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August 3, 2021

That One Quilox Experience (18+)
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That One Quilox Experience (18+)

Written By Marvie Dom

It was a quiet Sunday evening, there was no glaring sign that I’d be going out for the evening so I wiped off the make-up I had all day which was on fleek by the way and slid into my stay home dress. 

I was gisting with my siblings when a call from a friend came in requesting that I come chill with him for the evening, it didn’t sit well with me at first but after pondering for a while, I picked up a few stuff and left. It was quite noisy and crowded, melodious sound blasts from the speakers and people were shaking their bodies to the rhythm. 

Everywhere was buzzing at Buzz Bar, it was filled with people showing off their dancing skills. We sat and ordered drinks as Olamide’s Rock rocked the air, few minutes after our arrival three more girls joined us.

We did shisha, drinks and danced together, two hours after midnight we opted for a strippers club somewhere in VI before heading to a club at some minutes past 3.30 am.  The alcohol that we had settled in, loosen our bottled self, at first, I was a little bit stuck up with the girls around, I didn’t like that we had company but when the alcohol did its job, I saw things on a different light. 

We were all dancing and having fun till I felt the urge to pee and excused myself to the restroom, I didn’t even realise that two of the girls were gone and were in one of the toilets. 

I pushed open a door and was marvelled by the sight before me ‘damn!!!’ fingers and mouths were at sensitive places, doing wonderful things, I quickly shut the door and leaned on it to watch them more, they didn’t notice me for a while but when they did, they came onto me. 

Tricia who has been drooling over my boobs and the way I danced came on to me and grabbed my boobs after hiking my crop top-up, before I could say a word my tits were lost in her mouth, I didn’t realise that my palazzo pants were down and that I was bare till I felt a tongue on my clit. 

The girl on my boobs was doing such a great job teasing my nipples; it felt like a dick was already in me hitting the right places, that I didn’t notice the other one pull my palazzo down, part my legs and set to work till I felt her on my clit. 

I grabbed her head with a hand holding it in place as I bucked my hips over her head; I then grabbed Tricia’s head alternating it between the pair of boobs moaning as they worked on me, I let my hand trail and stop on Tricia’s crotch, she got the cue and her thighs gave way for my hand with her wetness guiding my fingers to the right hole. 

I slipped in one, two, three fingers and she moaned out loud. I pumped my fingers in and out of her and she took out the excitement on my tits, the girl on my clit worked on herself with her fingers as she sucked on, moaning into me. 

Our cries of passion filled the restroom, I felt my muscle contract and my walls tighten and knew I would soon climax and boom it overtook me coating her tongue as she lapped it up, just as she was done Tricia came hard on hands screaming 

‘I’m cuming, I’m cuming’ and she switched from me to Tricia to lap her up, still pumping hard in and out of her, I went down and took her boob in my mouth whilst caressing the other, just when I bit her tit, she came hard on her fingers her cum running down her thighs and Tricia cleaned her up. 

All satisfied now, we stood up, cleaned ourselves, dressed up properly and walked out with our nose in the air, not paying minds to the girls staring at us. 

We got to our table and couldn’t find my friend and the other girl, a waiter came and told us that he said we should meet him in the car, we got to the car and there he was pounding hard on the girl, it was 5:45 am and I was having fun watching them from the glass as they had fun, I was glad our parking position was far from the prying eyes of people outside and those leaving for work, I felt Tricia’s hand on my boobs and knew I’m in for it the moment we get home. 

They both climaxed and we headed back to his house, with us barely keeping our hands from ourselves. This is going to be a hella weekend.

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Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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