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Cougar’s Tale : Episode 4

Written by @The_perv_king

The first day I fucked Michael, I’d just dropped the kids at school and was heading home when a call came in to my phone. It was him.

“Aren’t you supposed to be at work?” I asked

“Yes, I am. But I haven’t been able to get you out of my head since we met.”

We had met just two days ago. We’d been chatting, having phone sex and exchanging raunchy pictures since then, he was dying to meet me again.

“Awww, really?”

“Yeah. Right now I’m the office but I can’t concentrate so I’m going to ask for permission to leave and go sort out my health problem.”

“What health problem?” I asked a bit concerned.

“The one I’m going to make up just to get out of here to come see you.”

“Ah Mikey, you’d do that for me?”

“Right now I’d do anything for you sweetie.” He told me.

He talked to me like I was a new young lady he just met and it warmed my heart when he told me such things. I wanted him so badly. I myself couldn’t wait.

“Okay babe. I’ll be waiting. Muaah” he returned my kiss and told me to keep ‘it’ warm and wet. I chuckled. Such a naughty person, I blushed a little.

I went home and cleaned and arranged the house in preparation for his arrival, I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I wondered how we would start, I wondered if his cock was big or just average or if he was the shy and gentle type in bed just as he was in behaviour, I hoped he wasn’t.

I wanted a man like that porn star on tv who attacked the girl’s pussy with so much strength, the more I thought of him the more my pussy got wetter. I just sat in the bath-tub playing with myself and waiting for him to come. I didn’t give a fuck about the fact that I was about to cheat on Bari, in our home and matrimonial bed.

In an hour, Michael had manoeuvred his way through traffic until he found his way to my place. It was the first time he had ever come and it would be his last because I didn’t want the gateman, Ahmed, having things to tell his Oga when he returned.

Immediately he walked in the door, I closed the door behind us I grabbed him and kissed him. I sucked in the breath out of his mouth and used my hands to pull out his tucked in shirt.

Michael grabbed my supple butt and squeezed, moaning as I led us both towards the master bedroom. By the time we collapsed on the bed we had lost all our clothing and Mikey was using his tongue to kiss me all over my body and in those sensitive spots I had told him over the phone.

I just moaned his name and squirmed on the bed, He inserted a finger into my vjay and finger-fucked me while he kissed my neck. I reached for his dick and squeezed, urging him to put it inside of me. His finger wasn’t enough at all. He teased me first with the tip of his cock before sliding it inside.

I felt his huge dick go inside of me and fill me up, I arched my back for him as he began to thrust inside of me with hardened thrusts.

The gentle Michael I knew was gone.

This guy was an animal, he fucked me so hard that I could feel my cum oozing out of my pussy already. I screamed his name, he put one finger in my mouth and I sucked it while he continued to pound me. My pussy had gotten so wet so fast that his speed even increased.

I raised my legs in the air and let him have his way. He brought his lips to mine and kissed me deeply as his thrusts got faster and faster until his hot seed shot deep inside my vjay and I felt it squirm inside of me. he kept thrusting after that, and I wondered if he wasn’t even going to rest before going on another round, but soon he stopped thrusting and just lay there, catching his breath. He held one of my boobs and slowly sucked on my perky nipples, giving me a whole new sensation. I reached for my clit and massaged it.

I wanted more.

I wondered if Michael had the time…

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