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Kunle JJC: Meet Emeka, Boutique Owner (S02E04) (18+)

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Kunle JJC: Meet Emeka, Boutique Owner (S02E04) (18+)

Na small small talk I dey hear as I begin wake. I been wan move my hand but he be like say something dey hold am. My eyes open quick quick when I see say na hospital I dey. Shebi I been done escape from hospital na. Na Oyin help me escape from hospital, and I done comot town go open my boutique for another place.

Abi everything wey done dey happen since Na dream ni? My eyes shift go side small, I dey see black, omoooo Na Popo be that o. So Na dream I dey dream since? God abeg.

My hand heavy, fear dey catch me to look am, I no wan see that handcuff again. I wan start to cry. Nurse enter dey whine me teeth, I no sabi wetin dey funny am until I hear voice wey I sabi. “He’s awake”, Na madam be that wey talk am.

I look side, Na madam sit down with that same woman wey I been dey fuck before I faint. Two of them look me burst laugh, the nurse follow them begin laugh.

That woman look my madam tell am say shebi she tell am say no matter how I mad reach, I no reach her level say I be pikin for her.

Madam look me for eye laugh before she transfer 1 million give the madam. Two of them done bet. Madam get say I go fuck that woman she go tire, the woman bet say she go finish me and as she done finish me, madam gats drop 1 million.

Many things dey vex me for the matter. One, Madam no give me update make I take prepare myself, second, the laugh wey these women dey laugh no even reach me o hut you see that nurse, Na her laugh plenty pass and Na him pain me pass but shebi Na me Emmy, I go teach am lesson, make I well first.

Madam and her friend begin comot, madam tell me say make I no worry say she done clear my bill and she go update me later.

As them reach the door, her friend look back come say,

“Young man, take care of yourself, you tried eh”. She laugh, the nurse burst laugh follow. I nearly mad for bed but I try calm myself. The next two days, them no let me comot for hospital, dem dey tell me say I need bed rest. No problem, Angella done come check me for hospital and we done discuss as things dey go on for boutique.

My only problem Na this Werrey nurse wey dey call me young man upandan. Thunder go soon fire that her mouth.

Before time for my discharge reach, I done dey follow the nurse cruise. When dem finally discharge me, I collect her contact.

Before she give me, she first laugh ask me whether I go like return to hospital again very soon me self tell am say no need to come hospital, make she just carry her first aid box come when she dey come my side so if I faint she go just treat me.

Two of us laugh but inside, I dey shake head for this nurse. She no sabi who I be but very soon, she go Sabi.

This Angella girl Na Angel true true. As I enter boutique, everywhere fresgt come clean join, I check account, check stock everything balance, Na everything wey she sell she write out for list. I just dey happy say Na she I employ.

Na wetin Angella do come give me confidence to continue with my plan. The plan dey dangerous but, I fit do anything to rebuild my street cred. I first restock my boutique come tell Angella say I dey comot for one or two days on some private matter so, make she hold boutique wella.

Early momo the second day, I carry my car exit where I dey, I face Lagos.

After all the traffic and everything, I use 4 hours for road, but as I enter lagos, I begin dey careful, I use face cap and sun glasses. I carry body go my friend place. Na for where I park I call am make he come meet me because I no wan drop for car, that area close to Honorable place. Him happy to see me but I tell am make he no loud am.

I just dash am money and drinks say make he carry me go the mama wey we collect medicine for my oga place. Him no even waste time, we just join road from there.

As we reach the place, no time to waste I meet the mama but that medicine wey I buy for oga before. By the time we go reach my friend place, evening done reach and me self done tire. I just park my car one side say make I rest before i go begin go my side.

My mind come dey Oyin body. He done tey when I see my babe last and since I dey area I say make I Kuku call am maybe we go even fit see self. I call am like four times, the number dey busy, my mind no free rest Na so I drive my car dey go Honorable side. I park for one side I dey observe maybe she go come outside or inside.

I been done sleep go Na light wey flash for my face make me wake, I rush sit comport myself. The car park for them Honorable gate and my babe drop. I been wan rush go meet am but I no sabi who she follow dey. Before I look again, two big policemen done follow her dey.

Everywhere done dark by now but light from mansion dey make me see wetin dey happen. Oyin carry her bag give one of the officer before she come kneel down in front of the second one begin such him penis. I wan mad.

I no fit start may car make I comot for the place, them go see me. I carry phone dey call Oyin, she dey disconnect am. Small time, the second officer enter Oyin from back begin cut her toto with penis o. For my front, two guys dey chop my babe like this, no wonder she no dey enter my side again. I just dey there dey watch the thing, I no fit cry.

Them gather carry am enter gate, I sabi say dem go go continue inside house I just drive my car comot. The second morning when Oyin call me, she say she been dey busy Na why she miss my calls.

I ask whether she fit borrow me 2 million. She say ok, small time, I see alert. I just sleep for that day comot stress for body. The next day, I done freshen up, i carry phone call Nurse ask whether she fit run me check up for my place she say no Wahala say by afternoon her shift go end and she go drop by. He done set like that, by past 11, I carry my medicine use dey wait for nurse. By the time she show, medicine done start him work but i dey try hide am. She dey check my body as she dey touch me, my penis dey rise more. She self see am she come begin laugh again.

She say shey this my young man no go put me for hospital again sha because if na because of am my penis dey rise, I fit land hospital again o. I ask am say why she think say I go land hospital, she say because she no be pikin say she go chop me raw. I say shey make we try am, she look me laugh before she go comot uniform for one side.

Before she come back, me too done off trouser. She sit in top. Aunty Nurse self no small for this life oo, the way she begin whine her waist ontop my penis come begin bounce, person go done know say she self Na professional.

First round cum drop, I carry am for my hand go pin her back for wall begin knack her go. She just dey chop my lips dey moan put for my mouth. Me self done understand now say she no be pikin but me too no be pikin now, Na one person go first give up.

Small time she begin tap me for chest say make I drop am for floor. I think say she done dey give up be that but she lie flat for her back carry let go up say make I come enter again. I help her out her leg for my shoulder before I start to use my penis drum on top her pussy.

As I enter am this time, my penis reach down down, aunty Nurse run hold me for neck dey breathe like who them dey pursue, I done finally get her. I make sure say I dey hit inside inside her pussy make she dey feel am everywhere.

Small time her pussy begin dey and me I never finish second round. I stand up go carry lube. When I come back, she self surprise but me I done dey prepared. I pour am plenty for her toto and my dick. This time as I put my penis for her toto he just dey slide in.

She carry one hand hold me for neck dey use the second one clean sweat from my head.

Aunty Nurse no wan gree make we do doggie but I turn am around o, her yansh soft, he come fresh join, from the moment wey I enter am from back, I done sabi say na her weak point be this, she from moan begin scream then begin cry.

I begin spank am dey ask am who be young man, she just dey beg me. I just dey use my penis dey wicked her go. When he reach time for me to cum, she done lie flat on top her chest. I spray her yansh with cum. She lie down there dey catch her breath, me I just sit dey look her.

When she look back see my hard dick for my hand her face change like who wan faint.

I smile tell am say we just dey start. Na my place she sleep over that day. By the time I finish third round she no get energy to continue again so I just leff her. She no go disrespect me again at least.

When she dey comot the second day, her Waka no balance again, I done use penis scatter her alignment. I been wan laugh her before I come remember say two guys been dey chow my babe the other time, I wonder how she go take dey Waka, my heart just break again.

I carry my phone copy number from the phone wey madam give me. I dial am, Na one thick voice answer. I tell am say, I get two million to bet say make them tell their oga to pick location for next week, I cut the call straight dey wait for their reply.

Written by Reezy Sama

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