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March 7, 2021

[#WastedBodyCountWednesday]Big Tool No Experience (S01E03) [18+]
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[#WastedBodyCountWednesday]Big Tool No Experience (S01E03) [18+]


On this episode, our anonymous tells her encounter with her date and lack of requisite skill for such monumental piece of equipment? Spoiler alert, It didn’t end well.

I had this classmate in secondary school, we lost contact after the valedictory service. 5 years later we met on Facebook and got along really well, we soon began dating, He stayed in Akure while I was in Lagos, although he visits once or twice a month.

So when my school was on vacation, I would travel down to Akure to be with him, this particular time, I visited during the rainy season, the journey was smooth, I was already getting excited and putting thoughts to my head on what would go down when I get hold of him.

On the day I arrived, nothing happened that day and night, guess he was saving it for the next day. It began, the romance was so on point, as if he understood and studied my body that I felt like my pussy was overflowing down there. It was going on well until he unleashed his anaconda. Seeing it, I was scared… no shit. The size of it put the fear of God into my soul.

But I played down the fear because of how awesome the foreplay was, with the logic that if he knows good foreplay then he should know how to use his One-thousand-naira size of a cucumber dick but I was sorely disappointed, such that I felt like doing a Lasisi Elenu rant session, traveling from Lagos to Akure should have been more rewarding than this nonsense.

Something else ticked me off, he switched on the sound system and increased the volume so loud like he probably knew what he was doing. He came back and then inserted his dick in and everything went downhill from there. The sex was very painful, I let out groans through the thrust but then the brother went about his thrusting. He was moaning like I should have been, mixed with the loud music playing in the room, our sounds were muffed.

That’s not even the most annoying part of it all, because I’m petite in size, he kept turning me around and changing the position within a moment’s notice. It was like he was the owner of the body and I was just there to satisfy him. I told him to slow down several times but uncle felt like Lewis Hamilton in Formula One, he didn’t respond to me.

He just kept pounding away, and I stayed praying he would cum on time, then silently making myself a promise that this will be the last time I take a big dick in my life.

Thankfully, he finished quickly, not the long sex person. I got up and went to clean up then I discovered that I had a bad sore and also a tear. I left his house at the first light next morning as if I had taken his palliatives, never to return again.

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