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Following Chris: Episode 10

“Yes. Come on in.” TY said.

Following her into the sumptuously designed suite that he figured might have set them or whoever was bankrolling this frivolity, back a couple hefty stacks of banknotes and judging by the settled-in appearance she had and the glow all over her, they didn’t arrive here that day.

A couple of days, say two or three would be his ideal guess.

Getting into the main area of the suite, he saw the rest of the girls. Normally a reserved person and somewhat shy around new people and would normally allow whoever it was that brought him to do the honors and get on with the introductions, the liquid courage he had had earlier helped him get up to the occasion and walk around the room introducing himself. His charm was turned on automatically, aided by the flowing liquids in his bloodstream.

That was the second time he was seeing them all that day but this time they were a lot less glamorously dressed and looking a whole lot demure. The person he figure was the so-called exhibitionist in the room was a lot less decent than the rest of the girls. All she had on was a see-through waist-length negligee and lace panties. She didn’t seem to mind that there was a stranger in their midst. Before Chris even got to her, she stretched forth her hand.

“My name is Simisola. Everyone calls me Simi”, she said.

“Okay, Simi. Nice to meet you.” Chris said.

Holding her hand a little bit longer than necessary and lingering, TY decided to break everything and ease the tension in the room.

“Everybody, this is Chris.” TY said, motioning for Chris to sink his body into a plush armchair.

This was the second time he was seeing them all that day but it was the first time he was actually assigning names to the faces he had seen earlier in the day. He met Simisola “Simi the exhibitionist”, Audrey and Funmilola that liked to be called Funmi.

The other girls left the main area to allow for some privacy for TY and Chris. TY asked Chris if he wanted to drink anything before they all went out to party. Chris declined, stating that he had had more than enough if he still wanted to drive later on that day. A saner head was prevailing. It seemed the alcohol in his system was fast losing its grip on his sanity.

They started to talk and TY asked Chris to tell her the whole gist about the abrupt birthday party end and the girlfriend fiasco. Chris replied saying there wasn’t a lot to say but that the long and short of it all was he cheated on his girlfriend and the girl he cheated on her with ran off to tell the girlfriend. Just then, by coincidence or some other force he couldn’t control, his phone began to ring. The caller was Camille. Looking at the caller ID for a little while longer than necessary, he hissed and pressed “END” on his phone. Watching the whole charade and his reaction to the phone call he had just received, TY asked him who it was on the phone just to satisfy her curiosity. He replied that it was Camille; the person who couldn’t keep her mouth shut.

“Have you called her yet?” TY asked.

“Called who?” Chris replied.

“Who else? The girlfriend of course.” TY retorted.

“Oh. Her.” Chris said.

“Yes. Her. Have you called her?”

“Yes, actually. I have. So many times. She told me to go to hell.”

“She’s just angry you fucked her friend” TY replied coolly “but she’s probably gonna take you back if you beg her enough. Then if you can, toss in some I’m sorry gifts.”

“You didn’t hear her, TY. She positively hates me and my guts right now. There isn’t a lot that I can do right now.”

“What do you expect her to do? Come crawling back to you after you fucked her friend? Come on!” TY said.

Chris just looked on.

“But wait first, how exactly did it happen? Judging from what I’ve heard of you and what I have seen, you’re a pretty decent guy. So how is it that you were fucking around on your babe with her friend?” TY prodded.

“The simple truth is that I was stoned out of my mind. I didn’t even know what had happened until I woke up the next day with two girls on my bed.”

“Are you serious? So the threesome bit was not just gist.” TY said, intrigued.

“So it would seem.” Chris said and shrugged.

“You know, that single act now has cast you permanently in the role of a bad boy, right?”

“How do you mean?” Chris said, raising one eyebrow.

“”Well . . . now, you can no longer have the nice guy covering and façade. At least not to anyone who was at that party – which is every one that matters in that school by the way – and certainly not to anyone who’s heard the gist of how you bedded two girls in one night and at the same time. Unless you’d find someone who doesn’t go to our school. And good luck with that.”

“Really?” Chris asked.

“Yes. Just pray the Camille girl or her friend does not go about saying you were very good or anything of that sort. Girls would start throwing themselves at you but will be very coy about it. They would want to know what you’re packing and how you managed to keep two girls sated. Speaking of which, how was it?”

“Well, it won’t matter anyways. I’ll be out of here in a couple of months. Besides, information like how it was is a little too intimate to be sharing with you that I just started talking with, wouldn’t you say?”

“Don’t pick now to be conservative. I’ve always wanted to know what a threesome feels like. I’ve always wanted to try it but I chicken out every time. Everybody heard of your little tryst. Just give me a little more details. Fill in the gaps if you will.”

“I’m not telling. That’s not happening. Excuse me. I need to call Lola.” Chris said and made his way to the balcony that the door leading to it was just right across the room from him. He dialed #31# before typing in Lola’s number from memory. It rang twice before she picked up.

“I know it is you. You piece of shit.” Lola shouted.

“Baby, please. I’m sorry. I can explain everything.”

“I don’t want any explanations. Why didn’t you tell me about it? I gave you everything, Chris. Everything!” She said again before she started to sob.

“Baby please forgive me. I’m sorry.”

“I don’t want to hear anything from you. Go away!”

“Please. I’m sorry. I love you Lola”

“I don’t care! Go and keep sleeping with Camille. You bastard. Shebi that’s what you want. My best friend. How could you?!” Lola said and hung up.

Chris just stood there in the balcony. Confused and unsure of what next to do. The cool and gentle night breeze getting to him was doing nothing to bring down the heat that seemed to be engulfing him. He picked up his phone and dialed Lola’s number again. She cut the call. He called again. She cut the call again. He tried calling again and this time she just let it ring.

TY came to join him at the balcony. She didn’t say anything. She just stood there looking at him try to make a call.

Chris tried Lola’s number again and this time, she picked it up.

“Chris, how many times will I say we’re done?” Lola asked him over the phone.

“Please Lola, hear me out.”

“There is nothing to be heard out on. You fucked 2 of my friends. Not one. Two! And you still want to be heard out. Two of my friends have seen you naked. Two! Get out you asshole!”

“Please . . .” Chris began but was discouraged from continuing when he heard the unmistakable repeating tone signifying that the other caller is longer at the other end of the phone line.

Sighing, he just sank to the floor and sat down. Back propped by the wall. Lola walked over to him and tried to calm him down. “It will be alright. Give her time.” TY said in a soothing voice.

“Give me your car keys.” TY said to Chris.

“Why? I want to see it. I want to know what you drive.”

“I drive a Camry.”

“No. I want to see the key. I don’t believe you.”

Reaching into his pocket, he brought the car key out and dangled it in front of her.

“Happy now?” Chris asked.

Before he knew enough to put the key back in his pocket, TY snatched it from him.

“What did you do that for?”

“So you won’t do something incredibly stupid. This is usually those type of events that often lead to people dragging mangled parts of your body from under a parked trailer.”

“Wait. What?”

“Simple. You’re not leaving here until you’re in a good frame of mind.” TY said matter-of-factly.

Chris looked on bewildered and was in too much pain to wonder what manner and type of demon had possessed her to seize his keys.

A few moments passed in silence and then Funmi called out TY and told her that they were all getting ready to go clubbing and asked her why she wasn’t getting ready as well. TY excused herself from Chris and went to meet Funmi.

“I can’t go. I want to stay here with Chris. He’s not feeling too good.” TY said as soon as she got to where Funmi was standing in the main living area.

“What? How is he your business? When did you become his mother?”

“Come on. He drove all the way to this place for me.” TY said “Besides, he had been drinking. I don’t want him driving off Third Mainland Bridge.”

“If he is feeling so blue, why don’t you bring him along to the club? Shebi it’s because of clubbing that you invited him over in the very first place.”

“He wasn’t feeling this blue then.” TY said “I’ll try and cheer him up.”

“How do you intend on doing that?”

“Funmi trust me now. I’ll think of something.”

Funmi started to laugh and then said “OK. I trust you. Sha don’t kill him. We’ll soon be going though.”

“Alright. You people should let me know what’s up sha.”

“Okay.” Funmi said and went to meet the others and also continue preparing to leave.

TY went back to the balcony to find Chris with his head between his legs. Tapping his shoulder, she asked:

“Are you okay?”

Chris lifted his head to her and all she could see were his red eyes. Wow! He had been crying.

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