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May 28, 2020
Ten Thousand Blood Donors For Saving Lives

Ten Thousand Blood Donors For Saving Lives

Dear Friends,

Today, the One Percent Project launched our initiative to get 10,000 Nigerians to commit to blood donation to save lives.

Blood saves lives and we believe that the shortage of blood in many hospitals in Nigeria is absolutely unacceptable. In Nigeria, making blood available for each individual in an emergency can save 13,500 women every year and even more children under-5. There is no synthetic substitute for blood and blood from 100% non-remunerated volunteer donors is the only replacement. Thus, it is our goal as members of the Nigerian community to work on making blood available for those who need it.

Why Should You Donate Your Blood?

Choosing to give a unit of this “precious gift of life” saves lives of those in dire need of blood. Nigeria needs just 1% to give blood regularly to ensure that in cases of emergency quality blood is always available for patients who need it.

So Who Needs Blood?

Thousands of people would die daily if there is no sufficient blood in blood banks around the country. If one donates blood, the donor gives the patient the gift money cannot buy and science cannot create. A pint of blood can equal three gifts of life.

Below are categories of people who need blood transfusion:

  • · Women hemorrhaging due to pregnancy complication;
  • · Children with severe anemia;
  • · Accident victims;
  • · Surgical patients;
  • · Cancer patients.

To help us reach our goal of 10,000 people committed to blood donation, please send this to your ALL your contacts, you’ll be saving thousands of lives, someday, maybe even yours.

Please send this out to your contacts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Also please send it you your email contacts. The more people we get to commit to give blood, the more lives we will save.

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Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble
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