August 12, 2022

[#WastedBodyCountWednesday]My dad cockblocked me! Geeezus!!! [18+]

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[#WastedBodyCountWednesday]My dad cockblocked me! Geeezus!!! [18+]


Everything was set, I had taken permission from work, my siblings were all out, my dad traveled but somehow he still managed to cockblock me wasting my perfect sex marathon day.

#WorstSexExperience: I cannot believe that my dad cockblocked me!
I have been so exhausted at work for a while, so I called in sick, gave them excuses that I was down with headache and body pain and as soon as the day off was granted I jumped for joy, tiredness had gotten me but I could still manage it till the weekend but I have plans.

Today, I will finally have my long-planned all-day sex marathon, it was such a perfect day, my mum was out of the country, two brothers went for a road trip and my dad traveled for work to return tomorrow evening.

As soon as I called my girl, she sounded even more excited than I did – she makes sex fun, she always has adventurous plans for every of our encounter, so when I told her it was all day, I can imagine her having a big smile, and making plans up already.

She told me to expect her in a jiffy. True to her words, in a few minutes, I had the glorious knock on the door. There she was, standing in front of me with her big luscious boobs, well packaged that I felt like devouring them right where she stood.

Like a lion ready to tear his prey apart. She was starring so much at my shorts I had to ask her

“Madam you wan chop am, be calming down”, she just gave out a dangerous smile.

I then went to get us food and drinks, well you know, it’s about to be a whole marathon. I got back we ate for a bit, we starting talking, I slide to her, then her soft lips on mine, while our lips locked I couldn’t keep my hand off her boobs, caressing my hands on them while moving to her neck.

We were on for 15 minutes, my little man was already a hard man, she held unto it and placed my dick into her saliva filled mouth and started a slow stroke, oh lawd… my soul, she took her time with my dick cap.

I just couldn’t help it after some minutes I pulled her up, turned her around, she relaxed on her stomach – I was about to put in the tip into her obviously wet dripping vajayjay, we heard a knock on my door

“Tony… tony are you home?”

That’s my dad, I whispered to her.

My face filled with so much disappointment.

I can’t call it the worst sex, because sex didn’t happen but it sure felt like it intentionally ruined everything, my day-off and lies just went to waste.

Perfect reason for me to leave this house as soon as I’ve saved enough to afford my own place.

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Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble

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