June 27, 2022

#WastedBodyCount: Test the microphone before service o

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#WastedBodyCount: Test the microphone before service o


So, I was dating this guy and we were cool, close to a proposal until I realised that we have not ‘do the do’, thank God, I insisted.

I have this guy who we have been dating for a while but you know the no sex rule. We were almost at the point of him proposing but I wanted to be sure of what I was getting myself into.

He came visiting as usual and I got him into the mood. Sincerely he would have been the worst mistake of my life, that was the day I agreed you have to be sexually attracted and compatible with your partner.

We got down and I didn’t even feel anything was inside of me, it was so bad that I had to ask him if he had put it in.

The annoying part was, he kept changing positions after every ten seconds or so. There and then, I knew I was done, he then went ahead asking

“Baby, did you come?” right in front of him, I carry my finger fucked myself to orgasm as he watched.

I told him the relationship was over after that unfortunate debacle. He is a half minute man with a tiny thing, and I can’t get married to such.

Sorry to be so blunt, I cannot sign up for eternal suffering at this my young age.

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Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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