August 12, 2022

[#WastedBodyCountWednesday]Too Small Too Fast [18+]

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[#WastedBodyCountWednesday]Too Small Too Fast [18+]


The Bragger in Chief’s head game was A+ but his dick game was F, an absolute waste of body count

So this guy I’ve known for like forever, and he has been chasing me for the same amount of time but for some reason, I always decline.

We got speaking in my final year, we became close because we shared the same final year project professor.

Prior to all this, he gives me hints of how is a sexual monster and how his girlfriend use to run from him because of too many good strokes, and I’ll be like wow!

He’ll give me several stories of how he could go many rounds and still go some more, Baba was bursting my brain anyhow. The stories started getting to me so I decided to maybe shag him and know for myself, well oh well… the worst day of my life.

I was at his house seeing a movie with my friend and didn’t realize it was late so we told him we had to leave, he advised we stayed till the next day since it was late.

He slept on the floor and left the bed for myself and my friend. It started raining later that night and I am super scared of thunder, so when the lighting struck I didn’t know when I jumped from the bed to the floor.

He held me, I noticed I didn’t feel anything down there. We cuddled till I fell asleep only to wake up and find him between my legs.

I was enjoying it hence I didn’t say anything, and I couldn’t moan because I didn’t want to wake my friend.

He used his fingers on the clit, while sucking on the lips of my vay-jay-jay. Boy! He is good. It got to a point, I was literally begging him to fuck me, he’ll say no, not yet.

I felt something like his finger back inside my pussy only this time it was slightly bigger then. I was lying on my back enjoying the “hand” only to notice he had stopped and was running to the bathroom.

I followed him there and asked what happened, he said we just had sex, I’m like No! You were using your fingers some minutes ago.

I was begging you to fuck me you said not yet, he said he already put his dick in – wait! you said what? How, like when I could swear it was his fingers.

His head game was epic, so I decided to try again the next day but it was the same thing. Small dick and he cums way too fast, what terrible combo!

After the second time, I stopped talking to him for wasting my body count.

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Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble

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