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Following Chris: Episode 11

Chris lifted his head to her and all she could see were his red eyes. Wow! He had been crying.

Seeing his bloodshot eyes even in the faint light that shone into the balcony from the main area of the suite that they were staying in shook her a little. It was one thing to see an otherwise grown woman cry but to see a male specimen that has grown beyond adolescence doing the same was rather unsettling. Not sure of what to do, she covered the small distance between them and sat right next to him and just watched on as his body shook.

After what seemed like eternity before Funmi came calling again. She stood up from where she had been sitting beside Chris and went into the main area to talk to Funmi.

“We are ready to go. Simi’s driver is here.” Funmi said.

“Already?” TY replied.

“Yeah. Have you looked at the time? You’re just snuggling with your new squeeze and you don’t realize time is passing by abi?”

“Not that joor. And who said he’s my new squeeze?” TY asked, rolling her eyes.

“I can see the way you’re giving him all your attention. To the extent you’re willing to blow us off.”

“I’m just being a good person, that’s all.”

“You? See don’t make me laugh and ruin my makeup” Funmi said, chortling.

“Well, see it anyhow you will. He’s going through a tough time and I want to help him through it. It’s not my fault that he’s cute and that I am attracted to cute people.”

“Ehn. Na so. Ok sha we are leaving. Should we take the key card or leave it?”

“Leave it. We might decide to leave for a while and then come back.”

“Okay bye. Sha don’t kill him.”

“I won’t.” TY said and then raising her voice to Simi and Audrey who seemed to already be giggling too much to still be sober “Have fun.” She said.

Returning to the balcony, she found Chris this time on his feet and looking out and resting his frame on the balustrade and seemingly in deep thought.

“A penny for your thoughts” TY said, smiling at him.

Smiling back he replied “Sorry for you to have seen me cry.”

“It’s okay. At least it’s nice to see someone so in touch with his emotions.”

“Wait. What? How’s that a good thing?”

“Well . . . it shows you’re not afraid to embrace your emotions and not just being a jerk or acting out because you’re feeling hurt.”

“Hmm . . . who says it won’t get to that level?” Chris asked, cocking his head.

“Well . . . I’m hoping it doesn’t.” TY retorted staring him down.

Raising his hands Chris said “It won’t.”

“Good” TY said.

“What was that about your friend asking you not to kill me? What does that mean?” Chris said, catching her off balance.

“What?” TY asked.

“Your friend, Funmi I think told you that you shouldn’t kill me. What was that about?”

“Oh nothing. It’s just some inner joke. Nothing to say really.”

“For real?”

“Yes. For real.”

“Okay.” Chris said. Deciding not to push it any further.

They stayed in silence for a while just looking down at the earth from the high balcony they were standing in and away as the rest of the city spread around them, both seemingly lost in deep thoughts.

“Did you call her again?” TY said breaking the silence.

“No. I haven’t called her since the last time.”

TY sighed.

“I have taken your keys. So you can’t drive anywhere without my knowledge. So what do you say let’s have a drink. A couple even. Let’s try and get you out of this funk for now.” TY said.

“Okay. It’s not like I’m going anywhere though.” Chris replied.

Linking her arm with his, she steered him into the main area of the suite where she led him into the arm chair he’d been sitting in before and then leaving him there to go get a bottle of an alcoholic drink. She went to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of Grey Goose. She reached for the top of the fridge and took two drinking glasses off of it and then headed back to sit beside Chris. Pouring out two drinks, she handed one to Chris.

“Race you to the end of the glass.” TY said.

“Okay” Chris replied.

They both tilted their heads to see who would first finish consuming the large glass of Vodka neat. Chris finished his glass first and yelled “Yeah!” and waited for her to catch up.

“I beat you to that” Chris said and smiled. He then opened his mouth wide trying to drag in much needed oxygen to quell the fire that was in his throat.

“Only because I let you win.” TY said giggling.

“Okay. Let’s try again.”

TY poured out the spirit into the large glasses and handed him one and they were ready to go again. They continued at it until they had between them killed a bottle of vodka. By the time they were done, saying they were both three sheets to the wind was putting it mildly. It didn’t take long before they both lost their inhibitions and the proverbial lock on their tongues were unlocked and out came their deepest and most reserved self information.

TY told Chris about the time she had caught her mom cheating on her dad that was always away on one business trip or the other and didn’t seem to notice what was going on nor care what happened as long as he could thrust a thick wad of notes into your hands. She kept talking and told him of how she had lived in a large house with family and people around her and still felt completely alone.

Chris sympathized with her and told her about his childhood and the years he was growing up. It was the exact opposite of hers. Never did have any problems nor any major trauma. He told of her of his secondary school days and his first girlfriend.

They continued to swap stories until very late into the night. Giggling and laughing like a bunch of little girls with blonde ringlets. After a while, TY stood up and went into the adjoining room. Chris though she had probably gone to vomit or something of that nature. A couple of moments passed and Chris heard her call his name and asking him to come into the room. Standing up and going into the room he went to see what she was calling him for.

Opening the door, he saw the image he realized he had been thinking about all night but wasn’t really intent on pushing to see it. TY was laying in the middle of the bed with nothing but a smile and an altogether disposition.

“Come here”, she said.

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