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Kunle JJC: Meet Emeka, Boutique Owner (S02 Finale) (18+)

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Kunle JJC: Meet Emeka, Boutique Owner (S02 Finale) (18+)

I no sabi as I take manage drive reach house but as I dey try park self, I done dey see double. I just manage comot the car for ignition stagger enter house. As I stagger enter inside house, Oyin and Angella no even see me at all. The two of them been dey shout for each other head.

I just stand there dey look to try understand wetin dey happen but small small, everywhere begin go black, I no sabi when my body touch floor.

Be like say Na when my body hit floor the two of them Sabi say I done enter. I no know which one sha call nurse but I aabi say I wake small one time, I see nurse, Angella and Oyin before my eyes close back.

When I later wake up, nurse dey clear me say I done sleep two days straight. He shock me. She look me deep inside my eyes, look right and left come ask me quietly whether I win the woman. I carry my face comot for her side. She done make me remember wetin make me fall sick for the second time.

She say shebi she done warn me say make I no bet money for knack that woman. I come ask am quietly say why she warn me say make I no follow the woman bet before. She comot face, she no wan talk. I beg am say make she tell me but she no gree until I swear say I no go tell anybody wetin she tell me.

She tell me say that woman Na nymphomaniac say people like that, Na every time dem dey like fuck. Dem no dey tire for fuck. My body come down. As she dey try explain the matter dey go, Oyin burst in begin shout say why my sales girl go dey do like say Na she be my wife for my house.

She no even let me answer one question before she ask another one. She just dey shout dey go dey give me headache. The thing dey make me vex because I even dey on drip and she see say I no well but that one no concern her, Na my sales girl matter dey pain am.

Nurse beg Oyin say make she relax because her shout go dey affect my health more, Na that time she come begin calm but as me I dey look her, I just dey hate her more. As i dey see her, Na those two guys wey dey fuck her i dey see and them dey re fuck her for my memory.

The thing dey pain me, body dey be me like make I challenge am say shebi dem fuck her for my presence, but I no even get the strength, I just lie down there dey look. Small time, nurse comot, she say she go come check me again the next day. As she comot, I just dey pray make Oyin no come disturb me again.

When nurse come the next day, she say I done finish with my drips so Na only medicines and rest remain to make me dey Kampe. Me self happy because I done miss my boutique. As nurse comot, Oyin begin try to force me say make we fuck again but I no gree.

When she frustrate me tire, I vex tell am say make she go meet those wey dey fuck am Na. Her body just calm straight. She no ask me anything, she no talk anything, she just sleep till the next day. She carry her bag say she dey go and she go come back come check me soon. I tell am say I hear, but, I dey happy as she dey comot. At least I go rest well.

After Oyin and Nurse comot, na Angella dey take care of me. The girl na good girl. She go cook, help me baff, go boutique, clean house. She no dey complain or give me any Wahala. I begin dey trip for her small small. I done even begin feel better self. Nurse no really dey come around well because of her work for hospital but on Sunday when she later get off time wey she come check me Na him I sabi say women get plenty craze for head.

She dey check me, she dey look worried like say something dey happen wey no good at all. As she dey check me, she dey rush write things for one small paper. She go check again, write another one. When she finish, she carry the paper give Angella say make she rush go buy the medicine sharp sharp say she go dey monitor.

Fear dey catch me because I feel ok but I no sabi why nurse dey worried like say I go soon die. Angella run carry money, run dey go where she go buy medicine. As Angella comot finish, nurse go lock door for back, begin pull her gown. I first shock.

She say shebi I promise am say we go fuck after I done fuck that mama finish. As I wan ask am say shebi Na she just send my sales girl medicine now say I no well, she smile, tell me say I done dey ok but she need fuck me and she no fit do am as my sales girl dey around.

She say all the medicines wey she send my sales girl, she no fit see am buy, them go just dey refer am upandan so, me and her go get time to fuck.

Before she reach where I lie down, she done comot everything wey she wear, her bra, dey floor, panties dey floor, she sit near me dey rub me for chest. As she dey rub my chest, my penis begin stand for inside my trouser.

She look am, she smile. Her second hand enter my trouser dey rub my penis. Her hand smooth die and I been try say make I stand but she say make I no stress myself. As she comot my penis for trouser, she lick the cap well make saliva full am she come climb ontop me chook my penis for her toto. She dey ride me small small dey enjoy as my penis dey hit inside her toto.

Me self no dull the vibe, I dey tap her yansh dey squeeze her breast she dey ride. Small time I begin fuck her from under but I quick tire. He be like I never strong finish. Still still, I sit up begin suck her bress. As i dey suck her bress dey squeeze the other one, she dey use her nails scratch me for head. She dey moan loud.

As he be say Na she dey ride me, she quick reach her climax. As she cum ontop my dick, she rush come down, lick Everything comot for my till he clean begin dey shine.

She climb me again but this time, she back me so I just hold her breasts. The way her yansh dey bounce dey make the thing sweet me, small time, me self cum.

She lie down for my chest, two of us dey rest. Na then we begin hear say Angella dey knock door. Nurse calm down so her dressing before she go open the door for Angella. Angella look me for where I lie down, she look me with bad eye before she begin tell nurse say she done everywhere, she no see the medicines buy.

Nurse collect the paper for her hand say make she no worry say she go get the medicines come from her hospital. As she comot, Angella just dey look me, he show for her face say she no happy but she no talk anything. Small time, she come ask whether I wan chop or whether I need anything.

As I tell am say i dey ok, she just Waka go outside. I come begin dey reason things. I no like as Angella no dey happy as per he be like say she Sabi say me and nurse fuck. At the same time, anytime I remember say dem dey chop Oyin work for my back, he dey make me vex for am.

Na there I come realise say the love wey I get for Oyin before no really dey there again. I no come Sabi as I go take discharge am begin follow Angella.

Wo, make person no go think till him go run mad. I manage stand up go verandah where Angella dey.

She no sabi say I done reach her back until I grab am for waist from back. She shock small. I dey use her hair play, dey peck her for neck. The way she dey do, he sure say her body dey move. I ask her about her boyfriend.

She say dem breakup say he no try after the break up Na him she find work for my side. Since that time wey she come for interview wey we fuck, she never let make another person touch am because she done fall for me. Na why last time wey we fuck, I suppose notice say she dey very horny.

She say she no vex say I dey fuck other people and she no dey force me make I date am but least, make I dey give her time for correct fuck because she done reserve her body for only me.

As she dey talk all that one, my fingers done reach her pant band. I just whisper for her ear say make she spread her legs. Once she hear that one, she spread am fast fast. I tell am say, I never balance enough to fuck her so for the meantime, she go manage my fingers.

As I dey talk that one, I dey squeeze her breast. She just open mouth there dey nod her head before she say yes Daddy. I push two fingers enter her pussy, she rush cover her mouth make she for no shout. When the fingers begin enter am wella, she hold the small fence wey dey her front begin shout.

She dey grind her yansh ontop my penis. When she cum for my hand, he sure me say Na the entire street hear her shout. I help her go inside house make we go lie down. Angella rest for my chest dey play with my nipple. I gats delete this Oyin girl.

The End

Written by Reezy Sama

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