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Adventures of the Young Photographer II (18+)

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Adventures of the Young Photographer II (18+)

I turned and busied myself with the camera, too intimidated to look at her directly. I realized the camera was still in movie mode, so I switched it back to photo mode and looked at her through the lens. 

She was nervously clutching the centre of the wrap to hold it closed, but loosely so her shoulders were exposed. I was dumbfounded by the beauty of her naked shoulders, which were only marred by subtle marks in her perfect flesh. It took me a few moments to realize the marks were from the bra straps she had slipped off her shoulders.

“How does it look?”

“Great”, I replied. I didn’t comment on the bra lines, because I figured I could easily Photoshop them out later.

She went into the same pose as before.

“Uh, I can see your hand,” I said. She moved her hand down a little, but it was still in the frame. “I can still see it”. I took a picture of her looking down in annoyance.

“This thing doesn’t have a clasp.”

“That’s probably so it can fit anyone.”

“Well, how the hell is it supposed to stay on? Damn it! Turn around again while I figure this out.”

This time when I turned I kept my hand casually on the camera and took several surreptitious snapshots, hoping she wouldn’t hear the faint snapping of the shutter. I listened to the sweet sounds of her rustling movements and grunts of frustration. 

I couldn’t imagine what was taking so much time, but I figured there might be some funny photos in there somewhere. Maybe even a shot of her in her bra. That was an exciting thought! After a while, and over twenty secret shots later, she said sweetly, “Okay, I think I’ve figured it out. Take a look.”

I turned and was just as dazzled as before, but it certainly looked better. Now she had her arms crossed under the fur, so she could neatly pull the tips of the wrap in front of her, forming an elegant line right along her collarbone. I could see her belly button under her crossed arms, which was pretty darned thrilling for a virgin like me. 

I made sure to take a few wide shots including her belly button before zooming in so the bottom of the frame was all fur. She went through a variety of poses and facial expressions while I snapped away. She was clearly trying to look intelligent and wise beyond her years. 

“Do I look like a Student Union President?”

“I guess so,” I replied, although, in fact, I thought it was a pretty undignified pose. “Sure, why not?”

After a while it was pretty obvious we’d gone through every possible pose in this position. I was afraid she would think I was prolonging this session unnecessarily just so I could stare into her beautiful eyes, so I said, “I guess we’re about done”.

She smiled mischievously and said, “Hey, Joe would you mind taking a few more… just for me?”

“Sure,” I said nervously. Then she pulled the fur down a bit… then a bit more. Then a lot more, revealing a healthy, downright indecent, amount of cleavage. All the while I snapped pictures, my heart pounding in my chest and my eyes popping out of my head. 

Then she tightened her crossed arms, causing her large breasts to swell up deliciously. I gulped, trying to cover my shock and arousal. Just act professional, I told myself. I could see so much naked flesh that I figured her bra was probably only nanometers away from being exposed. 

I took several pictures while she threw her head about like a fashion model, trying to look like a sex goddess. Several of her expressions could only be described as orgasmic. She even licked her lips erotically with her tongue. I guess she had seen some of the same porn magazines as me. I was in heaven.

She suddenly started giggling, amused by her own naughtiness. I absolutely loved the way her breasts wiggled and jiggled as she giggled! When her fit of hilarity passed, she looked at the clock on the wall and said, 

“Whoops! Time’s up!” She gave me a genuine smile, and said sweetly “Don’t show anybody those pictures, okay? Those are just between you and me. Can I trust you Joe?”

“Of course,” I replied cheerfully, thrilled at hearing her say my name.

“Can I get a sneak peek?” she asked.

I was terrified she’d discover the unauthorized shots I’d taken, so I looked at my watch and said, “I’ve got another class soon.”

“Later, then?”

“Actually, its probably not safe to download them in the computer lab if you don’t want anyone to see those last pictures. So I better do it at home after school. But I’ll be happy to show them to you tomorrow if you like. You can pick the one you want us to use for the graduation book.”

She smiled and nodded. I guess I had said the right thing.

“That would be awesome. I can’t wait to see them!”

Neither can I, I thought.

“Now, turn around again, and don’t peek,” she sing-songed sweetly.

I know I shouldn’t have done it, but I switched the camera back to movie mode and started it recording before I turned to look away. I wanted to see her in nothing but a bra. I just had to. I was suddenly overcome with a powerful guilty feeling. 

I could hardly believe what I had done. I knew it was immoral and unethical to take pictures and movies when she said not to look, but I had never been in such a tempting situation before. I felt like a pervert. 

Then again, I was a virgin who had never even been kissed… I pretty much always felt like a pervert! In spite of all this, I began to breathe harder in anticipation of what I might have captured with my camera.

She took a long time to get herself back in order. So long, in fact, I was about to ask her if everything was okay when suddenly I felt the fur land on my head. 

“Catch you later, Joe,” she said as she walked past me and out into the hallway. I took the fur off my head and watched her walk away, my eyes glued to her soft, bouncy ass. “Holy shit,” I said under my breath. She looked awesome in jeans.

I was itching to see those movies! After all, when was I ever going to get the chance to see Dara Johnson in a bra? Just thinking about it gave me a hard-on. But then the bell rang and I knew I would have to wait until after school. I suffered through several long classes, barely able to think about anything but the flashcard that was burning a hole in my shirt pocket.

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