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July 11, 2020
Crazy Lenny: The Roleplaying with Ijeoma [Part 13] (18+)

Crazy Lenny: The Roleplaying with Ijeoma [Part 13] (18+)

Ijeoma realizing that it was useless to argue quickly put on her skirt and sweater. My friends approached the car and looked in. “Need a ride, guys?” I offered.

“Yes o,” Dotun replied.

“Get in the back with my landlady the front seat is all wet,” I lied.

The guys got in the back on either side of Ijeoma and she settled in between them and kept both hands on her skirt pulling it down. She was so embarrassed. I started driving to the house.

“Hey guys, Ijeoma is not wearing panties or a bra,” I told them as held up the garments from the front seat.

Dotun and Ebong looked at each other and they now were as embarrassed as Ijeoma was. I looked in the rearview mirror and smiled.

“We were having sex during the storm. I think she still needs some more. Why don’t you guys check her out,” I told my surprised friends?

Ijeoma protested, “Lenny stop it and don’t you guys dare touch me!”

The guys were hesitant but with more encouragement from me, they tried to reach under her skirt. Ijeoma tried to fight them off but the more the three of them struggled, the more excited and more determined Ebong and Dotun became. Finally, they succeeded in getting to Ijeoma’s pussy and she resolved to let herself be fondled. Ebong and Dotun also started rubbing her breasts through her blouse and Ijeoma got even more turned on. Soon they had her panting as the guys played with her pussy, clit and breasts. Both of the guys were now sporting boners in their trouser.

“Hey guys take your dicks out and let Ijeoma have some fun too”, I said.

Ijeoma was too far gone to protest and the guys couldn’t get their dicks out fast enough. Ebong and Dotun moved her hands to their rock hard erections and continued to play with her pussy.

“Ijeoma show the guys what a great cocksucker you are,” I directed.

Ijeoma leaned over and took Dotun’s 7 incher in her mouth first and he came immediately filling her mouth with a huge load. She sucked him dry and then she turned to Ebong and took his 7+ incher in her mouth and the result was the same. Ebong came quickly and filled her mouth with a generous load and she sucked him dry. The guys were so horny that they stayed hard in spite of shooting so quickly.

“We are here,” I said as the car drove into Ijeoma’s garage. “Come on in guys and we will all fuck Ijeoma’s brains out,” I directed.

Ebong and Dotun were grabbing Ijeoma’s ass as she climbed over them to get out of the car. Once in the house they followed me to her bedroom. Ebong and Dotun kept fondling Ijeoma’s curvy ass as they walked behind her and up the stairs to the bedroom. Dotun and Ebong had never expected this on a rainy Saturday but they were clearly into the group sex scene.

Once in the bedroom everyone stripped and Ijeoma lay naked on the bed. I directed the action and Ebong and Dotun began sucking on her breasts as I ate her pussy. Each time Ijeoma had an orgasm the guys rotated until each one had sucked on her pussy. They kept her in a constant state of arousal. Ebong fucked Ijeoma first and then Dotun fucked her pussy. I then fucked her again as well. Dotun and Ebong watched as my impressive dick pounded her pussy and had Ijeoma writhing in ecstasy. After the three of them came in her pussy, I rolled her over and pulled her ass up into a fucking position. I then used the gel to lubricate her asshole. Ebong and Dotun looked on almost in disbelief as I prepared Ijeoma for an ass fucking session.

I looked at Dotun and asked him, “Are you ready to fuck this beautiful ass, don’t worry she loves it in the ass?”

Dotun got behind Ijeoma and eased his hard dick into her ass. He fucked her slowly at first and then picked up the pace. He was so turned on that he fired another large load of cum this time into her rectum. Ijeoma used her sphincter to squeeze Dotun’s dick draining it of his cum. Ebong was mesmerized watching Dotun fuck Ijeoma’s ass as the dick slid in and out of her very curvy bubble butt. Ebong wasted no time when it was his turn getting behind her and shoving his dick into the hilt. Ebong fucked Ijeoma rapidly and he too then deposited an ample amount of cum into her anal passage. Ebong and Dotun then watched in awe as I slid my thick dick into her ass and they couldn’t believe that she could take it all. Not only did Ijeoma take it all but she began pleading with me to fuck her ass good and fill it with cum.

“Oh my I love this, fuck my ass, fill it up with your cum. I want to feel you shooting in me,” she went on.

I fucked Ijeoma in a steady rhythm. I took longer than Ebong and Dotun did but when I finally came and there was so much semen from the three loads that it started to back out of her asshole and run down her legs and pussy lips. I allowed my dick to soften inside of Ijeoma and then slid it out making an audible popping sound.

Ijeoma was fingering her pussy with her butt still in the air. Ebong and Dotun were rock hard again and anxious to fuck her some more. I had Ebong lay on his back and had Ijeoma straddle him. She lowered her pussy down and enveloped Ebong’s dick in her pussy. I had Dotun get behind her and slide his dick into her asshole. The two of them began to fuck Ijeoma together and she was having an intense orgasm and juicing Ebong’s dick. I knelt in front of her and presented her with my dick, which she immediately took in her mouth.

“Ijeoma you now have almost two feet of dick in you at the same time,” I announced. “How do like it?”

Ijeoma just moaned softly the sounds muffled by my dick. The triple teaming continued until each of us had cum in each hole. Ebong and Dotun could not believe how many times they were able to cum. They had never been so turned on in their lives and they lay exhausted on the bed.

Ijeoma was softly murmuring, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” She was in a sexual trance as she fingered her pussy and asshole and then sucked cum soaked fingers clean in her mouth. She had reached total debauchery but she had loved every second of it. I and the guys got dressed and I drove them home. I drove back to Ijeoma’s house and we talked.

“Did Ebong and Dotun say anything on the ride home,” Ijeoma inquired.

“Not really too much, they were exhausted and still in a little bit of shock. I told them we would see them again sometime,” I reported and then said, “I think that you have earned a hot bath and a massage. I will run the water for you.”

Ijeoma bathed for an hour before she dried off and lay in her bed waiting for the massage. I massaged her entire body and she felt wonderful. we  did not have sex again as I had nothing left and Ijeoma was sexually satisfied. I left her to sleep alone and went downstairs to watch TV. Ijeoma would sleep soundly before it was dinner time. While she was resting I got a phone call from my friend, Tunde. He wanted to know if he could stop by tomorrow after playing football in the morning. I told him it would be fine and that Ijeoma would be happy to see him again. I never told Ijeoma that Tunde was coming by the next day.


I woke up in my own bed Sunday morning and I looked at Ijeoma. She was sound asleep and dead to the world so I let her be. I went to the bathroom and took my morning piss which took a while since I had to wait for my dick to go soft. After washing up and brushing my teeth I threw on shorts and a tee shirt and headed down to the kitchen. I made a tea and while it was brewing he cooked yam and eggs for himself. I was hungry as I had not eaten much for dinner the evening before. A couple slices of yam, three eggs over easy and two slices of bread satisfied my appetite. I took a book onto the balcony with a cup of tea. It was raining again but I enjoyed the patter of the soft rain on the roof.

He was reading for about 30 minutes when there was a knock at the door. I got up and answered the door wondering who would be at the door on a Sunday morning. I opened the door and saw his friend Tunde standing there. I let him in and asked, “What are you doing here so early?”

“The field is closed so football was canceled. I decided to come over early,” Tunde told me.

“You horny fool, couldn’t wait until after lunch huh?”

“I figured that you would be finished with Ijeoma by now and that I could relieve you,” Tunde joke.

“She’s still sleeping. She had a busy day yesterday. Go on up to her room if you want,” I told Tunde.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, unless you want to sit in the balcony and drink tea with me.”

“I’ll go upstairs,” Tunde replied.

I went back to the balcony and resumed reading and drinking my tea. I decided to let Tunde have some one on one time with Ijeoma before I joined in. Another 30 minutes passed and I put my book down and went up to Ijeoma’s room. Tunde was on his back and Ijeoma was kneeling over him sucking his dick. When Tunde saw me enter the room he called out, “Let’s both fuck her, I want her ass first.”

I shed my shorts and tee shirt and go to bed on my back. Ijeoma straddled my body and took my dick in her tiny hand. She guided the dick into her pussy as she slowly lowered her body to mine. Ijeoma felt me stretch her and fill her pussy with my big dick. She groaned softly as I fully penetrated her. Ijeoma leaned forward as I pulled her body to me crushing her breasts against my chest.

As she lay there now with my dick deep inside her and Tunde’s finger starting to enter her ass Ijeoma realized that another double penetration was about to happen. She felt the finger slowly push further and further up her ass little by little Tunde eased it inside until it was completely in her. Ijeoma felt that wonderful full feeling and looked forward to two real dicks in her at once.

Ijeoma felt the finger slowly withdraw from her ass and she suddenly felt empty as it plopped out. The empty feeling did not last for long though as she felt some more lubricant being applied to her. She tensed as she felt the head of Tunde’s dick touch her ass and then she felt his fingers probing her tight asshole again just before the head of his stiff dick pushed against the entrance. Ijeoma realized from Tunde’s impatience that he was anxious to get in her ass. Tunde did not rush to enter her with the risk of pain, he just kept a firm pressure pushing against her anus, waited for her to relax and take him inside.

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