June 27, 2022

[#WastedBodyCountWednesday]Smell Like Uppercut [18+]

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[#WastedBodyCountWednesday]Smell Like Uppercut [18+]


#WorstSexExperience: She was the perfect girl until the smell from down there hit me like uppercut

I have always heard people talk about this kind of story but I have always thought it couldn’t have been that bad. For someone like me who has a very active pair of nostrils, it was a day to forget.

So, the usual boy meets hot girl story happened in this scenario. I’m not bad looking myself but she was hotter, the kind of good looking guy and incredibly hot girl. The kind of couple that people wonder why the girl is with this guy like she can definitely do better than him.

It happened while I was still in Unilag, we met at SUB, and I liked how she was having a good time with her friends, I found a way and we got talking, she wasn’t the typical fine girl that is just rude AF, she is full of life.

We exchanged numbers and then began talking on a more frequent basis, it was beautiful, and then I found out that she was single, which I was as well at that point in time.

Typically, 2+2 =4, so with time we became a thing. We never really got intimate, all we did was just kiss here and there, nothing went further than that. I didn’t complain really, I knew it would happen at some point.

She never really talked about sex, we would just gloss over it, and she would change the topic quickly to something else. I just guessed that she isn’t a talker. There are two types of girls when it comes to sex, those that don’t talk about sex but when it goes down, your mind will explode and the second type of girls that talk about it, and sadly most times they cannot back up with the talk with the action.

So, I figured she is one of those people who will not talk about it but just do it and will blow my mind. The D-day came, and we started making out, slow kisses and she taking control of the move lip moves, she was really good at kissing I must say, then things began to escalate, she went down on me, and it wasn’t bad, but it would have been better with more saliva and a bit slower steady more on my dick cap.

I was getting pumped for it all, as I also want to return this favor. I took off my clothes and she took off hers as well, then the end of days began, she took off her panty and I got in between her legs to separate them then the stench hit my nose like a punch to the jaw.. “oh lawd”

It smelt so bad, my eyes became watery, it was so offensive that I felt like I would throw up, I just couldn’t anymore. My little man became weak, and then I kept burping like I was about to vomit. I stood up and headed to the bathroom, but I didn’t puke.

That was the end of that, after she left that day, I didn’t hear from her again. She refused to talk to me, she ignored my calls, and never spoke to me.

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Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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