Following Chris : Episode 21 - 'Deolu #ONIRANU Bubble!
May 28, 2020
Following Chris : Episode 21

Following Chris : Episode 21

It took a few months, but it started to happen eventually. The number of phone calls he received from Lola on a daily basis started to reduce until it became the occasional texts in the middle of the day then it moved on to him only seeing her by chance, until the last thing he remembered of her was the way she had made him lose money on a birthday bash that got cancelled right in the thick of it.

He still saw her every once in a while, but he knew it will take a longer while for them to get back to exchanging pleasantries like the civilized adults that they were although he also knew that the probability of that ever happening kept dwindling seeing that every day that passed by was one more day closer to the day he would leave the school and like they say, out of sight is out of mind.

Whilst his relationship with Lola was officially over and the one with Yemisi was on hold for God knows how long, getting closer to TY seemed like the next logical step. It didn’t happen all at once, but over time they forged a bond. He liked being around her as she brought a side of him even he didn’t know existed. She was so much fun to hang out with and it didn’t take long before the feeling became mutual. She also started to see more and more of him and before long they started knowing each other’s friends and not long after that, they became a couple. Both camps of friends had a running pool for when their relationship would be made official. The people that picked a short time were unlucky as it took them longer than most of them expected.

The very first few weeks of their relationship was fun for Chris. He was intent on milking the honeymoon phase of their relationship for whatever it was worth. He was very happy with TY and always wanted to be seen with her and vice-versa for her as well. She introduced him to all her friends and boy did she have a lot. As a matter of fact, if anything, he would have liked it if she had not. All of a sudden, he now had a too long list of people he could only have a platonic relationship with; but any time he had that thought, he got consoled by the fact that he had TY all to himself.

He was also impressed with the great deal of self-control she had. She was always surrounded with people that smoked, yet she did not smoke herself. He jokingly always reminded her that she did not need to smoke that being in the company of some of her friends was more than enough.

With Christmas fast approaching, he told her he wanted to take her home so she could meet his parents. Her initial reaction was one of shock.

“You want to take me to go meet your parents?” She asked.

“Yes. Any problem?”

“Not particularly.”

“So what is the problem?”

“I haven’t met anyone’s parents before talk more of the parent’s of the guy I’m dating.”

Chris laughed. “Really?” He asked.

“Yes, really. I always run away from that. I don’t want any troubles”

“Come here.” Chris said, opening hi arms wide so she could come into his embrace.

Walking into his arms, she said “Don’t patronize me joor.”

Chuckling behind her head, he said “I’m not patronizing you. Tell me. Who made you so afraid of meeting parents?”

Sighing, she pulled out of his embrace and led him to the lone sofa in the living room and they both sat down.

Exhaling hard, she began. “I think it was in JS 1 or 2 or thereabouts. I had invited two of my friends to come to my house just so we could play before my parents got home. My mother came home way before her regular time and next thing I know, she started questioning both of them like she was the KGB, Gestapo, FBI and CIA rolled into one. Needless to say, they were scared shitless. They never came near my house again.”

“That’s just one isolated event.” Chris said.

“Wait. I’m not done. My absentee dad did the same thing to three of my friends when I was in JS3 and my mother did it at least two more times before I got the reputation of someone that should never be visited. It started little by little but as I grew older, I always shied away from meeting anyone’s parents. I always think that if I meet them, they are gonna start querying me like I planned the 9/11 attacks.”


“So you see?”

“Yes I see, but it’s time to change that perception.”

“I was hoping that you wouldn’t say that.”

“Sorry. You’re out of luck.” Chris said and smiled.

“Stop enjoying this.”

“What am I enjoying?”

“My discomfort; apparently”

Chris kissed her on the cheek and said “Don’t worry. It will be easy. My parents are chill and laid back”


“Yes. I’m sure”

“Okay. But what do I wear? How do I talk? What do I say?”

“Just be yourself. Let it flow I guess.”

When the day came, he got her in the car and drove her to his parents’ house. After introducing TY to his mother, when they both came outside to meet them, it was instant magic. His mum took a shine to her instantly and was fussing all over and telling her how beautiful she looked. TY shot him a look and he winked back at her.

As his mum and TY went into the house, his father pulled him back and said

“Young man, is this the book I sent you to study?”

Smiling, he said “Yes Dad. She helps me hold the lantern as I pore over my notes.”

Bellowing with laughter, he said “That’s my boy. She looks like a lantern-holder to me.”

Chuckling, Chris said “Yeah. She holds the lantern very well sir.”

Still laughing his dad said “Good catch son. Good catch. How serious are you about her?”

“The right amount. I really like her sir”

“That’s good. But on a very serious note, don’t make her any promises you don’t intend to keep. Have you heard me?”

“Yes sir.”

“Good. Now let’s go and meet your mother and your lantern-holder”

Chuckling, he asked “Where are Junior and Lade?”

“Junior will be here soon. Lade’s getting in tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Chris said as he accompanied his father into the house.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­The next episode of Following Chris is the Season Finale. Don’t miss it.

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