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April 20, 2021

Following Chris: Episode 7
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Following Chris: Episode 7

A harmless and just-for-fun-and-to kill-time drinking game was how it started.

Asking questions and drinking a shot of vodka if you failed. It had been going back and forth for a while and all three of them had quite a good buzz on. You know, that in-between stage. You’re not even remotely drunk, but you’re far, very far from sober. Ideas were suggested, tossed, rehashed until the idea of mixing the vodka with some greens Camille had in her bag. Before long, the buzz had graduated into a chemically-enhanced euphoria.

Chris couldn’t exactly fathom when the game became a no-holds-barred truth or dare game without the truth part. It was dare or drink the vodka laced with the greens, and so the games continued. Before long all three were laughing and in different stages of undress. Chris had nothing else on save a pair of socks and a pair of Calvin briefs. Faridah had long lost all items of clothing from the waist up.

Just a pair of pants that fitted over her long legs like a second skin. Camille, however, was the worst loser. She had nothing on but her pair of lacy crotchless panties. She was almost naked being the one that most dares had been directed at.

They continued playing for a while when the next dare was for Chris to remove Faridah’s pants. Moving to her, all he could hear was her high-pitched giggle. She helped him remove the clasp in front and right above the zipper. He was struggling to undo the zipper and pull the piece of clothing down when she held on to his neck and stood on her feet. Chris stood up as well thinking vaguely that she stood up to enable him properly remove the pants. He continued struggling with the pants and was slightly successful in that he was able to pull the jeans down to her knees. That’s when he saw her brightly colored pink bikini bottoms. Struggling to remain in control, he set off to finish his task. He successfully removed one of her legs from the pants when she pulled him close. Her hands around his neck and holding him tight to her. He could hear her fast breathing and the quick jerking movements her chest made.

“I’m horny”, Faridah whispered in his ears.

Trying so hard to remain in control, he pulled free from her. She removed her other leg from the pants and came to back down where they’d been sitting.

“I don’t want to cause problems anyways”, Faridah said amidst fits of giggles as she folded her legs to get more comfortable.

“What do you mean?” Chris asked, grin. That drug-induced grin.

“Oh don’t be coy”, Faridah said.

“What?” Chris asked.

“Can we continue playing please?” Camille asked shooting Faridah a dirty look and then laughing uncontrollably.

“Fuck it. I’ll tell him. She’s in love with you”, Faridah said, nodding towards Camille “she’s always telling me how much she loves you and how much she wants you to fuck her and she’s always crying because you don’t seem to know she’s in love with you.”

After she was done talking, Farida burst out laughing, and not long after Camille joined in the laughter, and having no idea why both of them were laughing, Chris decided to join the laughter. Laughing until he had no more sounds coming from his mouth, Chris sidled over to where Camille was sitting still laughing and put an arm around her and kissed her.  Startled by the kiss, Camille started to laugh for an instant then opened her mouth and they started to kiss even deeper.

Hands, and tongues were moving around freely whilst saliva was being donated back and forth like an elixir of panacea. The heavy make-out continued freely in open view and aided by the pseudo-naked body that Camille was bringing to the mix.

Faridah stayed a while looking at them with eyes glazed over and somehow managed to have some twinkle in them like a child discovering Disneyland for the first time. The fact that they were both making out was not helping her horniness. Sitting there in the cold living room with nothing else on but her bikini bottoms, she decided to help herself. Looking at the two people making out in front of her was a huge turn-on. It didn’t take too long before she wanted some of the real deal.

Meanwhile, Chris and Camille had been all this time and then they decided to move to the bedroom. Getting up in indecent haste, they continued to kiss and touch and feel both their bodies all the way to the bedroom. Seeing the movement of the impatient soon-to-be lovers, Faridah followed them into the bedroom.

Whatever was left of both their clothing items were divested. Without further ceremony, Chris mounted Camille. After a while, all that could be heard were animal guttural sounds. Camille laying on her back on her back with both of her feet around Chris’ neck was moaning in that voice associated with pleasure-pain. Chris grunting with every thrust he was blessing Camille with and Faridah was making unintelligible sounds and words as she was lying close to Camille with legs spread wide to allow Camille finger her with the speed akin to only someone getting pummeled.

They kept moving and changing positions like a well-oiled machine. Faridah sitting on Camille’s face and getting the tongue worship of her life. Faridah getting off Camille’s face flipping her so her derriere was in the air and jutting in Chris’ direction so he could pound her from behind while Faridah lay under Camille getting another round of tongue worship. Faridah and Camille switching positions so that Chris could thrust into Faridah from the back and Camille getting her own tongue treatment. Chris getting tired from thrusting two ladies and deciding to lay on the bed while Faridah sits astride him riding him into oblivion and Camille not wanting to be the third wheel, gets on his face so she could get her own tongue worship.

They kept at it until all 3 were sated and have orgasmed a couple of times. Chris pulled his Calvin briefs back on and Faridah found her bikini bottom on the floor and she pulled it on as well. Camille on the other hand, couldn’t find her crotchless panties. After much ado, all of them tired and spent by the sex Olympics they had just participated in and the gold medals they all had to prove it.


After resting for a little while, he attempted to lift his head from the pillow again. This time, he successfully extricated his arm from the hold that Camille had on it. Gently, he tried to leave the bed with his head held at a particular angle. He tried to get to the bathroom with as little incident as possible. After getting there, he peered at his face in the mirror over the sink. Trying so hard not lose his sanity, he turned on the sink tap to splash some water on his face. The water felt good and his mind began to process what happened. That’s when he remembered. Lola was coming over by noon. Knowing the kind of person she was and how she meticulously kept to time, he panicked. Rushing back into the room with his head still banging, he reached for his phone. Two texts from Lola. One saying she was through with classes for the day as the lecturer had cut his lecture short and another one saying she’d be in his apartment an hour early.

After reading both texts, he quickly looked at the time on the phone. 10:30! This meant Lola would be there in his apartment in about 30 minutes or less! Dropping the phone, he tried as hard as he could to rouse the two sleeping girls. After about 5 minutes, they were awake and alert albeit a little groggy. When he told them that Lola was on her way, they became a little more alert and seeing the frantic way to which he was moving, they started getting dressed because they had no time for a shower. As he hurried them out of the flat and to the gate, luck shined on them. A taxi cab had just dropped someone in the house next to Chris’ apartment building. Chris hailed the cab, told Camille he would call her, hugged her then Faridah, waved them goodbye and then turned to leave. Getting into the cab, they just told the driver their destination and without haggling over the price just sat back and thanked their stars for a sweet escape.


As Chris went back into the compound, he raced back to his apartment to clean up every evidence of the sordid night. He was in the shower when he heard the doorbell ring. Turning off the shower, he shouted “Hold on! I’m coming.” Rinsing off his body, he grabbed his towel and without wiping down, wrapped the towel around his waist to let her in. He had merely walked 3 steps out of the bathroom when he saw the panties that Camille had on the previous night lying right under the bed where it wasn’t hidden from the door of the bathroom. The crotchless panties! In a rush, he picked it up and after looking around for a considerable amount of time, decided to keep it under the mattress. That was the safest place to keep in the short amount of time.

Rushing to the door after hiding the panties in a place he was sure she wouldn’t find it, he looked around one last time at the living room wondering if there was something else amiss. Satisfied there was no evidence from last night, he opened it.

“Where have you been?” Lola asked “I have been at the door for close to 10 minutes now.”

“Sorry babe. I was in the shower. Didn’t want to leave there with soap still on my body. Cannot come and slip and fall on my neck” Chris replied.


“Have you eaten today?”

“No. I had an early lecture, and I came straight from there”

“There’s some food in the freezer. Just microwave it for both of us. I’m starving. I’ll go get dressed.”

“That’s true sef. How come you’re just having your bath now? Didn’t you get up to workout as usual and then bathe afterwards?”

“I was just tired jare. Didn’t feel up for it this morning.”

“Oh? That’s strange.”

“I know. Let me go and get dressed.”

When Chris finished dressing, he came back out to see Lola loading some food items into the microwave. Getting in behind her, he nuzzled her neck and then kissed the back of her ears. Her response to that was for her to rub her size-able rump against his crotch. It didn’t take too much coaxing as he was already hard and ready for her. She pushed the buttons on the microwave to start warming up their meal while Chris just lifted her skirt and bunched it around her waist. Kissing her neck the way he knew she loved to be kissed, fondling with her boobs through her shirt, fingering her from behind, generally getting her hot and wet. He moved her to the far side of the kitchen where she could find something to hold, he asked:

“Did you bring Postinor?”

“Yes. Fuck me please.”

He obliged her. He bent her over and started hitting it from the back. Loving every groan, moan, whimper and other sounds she was making. He continued impaling her until she started to scream “I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” He continued then increased his thrusting speed. He started to feel her vibrations and then she let out a loud scream and at that moment, he felt his seed surging forward and as her whole body was shaking, he poured his salty seed into her. Both of them went limp against the kitchen counter and he withdrew from her, feeling her legs become wobbly. He carried her in his arms and started for bedroom and right on schedule, the microwave alarm sounded.

They ate, they had sex a couple more times, ate again, drank some liquor, watched a lot of movies and then they slept off.

The next day, after she’d left for her lectures, Chris called Camille. She answered on the third ring.

“Hello”, Chris said.


“How are you?”

“I’m good”

“I’m feeling guilty as fuck”

“I’m feeling guilty too. It shouldn’t have happened”

“What are we going to do? Lola must never find out.”

“I won’t tell her if you don’t”

“Are you sure?”


“Okay. I have to go now. I’ll call you later”, Chris said.

“Okay. Bye”

A few days passed. Then it was Lola’s birthday. All the necessary arrangements have been made. Venue booked, booze bought, food catered, and people invited. All that was left was to get Lola to the venue. Camille was charged with that responsibility. Seeing that Lola already knew about the party, there was no need for Camille to come up with an elaborate ruse to get Lola to come. All she helped Lola do was to pick out clothes that didn’t exactly scream previous knowledge.

Getting to the venue, and as they opened the door everyone yelled “Surprise!” Lola was gracious through it all. The charade, the smile, the “oh! I’m so happy. I wasn’t expecting this”; the whole shebang. Then Chris came around offering her the present he’d bought her all wrapped. She jumped on him screaming and kissing him. Then she ran away to find Camille to show off what Chris had just bought her.

After asking around, she found Camille in a back room. She was sobbing. Approaching her, she asked what was wrong with her.

“I feel so guilty Lola”

“Guilty? Guilty about what?”

“Please forgive me, Lola”

“Forgive you? What do you mean? You did well. I like everything here”

“Please forgive me Lola. I slept with Chris.” She said looking up at Lola’s face.

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