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Following Chris : Episode 5

All the way home from the party, Chris could think of nothing else. All his thoughts revolved around Yemisi and everything that happened that night. From the intimate moment they shared to the full kiss on the lips when he bade her goodnight.

Getting home, he went straight to his room, highly ecstatic. Even the songs on his iPod seemed to be in alignment with his mood. Feeling a bit woozy and tired, he laid down on his bed, allowing the thoughts of Yemisi serenade his subconscious. It didn’t take long before he was in dreamland kissing Yemisi on the lips all over again.

It seemed as if he had been asleep for only 30 minutes when he heard his alarm starting to blare. Struggling to put off the alarm, he took his first glance at it. “Oh shit!” was the first line of reasoning in his otherwise still groggy mind. Four years of high school and he had never been late. Like never.

“How could I have slept till 7:15?” he wondered.

Struggling to get off the bed, that’s when he felt the first pang in his head. Immediately falling back to the bed, he felt even more pangs. “Great! A headache”, he thought. Trying again to get off the bed, he managed to position his head in such a way he didn’t feel so much pain. Divesting himself of all clothing, he stepped into the shower. The cold long and fast needles of water seemed to be therapeutic. Rushing the shower, he jumped out, put on his school uniform and raced downstairs and straight out of the house, skipping breakfast and went in search of the person that was supposed to take him to school.

Getting to school, the morning assembly had already started. As soon as he got in, latecomers started getting caught. “Thank goodness”, he muttered under his breath. Getting to the part where his classmates lined up, he noticed the look on their faces. He was not the only one looking spaced-out. Even most of the people in the class above theirs that were at the party were looking the same.

The assembly seemed to last forever when in actual fact he had been standing for barely 10 minutes. The principal was going on and on about some junior students that had been caught skipping school. Chris just tuned out of the speech and that’s when he heard his name in a high-pitched but very low-sounding whisper. He turned to look and that’s when he saw her.

She didn’t look dazed like the rest of them. She seemed to be particularly glowing. She smiled at him. He smiled back. Looking away sheepishly, he tried to tune back in to what the principal was saying. Amazingly, the principal was still going on and on about the juniors. He tuned back out and tried to steal glance at Yemisi. He found her looking straight back at him and he could only smile. The assembly dragged on for what seemed like years and eventually, they were dismissed.

Their classroom block was a little ways from the assembly ground. On the walk to their classrooms, Yemisi caught up with him.

“Hey dear, how are you?” said Yemisi.

“I’m fine, I just have a terrible headache”, Chris replied.

“Oh! So you’re hung-over. Sorry”


“How was your night?” She asked

“It was fine. Thought about you all night till I slept off”

“Really?” She asked with glee written all over her face.


“I think I love you, Chris”, she said.

“I love you too, Yemisi”, Chris replied.

“Are you sure? Cross your heart?”

“Yes. Cross my heart”

“Come and meet me in the music room after the closing time.” She said somewhat quietly.

“Okay”, Chris replies.

“I just want to kiss you” She said coyly, when she saw the uncertainty on his face.

“Okay. Okay”, he said with an ear-to-ear grin on his face.

“Bye”, she said rushing off in the direction of her classroom.


Staying in class all day, all he could think about were the words Yemisi told him that morning. “Come and meet me in the music room after the closing time.” Now that was something to look forward to. Even the mathematics that always excited him on a good day seemed all irrelevant at this point. All he wanted was for the school day to end.

The day dragged on. Class after class. Break, and then more classes. Looking at his watch, the time hit 3:30. Soon after, the bell goes, announcing the end of the day. Normally, at this point, he would’ve picked up his bag, packed his books neatly into the bag and then would be on his way home. On this day however, he just sat there and watched as his classmates were filing out, one after the other.

Just as he was about to leave the class and go to where Yemisi had said she’d be, Tobi and Jameel were passing beside his classroom when they looked through the window and saw him there.

“Ahn ahn. You’re still here”, Tobi said.

“Yeah. Just waiting for someone”, Chris replied.

“Hmm. . . I can bet my life that he’s waiting for Yemisi”, Jameel chirped in.

“Yes. I’m waiting for her”, Chris said looking at his watch “and I should go and meet her now”

“Okay o”, Tobi said “that’s how you ditched me last night.”

“Jeez! I forgot. Did your mum ask about me?” Chris said.

“Don’t worry. I just said you walked me to the gate and then left since it was getting late”, Tobi replied “your reputation is still safe.”

“Sorry. I should get going”, Chris said.

“Yemisi baby”, Jameel said in a voice mimicking a female’s and then he and Tobi burst out laughing.

With that he excused himself and started heading for the music room. He had no idea that a section of the school could be that quiet. No students lurking, no teachers around. Nothing. As soon as he got closer, he saw the door slowly open. Yemisi bade him to come quick and as soon as he was in there, she locked the door.

“Where did you get the key?” Chris asked.

“My sister is the choir prefect. Did you forget? She has the keys to this place. I told her I wanted to play with one of the instruments before coming home”, she replied.

“Oh okay”

“I was waiting for this time like it would never come. Time was just slow today”, Yemisi said.

“For you too? I thought it was only me.”

“Thank God you were feeling it too. I told Shade about you. She thinks we are moving too fast.”

“I don’t know. I haven’t been in a relationship before”

“I know.”

“How do you know?”

“We’ve been in this school for four years together you know?”


“So, I know you haven’t dated anyone. Or did you have a girlfriend in primary school?” she asked rhetorically.

“Okay. So I haven’t dated anybody. What about you?” Chris asked.

“You’re my first too”

As soon as she said that, some blood got redistributed in his system and all he wanted to do was kiss and touch her. Reaching for her, she came closer to him and he kissed her. Full on the lips. She pried his mouth open and slid her tongue into his mouth. They had been kissing for a while when she took his hand and shoved it under her blouse.

They continued to kiss and both their hands were moving everywhere. In the heat of the moment, he reached for the waistband of her skirt. She reached for his zipper. She started to trace his engorging enthusiasm with her fingers. Discontinuing his plans for the waistband of her skirt, he reached lower and pulled the skirt by the hem and started to cup the cheeks of her rounded derriere.

At that moment, that’s when they heard the footsteps on the floor above them. That could only mean the security guards have started walking around checking for lost items and students or miscreants hanging around. Knowing that the guards will check every room because they had keys to every place, Yemisi took Chris by the hand and led him through the other entrance that opened to the far side of the junior block. Sweet escape.

Thinking about his high school days was always fun. Suddenly, he had an idea for Lola’s birthday party. Picking up his phone he dialed a number.

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