May 10, 2021

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@LipGlossMaffia: Deeper, Harder! (18+)

Written by LipGlossMaffia I pull the Jeep close to the pavement and kill the engine. The sudden silence and stillness in the car makes me feel present in the moment, makes it seem real. Now my emotions can bubble up to the surface of my...

@Lipglossmaffia: No names (18+)

Hey guys! You didn’t hear from us because we are on holidays like yall. The Nigerians will understand, happy belated Eid El Fitri. Please enjoy the post, we appreciate your feedback especially about the new writers we’ve been introducing...

@Lipglossmaffia: Her Pleasure (18+)

Written by LipsGlossMaffia Nkiru thought it would be exciting. Something different.Something dangerous. It was one of her fantasies. She had told Dapo about it when they were in bed late one night. Every girl liked her hair pulled and her ass...