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Cougar’s Tale : Episode 8 (18+)

After that first night with David we practically became lovers. He spent most nights at my place and we fucked whenever or wherever we felt like. Once I was in the kitchen making dinner and he came and raised my gown up, pushed my panties to the side and fucked me from behind, his stiff cock impaling me as I moaned passionately and held on to the kitchen table till my knees became weak.

He fucked me until  I didn’t even care about what I was cooking anymore.

The other time he was watching a football game while I sat on top of him and rode him reverse cowgirl. I had just showered and had nothing on but the towel. He dragged it off me just so he could use his hands to explore my body and grab my boobs as my pussy oozed out my juices onto his cock while he fucked me from beneath. We fucked until our climax coincided with his team scoring a goal. It was wonderful.

One evening when we went to visit one of my friends who was having her second child named and dedicated, he’d excused himself to the restroom after i’d been looking at him seductively all evening and licking my lips. I’d followed him in there where he let me straddle him while he sat on the unused WC. I was quite tipsy and very horny and his dick pummelling me from beneath drove me so crazy that i whimpered like a dog, my voice a bit too loud for the ordinarily quiet room. We both chuckled at my craziness but we didn’t stop fucking until we both climaxed.

The first Sunday he went to my church we got to the car and he suddenly told me how beautiful and sexy I looked in a knee-length black gown that clung to my body. His words and the way he looked at me suddenly made me horny.

He placed me on the bonnet of the car that morning and fucked me, dragging my gown up over my hips and placing my legs on his shoulders. His cock rammed into my pussy until I felt him deep inside of me, his warm seed shooting deep into me as he climaxed with such aplomb. I did my best to make my dress look unruffled after we were done and then we got in the car and went to church to ask the Lord for forgiveness of sins.

David had become my everything and it was certain that I had found someone who I could be genuinely happy with and not be bothered with any other guy. I was older than him with nine or so years but I didn’t feel old at all when around him.

We went out a lot together and I didn’t care that we seemed an odd couple but it was a free world and nobody could stop us from having the time of our lives. David was such a wonderful guy. It had been a while since I encountered a person like him. He was well mannered and knew how to speak to me and make me laugh when I was around him. He made me feel so young and so wanted that my heart ached so much for him. Was I falling in love again?

My hopes all got dashed when after about a month I realized David had a girlfriend. I didn’t know how to feel when I found out. We’d never spoken about stuff like that and I’d never asked him. We’d just had sex on a rainy Tuesday morning and he had gone to the shower to take his bathe. He usually always went with his phone.

He says it keeps him company when he takes a dump just before bathing. But on that morning he didn’t. A call came in. It was on silent but the brightening of the screen caught my eye and I reached for it. A call was coming in from ‘Baby’ and it wasn’t me.

Who could baby be if not some young girl he was having a love affair with? His phone was locked so I couldn’t pry but I etched the number in my head and searched for it on true caller.

‘Baby’ was a lady named Vivian Kalango. I dropped his phone back where I had picked it from when I heard him come out and pretended to be busy on mine.

He came out freshly scented and clean and I suddenly wanted to eat him all up. I kissed all over his body till I made the way down to his dick and took it in my mouth. He moaned his satisfaction as my tongue worked its way around his long, hard rod. I was doing this because I didn’t want him to suspect the change in my mood.

I was going to pretend like I didn’t know anything until it got to a time when I would ask him the truth. I sucked him good enough that his hips started to jerk and I could tell that he was about to cum. He dragged me up and made me sit on his slobbered dick. I felt him plunge deep into me and I closed my eyes and tried to take my mind off the ‘Baby’ situation and enjoy another round of awesome sex with David, the young man that I had decided to make mine… and mine alone.

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