do I know you can be trusted with them? How do I know you wouldn’t show them to your little friends, or post them on the Internet?”

“I would never!”

“Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard that before. You can’t trust anybody, Edwin. And I know for a fact that I can’t trust you.” My heart sank. Then she said, “But I think I have a solution.” I sat up, eager to hear it. “First of all, you have your camera here, I hope?”

I pointed to it standing on a tripod next to the closet. She smiled. “First, you need to show me how it works.”

I had no idea what her plan was, but I was happy to show her the workings. It was a pretty simple camera to operate. She carried it out to the middle of the room and pointed it toward my bed. “So, what about the lighting? Is it good?”

I got out some portable lights and positioned them around, pointing at the bed. I wanted to kick myself for not investing in a flash setup yet. This would have to do. But what was up? All I could think is that she was going to let me take more pictures of her.

I was nervous with anticipation! She took the flashcard from her pocket and put it in the camera.

Then she said, “Okay, here’s the plan. I’ll let you keep those pictures of me if you let me take some pictures of you.”

I was completely floored. In a day of surprises, none of them compared to this.

“It’s only fair”, she said. “You’ve got a movie of me touching my pussy, it’s the least you could do to let me take a few pictures of you.”

The very idea of it was terrifying. I was frozen in fear.

“Well, what’ll it be, Edwin?” Dara walked over to the computer and selected the photos and movies and dragged them toward the trash folder. “You want me to delete these or what?”

I shouted, “No! I’ll do whatever you want!”

She clapped gleefully. “Awesome! Okay, Edwin, let’s get this started, before your parents come home. You stand right over there.”

I took a deep breath and stood by the bed. She snapped a photo and I gave a little nervous jump. “Oh, come on, Edwin. Loosen up.” She walked around the tripod and came up to me and looked into my eyes. She reached out and rubbed my shoulders. “Don’t be so tense! Just loosen up. It’ll be fun!”

I nodded and tried to calm down. But she clucked her tongue.

“I know what might calm you down.” She leaned toward me and gave me a kiss on the lips. I melted. It was a brief kiss, but intense… my first kiss. Her tongue flicked across my lips and I felt something change inside me at that moment.

The nerd inside me disappeared, at least for the moment. I became strangely calm. I looked into her eyes as she pulled back. I smiled and she arched her eyebrows playfully and said,

“Let’s get started.”

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