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Cougar’s Tale : Episode 2

Written by @The_perv_king

Deolu was a final year student at the University Of Lagos. A fine, young man. I met him at a friend’s birthday party.

Bari was home with the kids and I told him I would be back within the hour on that eventful evening. He didn’t even bother to ask why I was dressed in a provocative way. He grunted something at me while his eyes stayed glued to the TV. I shook my head and left.

I got to the party and it was a full house. I never really liked mixing up with people so I just made sure I let my friend know I showed up for her party after she’d made me promise to. She was the wife to the State Commissioner for Health.

Bisi, an elegant woman in her mid-forties.

She made sure I was attended to with food and drinks but I wasn’t hungry and didn’t want to drink too much as I had to drive back home, but after two glasses of some sweet red wine had already been gulped I found myself pouring another glass then another. Bisi and a group of her other high-classed society ladies were in a special room, which I hadn’t been invited into, laughing and chatting.

I wanted to let her know I was about to get going even though my words dragged as I spoke. Bisi and her friends laughed and she told me I was in no condition to drive home safely that evening. I told her that I’d manage but she refused to let me. She stood up and dragged my keys from me.

I didn’t even put up any resistance, my head was beginning to spin already. I was concentrating on not making a fool of myself in the party. Bisi looked at the gathering of people for five seconds and she called at a certain Deolu.

The fine, young man walked up to us in a plain black t-shirt that clung to his muscular frame and denim trousers. He had a can of Heineken in one hand.

“Yes, Aunty.” Deolu said to Bisi

“Dee, this is my friend. She has to return home now but she’s kinda tipsy and I don’t want her to run into a NEPA pole” Deolu smiled.

I chuckled.

Bisi went ahead to give him my address. He took the keys and told me to give him a minute to tell his friends where he was off to.

“Who is he?” I asked Bisi.

“He’s my nephew, on my mother’s side but he’s just like a son to me. He would do anything for me.”

I nodded my head. I just kept imagining how the young man would look like without those clothes on and what wonders he would do to his girlfriend when they fucked.

Immediately I thought of that, I could feel a tingle in my crotch and then I knew that an opportunity was being handed over to me. The same fine, young man was driving me home that night. I was going to make the most of it.

Deolu helped me get into the passenger’s seat of my CR-V then got into the driver’s seat and fastened his seatbelt.

“Please fasten yours too.” He told me.

“Do I really have to?” I asked him.

He smiled that charming smile. “It’s better that you should. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to you. Aunty Bisi will kill me.”

I laughed. “Okay”. I fastened my seatbelt.

Deolu tuned radio stations until he got to a radio playing rhythm and blues. My head was still very light but the music coming from the speakers put me in a good mood. Trey Songs’ voice was extra-sensual as I listened to it and the things he sang about doing to his girl made me wish I was her.

I moaned and rubbed my thighs together. In the process the hem of my dress shifted upwards towards my crotch. I looked at Deolu. He’d been observing me with his side-eye.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Actually, I’m not. I’m tipsy and I’m horny and I have a husband at home who doesn’t want to fuck me.”
Suddenly there was an awkward silence between us, Deolu just kept driving like I hadn’t just spilled my guts in front of him. I was beginning to feel ashamed at what I’d said when Deolu suddenly asked.

“Do you really want to go home?”

I shook my head and said “No” at the same time like a 12 year old girl who was being asked to take an injection.

Without another word, Deolu turned the car around at the next intersection and before long we had arrived at a small bungalow in what looked like an estate. He got down and walked around to my door, opened it and offered me a hand.

I hesitated.

Taking his hand would mean that I was about to indulge in something that could end my marriage and ruin my life. But I remembered all the things that Bari had done to me. I remembered how I’d downloaded porn and used a vibrator on myself and how I’d wished it was me the endowed black guy on the TV to was thrusting hard into.

And here was one… offering me his hand.

I took his hand, and as I stepped out of the car, he grabbed my waist and kissed me.

I hadn’t been expecting that kiss. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d been kissed. I just let him use his lips to devour mine. I moaned as his hand reached behind me and grabbed my soft ass and rubbed my crotch against his. I pushed myself into him more, grinded my groin into his harder.

I wanted him so bad and he knew it.

“Let me take you inside.” He whispered to me, I nodded and before I could resist he stooped and lifted me off the ground in one move. I felt embarrassed and glad at the same time. I felt twenty years younger, like I was in a romantic relationship with the love of my life, I had butterflies in my tummy, I wasnt sure if it was the alcohol, or if this is what I really wanted.

Deolu carried me inside and we went pass his nicely furnished sitting room into his bedroom, He jejely lay me on the bed and proceeded to use his mouth, his lips and tongue to work wonders on my body.
He kissed me everywhere, he touched me in places I never knew existed on my body.

He knew how to use his tongue so well and his fingers did their magic. When he stood fully nude before me and I saw the size and length of his dick, my heart pumped faster than usual. I squeezed the sheets as he went inside me the first time. My pussy wall began to give way easily, been a while I had a real dick, it was beyond spectacular.

Heavenly bliss, my mind was clear, the dick is a very powerful instrument.

My eyes were shut tight and tears flowed out of them as he slowly thrust into me, making me say things I never knew that I could say.

He whispered to me…

“I’ll never treat you like him.” His voice in my ear sounded like an angel’s speaking to me.

I grabbed him and wrapped my legs around him, his warm cock inside of me was good enough for me. His words only made me feel even more aroused.

Deolu fucked me faster, his grunts getting louder and soon he came and just as he did he turned around in a sixty-nine, his dick in my mouth and my pussy in his. It didn’t take long for the young man’s penis to get erect once more. He thrust inside of me again and fucked me like I had never been fucked all my life.

I couldnt but feel his dick left my pussy gasping for air, his big dick definitely stretched out my pussy, great feeling but painful.

My climax hit me multiple times, making my whole body shiver violently. My cum squirted out in one small spurt. I just kept moaning and crying. My womb felt the presence of a real cock, and that night, I knew it was a great night.

The mark of a new beginning for me.

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