February 6, 2023

Kunle JJC: Meet Emeka, Boutique Owner (S02E03) (18+)

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Kunle JJC: Meet Emeka, Boutique Owner (S02E03) (18+)

As dem dey drag me go where the motor park, I no fit shout. Something dey chook me for back, I no Sabi whether na gun abi na knife. As we near the G-wagon, the motor look very familiar. Na one of Honorable G-wagon be this.

Chai, this man done finally catch me. Who go help me beg now wey night done fall and many people done go house? My hard guy no reach here, my body just dey shake anyhow. I no even see the face of people wey dey drag me go the car.

We reach am, dem open door bundle me inside am like goat. Inside the motor dark and I no come see who we gather dey inside but I sabi say the guys wey bundle me inside done enter front seat.

“SIT DOWN”, Na wetin I first hear. But this no be Honorable voice. Na madam be this wey dey follow me yarn. My mind begin come down small small. Me and madam no really get issue. But, how she take know where I dey and why she find me come. I sit down make I for hear wetin she Wan talk.

Madam dey talk say so I dey betray her pikin abi? I first shock. How she take sabi my matter? She tell me say the story of my sweet penis done jump comot for area enter interstate. Na one woman wey dem dey saloon together carry the matter reach her ear.

The woman wey dey saloon say she get friend wey her husband no dey reason her toto well well and the matter dey pain the woman. For where ewe friend dey find clothe to buy, she meet one Igbo boy wey carry am reach promise land use him penis clear the road wey dey her pussy.

Since that time, her friend just dey glow dey smile. She no even send her husband again. If she need fuck, she go go buy clothe, the guy go fuck her on top. Madam been no sabi say na me but he get another time wey ny gust surface for the saloon again and the woman come describe me and my penis. Na from there she sabi say na me when she done dey try locate dey fuck the woman.

Madam no let her friend know say she sabi me. She just use style style collect my location say she too wan dey patronize my boutique. Na so madam take track me down o come use boys carrry me enter car.

She ask me again say why I dey cheat on her pikin after everything wey the girl done do for me? She ask if whether I think say she no sabi wetin happen for the hospital. I just sit like mumu, I no get anything to talk to defend myself.

Oyin don try for me and true true, i dey cheat on am but why madam come dey question me like this like say me and her never fuck before? Even this one wey she come meet me self, he fit be say she wan fuck ni.

I dey there dey hope say she go quick comot for her serious mode make me and her fuck like before. Before I go pray finish, he be like God done accept am because I done begin feel madam hand ontop my trouser. Be like that one no satisfy am at all because her hand soon rush enter my trouser band go grab my penis.

She hold am like say she Wan cut am comot but madam get that kind palm wey be say if he hold penis body go sweet you. She ask whether I put sugar for my penis wey make am sweet the way he sweet so. I just sit down there dey happy say I never enter wahala.

For my mind, I done sharperly begin think of how I go fuck madam, make I knack am till she go cry. Omoooooo, he done tey wey I chop her ponmo. Wetin I dey hear next shock me. One of the guys wey bundle me enter motor dey give me one small phone.

Madam say make I make sure say the phone dey charge everytime because calls go dey come in for me from her friends them. She say Wahala no dey at all say I just need to make sure say I satisfy them and if for any reason I no pick call or I no go location wey dem call me or I no satisfy dem for there then make I just Sabi say she no go let me marry Oyin and then Honorable go know where I dey.

As she tell me to come down when the motor zoom off. I just dey reason which kind woman this woman be? Person wey your pikin wan marry Na him you dey do like this? I go my house go sleep Jeje but the sleep no really come like that. My mind no gree comot for that phone wey madam give me.

I just dey wonder when the thing go ring. The next morning like this, phone done begin ring. The person just go straight to the point say make I meet am for one hotel wey no too far like that by 2:00pm. Omoooooo, thank God say I done get person wey go dey my boutique sha.

My mood no good for boutique that day. Angella done dey wait make I come open. Chai that fine girl. We gather open set up boutique. I begin show her things and their price, I dey use one eye check time. Even Angella done Sabi say something dey wrong me for mind.

She ask whether I need anything, I say no. Once 1pm knack. I tell Angella say make I wan run reach somewhere make she hold boutique. I enter my car match am down to the hotel, I reach there like 1:45 pm. The hotel dey very big and fine. I enter inside, one person come meet me say make I follow am.

The girl wey come pick me be like olosho from her dressing and body. My mumu penis begin hard inside trouser say he done see meat. When we reach one door she tell me say make I enter say person dey wait me inside. He pain me small say no be the girl I go fuck.

She no even wait make I collect her number before she quick Waka comot with her bumbum wey dey bounce like chewing gum. I quick do sign of cross before I open door go see who dey wait me inside. Inside the room na blue light, I no quick see wella but when my eyes balance I come see say the room na empty room, only one big bed dey for middle. No design for wall, just one AC and then Chandelier.

On top the bed, one black woman sit down, she wear kimono. When i look am well well, she no wear anything under the Kimono. I just stand there they look, she dey smoke Igbo. She tell me say make I go off clothe say she go soon finish the Igbo.

I go one side begin off my clothe, cold dey enter my body, the thing dey make my penis stand. As I finish, the woman too done stand, the Igbo no dey her hand again. She dey look me from up to down dey bite her lip come dey pull her kimono small small.

Once the kimono fall for ground, she begin catwalk come meet me. She dey rub hand for my chest come begin kiss me.

Her mouth dey taste like say she lick mentol and sweet together and the scent of the Igbo wey she just smoke dey enter my nose. She dey kiss me slow slow, her lips soft, I dey chop am Jeje make I no go bite am.

Her hand done begin rub my penis, me self no dull the vibe, I use find find her toto. Omoooooo everywhere done soak, I chook two fingers inside her toto. She moan inside my mouth, omoooooo that toto warm die. I dey finger am he dey sweet her for body, she dey moan inside my mouth dey go. She done full my fingers with cum wey dey make my finger slide inside wella.

Before I go give am control, she done back me use hand hold bed say make I enter from back. As my gbola dey enter her toto small small, she dey raise her head. Even though she no shout, i sabi say my gbola done dey enter some wicked angles.

When I pull out enter again she dey sound like who dey cry but she no dey cry. I just dey enter dey come out slowly make body dey sweet us. Na she come tell me say make I use hand whip am for yansh. As I dey whip her yansh, I dey make sure say my penis dey enter am deeper make she dey feel am wella.

She go use one hand hold her bress, small time she go hold her head, another time she go put am for pussy. I sabi say body dey sweet am as my penis dey pepper her toto. She still dey sound like who dey cry but water no dey her eyes.

Small time, she lie down for bed say make I continue. No time, I enter again begin slice her toto. She use hand hold her two breasts. Her face dey very sexy before I sabi wetin dey happen my motor beging jack, I cum. Two of us just lie down for bed dey rest . I been dey worry say why madam turn me to olosho wey she dey give her friends for rent.

Na for where me I dey think this woman climb me again put my penis inside toto begin ride me. I no really mind, the woman Sabi how to ride, me self dey use that time gather strength make she dey fuck me go. When I ready, I just grab her waist begin fuck her from under. If I tire she go ride go, I she tire, i go start fuck her again. Like play like play,

I done cum five times and he no be like say this woman tire. When I cum the sixth time like this everywhere dark immediately.

Written by Reezy Sama

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