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September 2, 2020

Girls’ Night Out (18+)

Girls’ Night Out (18+)


A girls’ hang out turns out to be the night of her life for our amazing Ada. Check out how her sex life got turned upside down by this sleep over with the awesome Vanessa

It is that time of the year again, excitement brewing this weekend end, Stephanie’s birthday bash coming up. Steph is the queen of throwing birthday bashes, only a handful of people can displace Steph at the hottest birthday bash in Unilag.

She knew how to throw a party, the gifts were to die for, and the event itself seemed like an Oscar after party. There were celebrities, and the coolest people around, I’m a boring person, you don’t need to tell me that but that time of the year is school is what I look forward to.

I wasn’t super interesting but since I’ve known Steph, I’ve always been invited to this bash. I loved going but a lot of people have been whispering about Steph’s sexuality, some say she is Bi-sexual, others say she is purely a lesbian but she’s been cool to me.

And remember, people will always say shit about you anyway. Even my boyfriend has asked me to stay away from her but for where? He doesn’t want me to be initiated into their girl on girl action but since I’ve known her, she hasn’t seemed like a lesbian to me.

Our friendship has been super cool, telling me about her escapades around the town, and several other continents. I don’t have anything against lesbians, but I don’t think it’s my thing. I’ll rather have a guy plowing me.

Each year, her birthday always seemed like a carnival, from Wednesday to Saturday. I kid you not.

On Wednesday, we are out Karaoke-ing on the island, it became a tradition, it seemed like the way people used to get married during the 90s, where weddings were spread out into days (Thursday for Introduction, Friday for Engagement, Saturday for church/Engagement, and Sunday for Thanksgiving) before things became unbearable and all the ceremony now is in a day.

Steph doesn’t care, her party is 4 days straight!

Karaoke is always fun, and we get to make fun of our stupid voices while being considerably drunk before getting an Uber or someone drives us back to school.

Thursday is the dinner, we attend like a Hollywood award ceremony, which is the one I always love to skip. I don’t have money to buy expensive evening dresses to go have dinner at fancy places on the island.

For some weird reasons, year after year, our entourage of friends from school constantly reduced but someone I always made it every year. She would gladly give me her clothes to wear for these dinners. I got to meet a lot of her friends who were so high class that I just nodded and laughed at their jokes, those were my contributions to the conversation before crawling back into my shells.

I wasn’t broke out of mind but not just on the same level with Steph and her bandwagon of Intentional or Unintentional Oppressors (BIUO).

There was a friend of hers who I really liked, her name is Vanessa. She is so cool, down to earth.

Super attractive, with a nice banging body. She belongs to that category of ladies who are endowed everywhere. I had a soft and big behind but Vanessa’s was like twice mine, taller than me too, her boobs were bigger than mine.

She outclassed me in every way but I liked her because of her coolness, kind of like she didn’t know she is that hot.

She talks to me the most during those weird parties, Steph’s attention is mostly with her other ‘high-class’ friends, but Vanessa made sure I wasn’t bored. A lot of times when we’re arranging transportation, I opt to be in her car. She talks about boys too but not as much as she talks about girls, so I starting to get suspicious but not enough to fall back.

What transpired between I and Vanessa made me question my own sexuality. I like penis, not just a fan of big black dick.

I believe in average size with someone who knows how to use the darn thing, and not just wielding it like Thor’s hammer, and that was my boyfriend, he uses it well but we don’t shag even half as much as I would have liked but it’s alright, not like I’m a nympho.

After bouncing around the island from club to club on Friday night, the final event to round up Steph’s birthday. Everyone seems paired with partner asides from Vanessa and me.

Too early to head back to school, moreover, Steph had booked a couple of rooms somewhere on the island to crash probably till Sunday.

It made sense that Vanessa and I took the room left, and that’s where it began.

We were both stupendously drunk and staggering around, one way or the other found our way to the room. I removed my shoes and dived right into the bed with my tube dress still on. The tube gave my boobs a lift, making them bigger than they already are. Vanessa was in a short dress, short enough to provoke looks that made her feel like a Queen.

I complimented her earlier about the dress, I wasn’t asleep but on my way there when I turned on the bed to see a naked Vanessa, and it seemed like a quarter of my Highness had disappeared.

Jeez, she is even sexier naked.

“I sleep naked o,” She said.

This wasn’t my first time of seeing a naked lady but Vanessa was sexy as fuck. I admired but I wasn’t aroused, at least not yet. I turned back and tried to go to bed, then she joined me in bed.

There we were, I was still dressed while she was naked. My arms naked, by my side as I slept on my side and faced the opposite direction, and then Vanessa began to move closer to me, trying to cuddle with me.

I didn’t push her back or try to move away, I felt she was just trying to fall asleep, her face was directly behind my head, and she whispered

“You smell so nice”

“Thanks?!” I said like it was a question.

From the cuddle, her hands began to work their way through to my breasts inside the tube, she massaged them softly, no one had touched my boobs so delicately and enjoyable like that before.

I chilled and didn’t say anything because I was enjoying it too, and Vanessa is so hot, maybe I was even crushing on her before now.

She took my silence in, and slowly dipped her hands into my tube, and began to fondle a boob while kissing my ears, and tickling them slowly. I closed my eyes, and just enjoyed what her hands and tongue made me feel… So fucking good!

She turned me around after a couple of minutes, and just kissed me. It was slow, her lips were gentle, and her hands behind me to unzip my tube dress from behind. She took her time to take it all off like she was unwrapping a gift, I felt special. She kissed my nose and I held her face and kissed her on the lips back.

She got on top of me and began playing with my nipples, rubbing against them slowly and gently, kissing me like she wanted to colonize my soul.

Her boobs hovered over mine, and those boobs were so pretty and toned, I could feel their weight, as I made to grab one and gently squeeze, she moaned into my mouth as we squeezed. I kissed her like my life depended on it, at this point, I was flooded down there but she was being cool and gentle.

As we made out, she was over me, I’ll try to meet her by slightly lifting my upper torso up but she would push me back down. She kissed my lips, my nose, my collarbone, my neck, she swirled her tongue around my nipples and I felt alive like something had sparked alive inside me.

She continued kissing me, and tracing her tongue till she got down to my pussy, she spread my legs apart, looked at me, and she looked so pretty.

She kissed and bit my inner thighs, played around my pussy with her tongue. She took her tongue into my pussy, probing into it in search for something I didn’t understand, but the moment she found it, I understood immediately.

I began to feel things I never knew I could feel. I felt like Scarlet Johannson’s character in Lucy, as her brain capacity increased.

I was speaking in tongues as Vanessa’s tongue tormented my organs, making me twist and turn involuntarily, then it moved from the frying pan to fire when she dug her fingers into me, and straight up into the top of my pussy and began to massage inside the pussy.

I was lost, water coming out of my eyes, and I was twisting and turning and begging her to stop, she didn’t listen to a word I was saying, she kept up the energy and then another miracle happened, I began to squirt, she didn’t even slow down she continued tormenting my pussy, I begged her to stop but she wouldn’t listen.

I squirted all over my side of the bed, the cleaning lady is gonna be pissed. She dragged me to her side of the bed.

I dragged her up the bed and kissed her like I was insane, my leg tightly wrapped around her waist. I was here discovering things I didn’t know about my own body at 26 years of age. I never knew I could squirt, I had cum multiple times already.

She broke it off, then went into her small purse, and brought out her rabbit vibrator, and began my second or is it the third round of pleasure torture.

The buzzing and vibration against my clitoris led to yet again, another squirting. I was there trying to catch my breath when from nowhere, she wore a strap on dildo with the biggest black dick I’ve ever seen.

I was going to complain about the size but seeing what this woman had done to me, I had complete trust and faith in her.

In missionary position, she grabbed it, and slowly entered my pussy, I felt no discomfort, she began to thrust into me, oh my.

Her thrust with this dick was so good, I just laid there with my boobs bouncing around on my chest. She began to hit at my cervix with the BBC. I couldn’t describe the feeling but it was so darn good. I never even knew I could take this size of dick.

She switched it up and gave it to me in doggy style. She slammed so hard into me, I felt she probably moved my cervix backward. I was crying and wailing in pleasure till I collapsed into the bed.

She dragged me up to her side, kissed me deeply.

I was spent and exhausted, my pussy was stretched like crazy, and probably out of cum but the pleasure was unbelievable too. This time around, I was the one cuddling her, holding her like a child holds her mother.

Then she asked me,

“Will you be my babe?”

At this point, I couldn’t say no, I said yes, kissing the back of her head, and then she said

“This has always been my plan for you ever since Steph introduced me to you”

“You’re so adorable, you need a little walk on the dark side”.

Later that morning, she squatted and eat me out in the bathroom while the shower ran slowly, one of my legs on her shoulder. I got my own chance with her gigantic ass, I strapped on the dildo and fucked her silly in the morning.

Never knew things could get this much fun!

Nobody will see me in that school till Monday.

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