#WastedBodyCount: From Ikotun to Ajah, he nearly destroyed my Koko, I’ve SUFFERED!!!! - 'Deolu #ONIRANU Bubble!
April 22, 2021

#WastedBodyCount: From Ikotun to Ajah, he nearly destroyed my Koko, I’ve SUFFERED!!!!
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#WastedBodyCount: From Ikotun to Ajah, he nearly destroyed my Koko, I’ve SUFFERED!!!!


I and this guy met through mutual friends and things are going great, sexting and all then we decided to meet up. The distance became the first issue, but it became the least of the problem as he was also thoroughly bad at sex.

So a mutual friend linked us up and we’d been talking.
We talked about everything and all, I was really feeling the dude’s vibe n all..

Even got talked into a relationship, I was single so, why not?

So, we arranged to meet and you know, practice all we’ve been talking about n all..

D-day came oh, I went all the way to Ajah for penis! 🤦🏻‍♀️

I honestly didn’t know he stayed that far sef, I probably wouldn’t have bothered

Got to his place and found out it was his elderly aunt’s place and she was in the living room.

So, he took me to his room, he didn’t even offer me anything! I didn’t even get a chance to rest from the journey I was coming from because it was a journey from Ikotun to Ajah!

He just started roughing me up… wet and sloppy kisses all over, I didn’t even catch my breath because I was trying to match his energy, at a time I gave up jare because Baba wanted to swallow me whole 😒

My boobs.. oh my darling boobs, they saw shege in his hands.. he nearly bursted my koko from squeezing!

I had to guide his hands away and place them on my bum, at least that one can take any kind of pressing.

Next thing, Oga dragged my trousers n panties down together, didn’t even give me a chance to pull my trousers off completely, he was already naked at the time anyway and started feeling for my pussy to stick his dick.

I was just telling myself that maybe when he starts the actual action, I’ll enjoy it and forgive him for rough handling me sha.

That was a LIE!

It was so rough! It was so fast… there was no rhythm, he was just going in n out like there was something they told him to dig out from my pussy…

I was trying my best to control the situation, but like Nigeria, the situation was already out of control oh! I endured n endured till I couldn’t take it anymore…

I told him I wanted to pee, he literally said

“Yeah baby, you wanna squirt, I’m about to make you squirt”

In my mind, I was like is this one normal?
I just shoved him away from me and told him I wanted to pee he should give me one minute, then I excused myself n went to the bathroom and locked it.

Luckily for me, I hadn’t taken off my trousers n panties completely anyway, so I just cleaned my already bruised pussy n dressed up.
I came out of the bathroom n told him I was going home
Didn’t even give him a chance to talk too much, I just picked my stuff and left.

Of course, he was asking what was wrong and if he hurt me, he was apologizing n all, but I was already out of the room.

He followed me out though and when he saw my mind was made up, he dropped me at where I got a cab home.

I blocked everything about him in the cab and never heard from him again.

Since then, I never talk too much about sex to anybody and I don’t even entertain it much because I swear I’ve been scarred by that experience.

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Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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