[#WastedBodyCountWednesday]Whiskey Dick [18+] - 'Deolu #ONIRANU Bubble!
October 21, 2020

[#WastedBodyCountWednesday]Whiskey Dick [18+]

[#WastedBodyCountWednesday]Whiskey Dick [18+]


What do you do when you get the chance you’ve waited four years to get and you cannot do a thing?

Back when I was in school, there was this really hot girl that everyone wanted to either date, fuck or marry.

This chic I had been after ever since our 100 level, she would talk to me sometimes and other times, she wouldn’t which was cool. I really didn’t let her see me crushing on her like a bitch so no matter how hurt I am, I will just play it cool like nothing happened.

All through our time in school, we never had a moment, I would get carried away then she would catch me looking at her ass. I kept my ear to the ground, know who she is dating and all that, it also didn’t help that I wasn’t one of the coolest boys in the class. Just the average guy, no car, regular outfit, and stuff but it all changed when I worked with my uncle who got back from the U.S.

It was the final year that I became more popular because of my uncle who I moved in with, and left the school hostel. My uncle encouraged me to use any of his cars, they were really exotic. So, the unnoticed boy in class then became one of the most popular.

So many girls will come up and ask to chill in my car that the ‘class was too hot’, they wanted us to go for lunch, to the movies and clubs, and we all know how those things ended, I got more pussy in 3 months than I had all my life within the period my uncle came into the scene.

I was getting so much pussy that I forgot about my crush, I would see her, greet her with the eyes, and move on with whoever was on the roster for the week. I guess she was interested as well but as a personal principle, I don’t go for ladies that don’t like me.

I have always used that principle when I was broke, and now that it seems like I’m not doing badly, I didn’t see a need to change so I maintained the same idea.

Driving to class one day, at Unilag gate, I saw her walking, so I slowed the car down, then picked her up. That was the second time we would have a personal conversation despite being coursemates for about four years. She is incredibly hot, I knew about her ass but the boobs were made from heaven too, they definitely would probably be C or D cup.

She seemed very chatty, never finishing a sentence before starting another one, she was moving from topic to topic, almost not letting me finish my own sentences, which in some sort of way thrilled me. How could one person have so many things to say at once. Her excitement was infectious and I hoped I was a factor to it. I was seeing her from the point of view that I had never seen her before.

So, I interrupted her to ask her if she wants to go out tonight. It’s Friday night, why not come party with me and my guys. She said yes, I was excited but seriously insecure, she was so hot. My uncle and his friends were going out, I hitchhiked with them.

Later that night, I went to her hostel to pick her up, and when she came out, my heart beat faster, my erection grew. She stepped in, still excited, she reached over and pecked me on the cheeks and that’s when her sweet scent filled my nose.

Jesus! She smelled so good

She wore the tiniest dress I had ever seen on a thick person and the dress, in turn, accentuated her curves. A little friction and the glorious body is out in the open. I kept thinking of how tiny and sexy the dress looked, leaving nothing to my imagination as we drove all the way to the club and all the while, I just wanted to grab and eat her beautiful thighs.

When we got to Quilox, we went upstairs to meet my uncle and his friends, and their eyes almost popped out of its sockets. She agreed to dance with them all, while they asked me what the deal was with the chic. They offered me other chics for them to take her home and even offered me money as well.

On a normal day, I would have done the introductions but not today, Satan. I have been waiting for this chic all my years in the university, we would dance a bit, and then she would grind against me like crazy.

I was already getting excited, and my uncle and his friends troubling me about taking my girl home got me really upset and nervous so I began to drink much more than I should.

She was having a ball, smoking Shisha, recording snaps, having drinks and just enjoying the evening. I saw how they were grinding on her then I got angry, I went over to take over dancing with her. I kissed her while we danced and she kissed me back so that reduced my anger, that sort of assured me that she is still mine.

When it was about 4.30 AM, I decided to call it a night, and leave the wolf in sheep clothing. She came with me, while in the car, we made out before setting out back home.

I wanted to continue but she said we should get home first. In my head, I had done all the calculations, the snake in the monkey shadow style, how long I would go down on her before we would have the sex, I have been waiting all my adult life to have.

It was getting closer and closer, we got home, and it started beautifully, we made out, I took off all her clothes, she looked even more beautiful naked, while I was still clothed, while all of this was happening, I wasn’t particularly hard but I figured, the erection will come when things become more intense.

I went down on her like a pro, she was screaming in no time, then she returned the favor and my dick was flat, no erection. It was just there.

She didn’t seem alarmed, she just continued sucking but nothing came up. I was ashamed, I wanted to just vanish, the lady I have always wanted was with me naked, and I couldn’t just get it up. We cuddled to sleep, and when she slept, I got up and googled it, that’s when I found out what a whiskey dick is.

I couldn’t get it up, but I cuddled her so much that she loved my cuddles, the next morning my erection woke me up ( welcome back buddy).

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