June 26, 2022

Adventures of the Young Photographer III (18+)

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Adventures of the Young Photographer III (18+)

Later in the day, I ran into Kunle, my friend from the camera club. He said, with surprise, that Dara Johnson had talked to him. Just like me, he had always thought people like her were too lofty to speak to him. But she knew his name and even knew he was my friend. 

I guess she was paying closer attention than we had thought. She asked him if he had seen the photos I had taken. He said no and she went away apparently happy with his answer. Kunle begged me to see the pictures. His imagination was off the hook. 

I pretended not to know what Dara was worried about but I was pleased to know that she had checked up on me and found me trustworthy. She could definitely trust me not to show any of these photos and movies to anyone. They were mine… all mine.

After what seemed like a small eternity I finally made it home, although I still had to wait a while for my parents to get ready to go to the movies. But finally, they left and I ran to my room to download the files onto my computer. 

I decided to look at them in order. First, there were the photos I took of Dara in the sweater. I immediately got a boner just looking at her eyes. I could zoom right in and see details I’d never noticed before. For instance, she had these beautiful brown flecks in her irises. I’d never been close enough to see them before. My god, but she was a beauty! I actually liked the sweater. 

It added form and sensuous roundness to her breasts in a way that made me itchy with desire.

Then I started the first short movie that I took after we found the fur wrap. It showed her waiting for me to turn away. 

After that, she took the wrap off and laid it over her knees. Then she crossed her arms in front of her chest, grabbed the bottom of the sweater, peeled it upward and revealed, to my great delight, her beautiful bra. It was bright red and silky. 

I pushed the pause button just so I could worship her beautiful breasts for a few minutes. I could just barely make out the little bumps of her nipples. Goddamn! It made my heart flutter!

I pushed play again and watched as she put the sweater on the floor next to her and flip the fur wrap back over her shoulders. It was obvious to her that the bra straps were much too visible, so she pulled them off her shoulders. 

I began to rub the erection in my trouser while watching her pulling down those straps. I had never felt such unbridled lust. She adjusted the fur a bit, saying 

“Hold on.” But the top of the bra was pretty high, too high for her liking I guess. Then she looked up and said, 

“Don’t turn around, or I’ll kill you.” Then she took off the wrap again, and turned nervously sideways in the chair, to get her back as much toward me as possible, just in case I were to peek. Then she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra in one deft movement.

“Holy fuck!!!”

I nearly fell off my chair in surprise. The sight of her willowy fingers snapping the back strap free was utterly electrifying. Without conscious thought, I unzipped my fly and set my growing cock free.

She bent over and folded the bra up in her sweater on the floor, probably so I wouldn’t know she had taken it off. That gave me a delightful side-view of her left breast. I gazed in wonder at her beautiful nipple, mesmerized by the sight of her breast squishing against her knee. 

She sat up again and pulled the fur wrap around her shoulders, then turned back toward the camera again, trying in vain to figure out how to hold it right. It was not only the most erotic moment of my life, so far, but it was well beyond anything I had ever imagined I would see. 

I could hardly believe it was actually happening. All I could think was, 

“Dara Johnson’s boob! I just saw Dara Johnson’s boob!”

In the video she continued fiddling with the fur wrap, giving me a few fleeting glimpses of her areolas, before she finally decided to clutch it in the centre, and say,

 “Okay, I’m ready for my close-up, Joe.” I immediately watched the whole video again, this time stroking my cock lovingly and moaning with an aching lust for Dara Johnson’s glorious body. 

I froze on the frame that showed her nipple in profile. Shit, it was unbefuckinglievable! It wasn’t a very high-resolution movie, but it was good enough for me!

When it ended the second time I looked through the few photos I took when she couldn’t figure out how to hold the wrap without getting her hands in the shot. Then I came across the photos I’d secretly snapped the second time she asked me to turn around. 

Although her naked breasts were visible in some of them, most of them were terribly blurry, because she was moving about trying to arrange the fur right. But finally, I came across a perfect photo. In it she was holding the wrap completely open, her naked breasts gloriously exposed right at the camera. But most amazing of all was the look on her face. 

She was staring right into the camera, her lips open, eyes caught in a furtive moment, perhaps checking to make sure I wasn’t looking. It was an unbelievably sharp photo. The primitive lighting job I’d done made her breasts look amazingly 3D. 

I couldn’t get over how great it was.

I sat there stroking my cock for several minutes just looking into her glittering eyes and open, glistening lips. It was like she was actually looking at me through time, aware of what I was doing and enjoying the secret connection between us. I felt an aching sadness in me as I jerked off. This amazing girl never would, never could be mine. 

But damn it, at least I had this photo! I had seen my share of porn, but nothing as amazing as this one perfect image of the most beautiful girl in my world. I zoomed in and looked at every part of her in close up. Her nose, her eyes, her belly button, her breasts… I was electrified by every little detail on her gorgeous breasts. 

The little wrinkles in her areolas… the delicate indentions in the centre of her nipples… the beautiful transition of colour between her brown breast and her ruddy black areola… and that adorable black mole just under her left nipple. 

I wondered if I was the only guy in school who had ever seen it. Probably not, but it was nice to be in that select fraternity.

The next few photos showed her bringing her hands across her chest to close the wrap. But I hardly noticed her breasts in these photos. 

My attention was riveted on her face. She was looking right at the camera and her expression changed slightly from picture to picture, showing unmistakable signs of realization.

I sat back and my dick went limp.

She knew.

She knew that I had been taking photos of her naked body without her permission. She knew I was a perv. In those pictures, I could see her eyes discovering my finger as it pushed the shutter button again and again. The next few photos showed her sitting there quietly as if she were thinking about how to handle things. 

Many subtle expressions went through her eyes from shot to shot: anger, surprise and finally, flattery. But maybe I was misreading it. Or maybe she had decided it didn’t upset her enough to make a fuss. After all, during the shoot, she hadn’t given me any reason to think she was offended.

Then I looked through the ‘official’ picture session and was pleased to see that they were very good pictures. Perfectly exposed, and sharp. Moreover, she looked great. At ease. Not upset or even remotely pissed off.

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Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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