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August 3, 2021

Edymaniac: The Notorious Four VI (18+)
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Edymaniac: The Notorious Four VI (18+)

Nneka’s eyes lit up, and Aishat immediately jumped up to yank off her legging. Thumbs threaded under her elastic waistband, she had them down at least four inches on one side — revealing a single, silky smooth thigh — before Bunmi interjected with a sharply possessive tone, “Not you! Me! I get to fuck him! He’s my boyfriend!”

Aishat froze with her pants awkwardly slanted across her hips, barely revealing the fact that she kept her pussy neatly trimmed. For once, she felt embarrassed and was without words. Nneka, hands still spread out on Lekan’s pelvis to hold him down, spoke up, “How do we know you won’t let him go?”

“Because,” speaking forcefully, Bunmi stood and reached up under her own skirt, “I’m going to ride him into the ground. He’s not going anywhere!”

With that, she yanked her panties down to her ankles and kicked them off. From his vantage point on the floor, Lekan could clearly see up her skirt to the plentiful glistening wetness running down the inside edges of her legs. He had never seen her so wet and ready for action, nor had he ever heard her talk like that… This was going to be intense!

Nneka backed off as Bunmi stepped across Lekan’s body to turn and stand over him. For a rare few seconds, Lekan was free. Although his hands were still cuffed above his head, no one was holding down his lower half. If he wanted to escape, this would be his best chance. And the thought did not even cross his mind…

Aishat and Nneka watched as Bunmi dropped to her knees and rested on Lekan’s thighs, straddling him in cowgirl fashion. His only chance to escape was now gone. Her short black skirt conveniently covering the action, she reached forward and grabbed his cock, still slick with her friends’ saliva, then turned to look up, “Umm… I can’t do this with you two standing there.”

Aishat and Nneka stared at each other dumbly. Discretely pumping her boyfriend’s cock beneath the cover of her skirt, Bunmi still faced her friends, “Go watch TV or something!”

Aishat literally put her foot down by stomping, which looked a bit funny with her waistband still pulled down drastically on one side, “No way!! We need to be here to make sure you don’t just fuck him and let him go!”

“Well, I can’t do it with you watching me!”

For a moment, they stood in silent stalemate, until Nneka finally said something, “What if we go behind the chair? We’ll be in the room, but we won’t watch.”

Thinking about it, Aishat unconsciously rubbed her own exposed stomach and abs, “But she could still let him go…”

“Not if she tells us everything she’s doing,” Nneka let the idea sink in a bit before elaborating, “Bunmi, you have to promise to keep talking. We promise not to watch if you tell us everything that’s happening. Everything! We’ll be right on the other side of the couch the whole time. But if you stop talking, then we’ll assume he is escaping, and we’ll be there in, like, two seconds. So don’t stop talking! And tell us everything! Deal?”

Before Bunmi could even think about her answer, Aishat added, “Yeah… it’s the only way we’ll let you have this!”

Bunmi pressed her glasses into her face and gave her friends a scornful look. She wanted to be alone with Lekan, but, more than anything, she really just needed to fuck him. Straddling him on the floor, holding his dick in her fist, she was too close to turn back now. In truth, she probably would have let her friends watch, if they had insisted. It would have been quite a show. So she caved, “Okay, fine! I’ll tell you everything, as it happens. I promise. Now please just go! I need to fuck him! Hurry up!”

“Awesome!” exclaimed Aishat, as she and Nneka both hurried to hide behind the couch. Giggling mischievously, they settled on the carpeted floor with their backs against the back of the chair. They were only about ten feet away from the action, but they were out of sight, giving Bunmi the privacy she needed.

“Talk!” commanded Nneka.

“Okay, okay!” Bunmi’s voice now came in disembodied form from over the impromptu wall between them. As she spoke, Aishat and Nneka could hear but not see the action, forcing their imaginations to fill in the rest…

“I’ve been pumping his cock, and he’s definitely ready to rock! You guys really got him wound up! It’s huge! Ohh yeah, this is going to be good…

“Now I’m rubbing it against my clit. Yeah, baby… Ohh, that is good… Wow… I am so ready for this! I hope you’re ready baby, ’cause I’m gonna bang your brains out!”

The girls exchanged surprised looks and covered their mouths to keep from giggling. Bunmi was obviously getting into it — apparently getting off on the idea of giving her friends a play-by-play while she fucked her boyfriend.

“Now I’m sliding him… Uhh!… sliding him deep — Uhh! — into me…Oh! Ohhhh, yeah… Yeah… Mmm… That feels SO good… You like that, baby? Yeah… he likes that…

“God damn, I’ve never been this horny in my life! God, I just… Uh!… want… to fuck! Uh! Oh, yes! This is good! Like… Mmm-ah!.. right away! Unhh! Holy shit! This is amazing!

“I’m trying to take it slow, but… Mmmm!… Uhh!… Uhh!! Whoa! Oh wow!! Wow! God, it feels so good… every time I rise up… and down!!… And up… Oh wow, taking it slow… You ready, baby? ‘Cause I’m gonna drill you to the floor! UHH!! YEAH!! That’s right! Let’s go!!

“Yeah!! Now I’m riding… him… hard!! Unhh! Unhh! Yes!! He’s trying to fuck back, but I got him pinned down… Uhh! Ohh yes!! That’s right, baby, we’re doin’ this MY way… I’m doin’ you HARD, and I’m not stopping… till… you… cum!! Unhh!!


WOW!! I’m cumming!… I can’t believe… I’m cumming!! OH, OH MY GOD!! Nn Hh-hhh!!!… Mmm Wow!! shit!!… shit, that was fast!… Wow, I’ve never cum that fast before in my life!…

“Wow… I have to catch my breath… That was fucking awesome! Good job, baby! I can’t believe you made it through that! Are you ready for more? ‘Cause I’m not stopping this time… You got me by surprise there and gave me a fucking awesome orgasm, but I can do this all day…”

Aishat and Nneka exchanged stunned looks. They both could hardly believe what they were hearing. A mere few feet away, their friend was fucking her boyfriend, cumming on him, and talking dirty to him as if there was no one else in the room. But she knew they were listening, and having an audience seemed to make her more excited! Nneka leaned close to whisper in Aishat’s ear, “Poor Lekan! First the CyberSkin and now Bunmi… He’s gonna pass out!”

Aishat giggled quietly and whispered back, “I bet the CyberSkin drained him dry. If so, Bunmi is in for a surprise. He won’t cum, no matter how hard she fucks him. I bet she’s the one who passes out!”

Nneka just tilted her chin sceptically. Meanwhile, oblivious to their conversation behind the chair, Bunmi kept pounding her boyfriend and giving the play-by-play, “Now I’m grinding into him, pinning his ass to the floor. Yeah! You like that? I’m gonna make you cum, baby. Don’t try to fight it.

You can’t beat me. Yeah, I’m gonna blow your mind!

“Now I have my hands on his abs, holding myself up. And I’m lifting my hips slowly up off his body… Mmmm… And lowering slowly back down… Ahhh… God damn, that feels good! Up… nice and slow… and down… Ahhh… His dick slides in and out so smoothly! Mmmm! Perfect! Up… and down… Up… and down…

“He’s starting to squirm and moan… Yeah, that feels good, doesn’t it, baby? Don’t worry, I won’t stop… Mmmm! I’m gonna make you cum… Oh yeah… You’re in trouble now. I could do this for days!”

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