August 12, 2022

#WastedBodyCountWednesday: That Time My Dick Wept!

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#WastedBodyCountWednesday: That Time My Dick Wept!


So, my babe and I were having issues while she was serving and found she cheated, her friend came over to settle the fight but something else came up.

So my babe and I had issues last year before she went to NYSC camp, just a bit of misunderstanding here and there, she got back to town just a week before the lockdown was announced, but we weren’t opportune to meet up due to the pandemic/lockdown.

Our conversations overtime didn’t flow as it normally would anymore, despite the fact that we both have so much time in our hands due to the lockdown.

About three weeks ago she called me, the next thing I heard was

“Hello, Hello oo Alex, I am so sorry, I am sorry”,

“What happened,” I asked being so curious and also scared

“Erhmm… A guy I met at camp, one thing led to another when I visited him and we had sex, I am so so sorry Alex”

In her tears she kept apologizing, I ended the call and put off my phone immediately, I didn’t even know how to process this news in my head, I had the plan of us making things work when we get to meet to discuss the last few months.

A week went by and I avoided her calls, ignored her texts, and blocked her off every social media platform.

Within that period I had been chatting with her best friend who knew everything about this, she told me she wanted us to meet, so I asked her to come over.

I sincerely can’t explain how a conversation of us trying to fix my relationship with her friend turned into us kissing, and she all over me.

It was as if I was watching myself in a movie I had no control over, my little man didn’t help matters, Baba arose from his sleep like Voltron.

While we stood helping each other undress, I saw her boobs and damn…

Her boobs were literally twice the size of my girlfriend’s.

She went on her knees, she swallowed the whole length of my dick in her mouth, she brought it out, and she started slowly stroking the shaft.

By the second stroke, I felt a shock wave from my dick all the way to my brain, it was like a sharp pain but since I wasn’t sure I just closed my eyes to enjoy the pleasure mixed in it.

By the sixth stroke, I had to scream, and step back, her teeth have signed their names on my dick… oh Lawd.

I quickly wore my shorts, told her I wasn’t in the mood anymore, and she left. Thinking about it again, it was as if she came to revenge for her friend and wanted to slowly cut off my dick.

I had to classify it as the almost worst sex ever. Blowjob counts as sex, and Jesus H. Christ, that was fucking awful!

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Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble

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