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Following Chris: Episode 3

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Following Chris: Episode 3

Christopher Kayode Nelson, Chris as he liked to be called, was born sometime in the eighties. “Crazy since the eighties” he would jokingly refer to himself. Born into a rich middle class family, he never really had much problems getting whatever he wanted. With the added advantage that he was the last child, he was his mother’s favorite.

The only problems he had growing up will be the occasional slap or conk when his older brother, Junior, felt he was out of line and his mother was not around to defend him. His older sister, Omolade, was very easy. All he needed to do was threaten to tell mummy about super flirty boyfriend, James and she would remain quiet and hold her peace.

Sometimes, blackmail is a very efficient tool for keeping everyone in line.

He was a smart child, came top of his class. Most of the time at least. He could do no wrong in his teachers’ eyes, his academic prowess continued well into his secondary school days. He was always the person to represent the school anytime there was a competition. Suffice it to say that any competition that he participated in, the first prize trophy was going to be in the bus bringing them back to school.

Chris was a normal, law-abiding, morally upright student until the second term of S.S.S 1. He was still normal and upright but just a little less law-abiding after then. He started seeing things a little differently. Some might say he loosened up considerably and quite rightly so.

Chris’ transformation began when a boy named Jameel transferred to his school. They weren’t friends at first, neither did they have anything in common or so they thought at the time. Their paths first crossed when the Biology teacher paired them for a class project. Chris had no problems socializing but he didn’t want a partner like Jameel.

Putting aside every notion he had about Jameel, he went to him and asked about what he thought the project.

“I really don’t care about that project bro”, Jameel said.

“Why not?”, Chris asked, shocked.

“Because I just don’t care.” Jameel said without a care in the world.

“Aren’t you interested in the extra ten marks?” Chris quizzed him more

“I will get a credit at the end of the day, so I really I’m not interested” Jameel said uninterested.

“How are sure you will get a credit?” Chris said fascinated.

Raising one eyebrow, Jameel replied “the exams are still 70 marks, right?”

“Yes” Chris replied firmly

“I will study for the exams and get about 45 and then I already have 18 from the tests so I’m good”

“Wow! What if you don’t make the 45?”

“I will”


“Anyway possible. People like you worry too much.”

Jameel walked away leaving an open-mouthed Chris just standing there.

After Chris regained his consciousness after being in a daze, he started pondering on what Jameel had said. What does “anyway possible” even mean? He wondered. He shrugged it off for the mean time and went back to his class.

Chris got on the project anyway and finished it without any help from Jameel. In the paper given to them by the teacher, he was supposed to fill in the names of the persons that carried out the project. He had finished filling his own name when he realized he didn’t know Jameel’s last name. He did the trek to the Art Class and sought out Jameel.

“What’s your surname?”, Chris asked.

“Why do you ask?”, Jameel replied.

“I need it for that Biology project that you blew off. I need to write your name as my partner.”

“Oh? You still went on with that?”

“Yes. Apparently.”

Jameel laughed.

“Why are you laughing?”

“I just didn’t think someone like you would still want to put my name on the project that I didn’t even lift a finger for”

“Well, I did”

“Ok. My last name’s Benson”

“All right. We’ll go over this stuff in case the Biology teacher asks us anything. Ok?”

“Ok sir”, Jameel said laughing.



As Chris turned to leave, Jameel called out to him

“There’s a party at my place this evening. You should come.”

“On a school evening?”


“Not really”

“You seem cool but you are little uptight. Come and let’s see if we can loosen you up a little with some booze”

“There’s going to be alcohol?”

“Again, problem?”



“I don’t drink”

“No worries then”

“All right”

Chris opened the door of the classroom to leave and then Jameel called after him again.

“Ask anyone for the address”

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