August 12, 2022

#WastedBodyCount: I almost put asunder, some part of me still wish I did

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#WastedBodyCount: I almost put asunder, some part of me still wish I did


So, there was this couple staying in my building, he had a really spectacularly sexy wife, that things almost became a thing, but egbon was a professional boxer.

A young couple moved into the flat opposite mine, they are a gorgeous together, I mean I see how they do the whole holding hands and their eye contact sometimes I actually envy. Fast Forward to when we had an electrical issue and had to create a WhatsApp group to keep everyone updated with the process of how we plan to resolve it.

On this particular evening, I had just woken up from a long sleep, when I got a message from the wife of the young couple, Vivian (not her real name), she said she knocked my door with no response, and wanted to find out if I could help fix her decoder connection.

It seemed really strange, then again, I just decided to check on it, since she sounded really polite in her message. I knocked twice and she opened the door, there and then I knew I shouldn’t have knocked.

She had on this revealing crop top that had her cleavage popping out, and wearing a bum short, and she has this cute smile I had never noticed. She welcomed me and in her calm voice, explained that her husband was out on a trip for two weeks and her decoder has refused to connect and her favourite show is expected to begin in an hour.

I got it fixed within minutes and she offered me a drink if I am not in a hurry, well I wasn’t so I chilled, and we got talking, by the end of the show, I went back to my flat.

As days went by, I began to spend most evenings at her place, and we just talk about work, friends, trends and even family, that was when she mentioned her hubby has a terrible temper and screams his lungs out when he’s angry.

I had to ask her if he gets physical with her, and she said no, even though he used to be a boxer, he has never laid a hand even in their 5 years of dating and few months in marriage.

She mentioned her love for wine in one of our chills, so on my way back from work, I got two bottles. I told her about it and she said let’s get to drink at my place instead of hers. I have always found her attractive, but since she is married, I decided not to be the one to cause asunder.

She came over, and we got drinking while watching her favourite TV show, halfway into the show we had finished a bottle and unto the next. I could feel us connecting (blame it on the wine), and suddenly the romance started, we began kissing and the intensity increased so quickly, we both got undressed as if we had waited for this moment.

Her breasts filled my hands, as I ran my mouth through them, teasing it in every way I could, her soft moans filled my ears and my dick got so hard, the veins on it were so noticeable.

She got on her knees and gave me the best blowjob I have ever had in my 29 years on earth. I pushed her up my couch, and used my dick to tease the lips of her wet vagina, I kept teasing on it until she moaned aloud, fuck me, please fuck mm….

“Vivian, Vivian, Vivian” I could hear the scream so close, and I knew it was her husband, my head did a spin to the fact that he used to be a boxer, so I quickly grabbed my trousers and shirt, and ran towards the door, only to realise I was in my own house.

So I ran back, to meet her all dressed up. She got herself together, took some mint, and went to her flat. I tried sending her a message the next day only to realize I had been blocked. We didn’t see each other for a week, and I was sure she was avoiding me, only to then hear she and her husband had relocated to Canada the following weekend.

I felt some regret, yet I really wished it actually happened.

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Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble

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