June 27, 2022

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Same Watering-Hole?

Hi Guys,

How’s it all going? I hope well.

So, this is the 2nd of my ‘epic’ rant section and believe it or not, am beginning to settle into this. I think more and more on what to rant here and because of what goes on in Nigeria, I am never short, of what to write about.

Early this week, I was watching Africa’s Next Billion going on at Davos with President Goodluck Jonathan, President John Mahama, Aliko Dangote, Doreen Nino and a couple of other Dignitaries.

It was grand to see people talk about what’s wrong with Africa and all of that, I think everyone knows the problem but sadly, all the solutions prescribed is yet to make meet with the causes on ground.

Two things however caught my fancy on the held interview, first was Aliko Dangote mentioning that an American has more access to Africa than himself. As regards to Visa issues, as a Nigerian, you would probably need 38 visas to visit African countries that aren’t members of the Economic Community of the West African State (ECOWAS), whereas an American doesn’t require a visa, with his Passport he would virtually travel everywhere in Africa. I think we need to open our borders to ourselves, at least Africans should be able to go around Africa freely. I understand we would need more security but if we can make Africa one big country with easy entry in all and around, this will help us grow as a people and also foster businesses across the African continent. I need to stop this my political rant abeg.

Ebuka wasn’t also looking bad at all, he was looking good and he asked a very pertinent question, tuale to him, he represented Nigerian youths well. The second point is President Goodluck saying that after the privatization of the power sector, Nigerians now enjoy light very well.

To buttress his point, he mentioned that someone thanked him for this great triumph in the Power sector. To this, I ask; what brand of weed do they smoke over at Aso Rock? There is no freaking light, at least from my end, If there is light, we would know. I still think I should go and tweet at Reno Omokri that they need to stop feeding the President, false information.

Mr. President, there is no light, I haven’t had up to 10 hours of light this week, so where is all this bogus bullshit information of ‘light everywhere’ coming from. To be frank, since the privatization of the power sector, the light situation has gone from bad to worse like PDP under Bamanga Tukur. Sadly, the president is surrounded by people who bullshit him with false data at every speech they utter to him.

Light was bad before the privatization but now, it is plainly useless. To make matter worse, the list of new ministers is littered with politicians instead of thorough professionals. It is sad but who can blame him, he’s gently nurturing his 2015 presidential ambition, a stench trademark in our political leaders.

Please, I need to stop talking about Nigerian politics in all; it can be exhausting and quite disheartening.

Now, let’s talk about 2 friends drinking from the same watering hole. Well, that’s a metaphor for 2 friends shagging the same chic.

I’m not forming holier than thou, I have done it before, trust me, I dint know my guy had already shagged the chic. You know think that he would share such information, Isn’t it?

Everything you’re about to read is my opinion, and you don’t need to agree, so if you feel otherwise, please use the comment box to share your view.

I feel it’s a silent bro code that any babe your guy has shagged should be off-limits unless of course your bro tells you its cool, maybe, she is a community slut.

A few years back, a group of friends that I know, about 7 boys all shagged the same girl, it wasn’t rape, and it was not at the same time. I think it all happened in the space of 1 year. The girl in question sadly is the junior sister of our friend.

I dint partake in that, I had no share in the community shag, I still don’t understand how that happens that a girl shags 7 friends, it’s beyond me. For me, once I have such information, I immediately move on.

A couple of months ago, I met a chic who we were digging each other. We went out for a while, everything seemed to be going the direction of us bedding eachother, when I found a mutual friend. If it was another mutual friend, I would have understood but this one is the ruthless no-hostage-taking-shag-anything-in-skirt kinda married man.

When I asked him about the chic, he laughed about it, and said they used to sleep together, now you may wonder that he might be lying, another mutual friend of ours, who is also married, infact more ruthless than the first guy also said he had already had his taste of that same meal. So, 2 of the people I know have shagged her????

I backed down immediately, our get-togethers wound down to its barest minimum, and then it went to the usual hi and hellos once in a week. For me, I think its just plain wrong! Have your fling of shags; let me have mine, not use mixing girls in the middle. Moreover, the lady now has the knowledge to compare dicks, sexual prowess and all of that.

I like to keep my private stuff private, thank you very much.

Also about this menace of a friend toasted his friend’s ex, I don’t understand, unless it’s fate, I feel it’s somehow distasteful. You been together with a girl that your friend used to date, I mean he saw her nakedness loads of time, that thought irks me.

Anyway, I don’t want this getting too long. So, here I am asking your opinion, what do you think about shagging a girl your friend has previously shagged? Do you think it is cool and would you do it or have you done it?

Can you also marry someone your friend used to date considering; you know them when they were dating, you used to visit them and see her wear his boxers, with his shirt even squeezing her ass playfully back in the days?

Can you still marry the babe after and or upon all this information? To the girls, can you marry a guy your friend once dated?

Be cool!

Have a nice weekend.

P.S: I made a landmark mistake earlier this week when I introduced a babe I have been together with for a while to an older woman am involved with, the babe wanted a job. So, she would hook her up with a job elsewhere only for he to employ the chic. So, whenever I visit their office, I will be trying as much as possible to be casual with the older lady.

P.P.S: The older lady knows am shagging the both of them, I will let yall know how it goes as it progresses.

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Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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