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Crazy Lenny: Yemi My Lover IV (18+)

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Crazy Lenny: Yemi My Lover IV (18+)

Starting to pick up the pace, I slammed down into her, knowing I wouldn’t last too long screwing her anyway, but holding it back, just picking it up enough to really push her buttons, my hands gripping her shoulders now as I jammed myself into her.

Yemi lifted her hips from the bed to let me get as deep as possible inside her, giving a yelp of pleasure as she got the right place to get right into her and hit her cervix, sending a burst of sensation through her, my hips grinding her clit with every thrust.

Her incredible flexibility was a great asset as she bent up to meet me, letting me fuck her, until I could take no more of it, rolling her hips suddenly sideways and grabbing her leg, lifting it up straight from the bed.

Easily able to bend her wonderfully pliable body in such a way, dragging my tongue up the back of her thigh and onto her shoes as I pulled her leg to me and really picked up the speed, shifting a little to get a better position before really pounding into her, making her immediately tense up and grab at the bedcovers with a strained groan of ecstasy.

Holding her leg tight to my chest I slammed into her, fucking her hard and fast, not quite as deep now but it didn’t matter, she was inches from coming as I fucked her slippery pussy sideways, loving how it felt different for her muscles to squeeze me at this new angle.

“Oh god fuck it, fuck me, fuck it hard!” she gasped, breaking her no speaking rule in the best possible way. I was spurred by this, lifting her hips a bit more to fuck her a bit deeper, pumping her hard and fast, her gorgeous, firm round ass jiggling just a little as I fucked her.

Yemi’s hand fumbling down to her clit, feeling her just bump me before she got her mark and moved her hand in a well-trained blur, her body immediately tensing up as she initiated orgasm, then dropping her hand to let me do the rest.

I happily obliged, feeling quite close myself now but keeping at it, knowing she only needed a few seconds to put her on cloud nine.

Fucking her hard, I reached out to grab her perky breast, not something I had done thus far, adding something new, enough to help her along, pumping deeply into her as she came, feeling her muscles preparing before they suddenly squeezed down on me, making me immediately slow as I felt worryingly close for a moment.

Yemi gave a wail of delight, grinding herself against me as I continued to thrust, slower but still deep and powerful into her convulsing, clenching vagina, so hot and tight, her body shuddering and writhing on the bed, grabbing a pillow and pulling it over her face as she gave a muffled scream of pleasure, her legs kicking and twitching around me.

Her scream became a series of deep, satisfied sighs, letting the pillow drop to the bed as I released her leg, slipping down between her legs to slow down a moment, just sliding easily in and out of her relaxed pussy.

After a moment to steel myself, I started fucking her again, hard once more, wanting my own pleasure now, Yemi giving a groan as she was almost forced to have the pleasure from it, unable to stop her body-loving it as I slammed into her.

Grabbing her legs, I flipped them over my shoulders, boots rubbing against my skin, making an interesting contrast between them and her own gorgeously smooth skin as I ploughed into her, pushing her hips back and pounding on her, fucking her as hard and fast as I could, the position allowing me to get every inch into her juicy haven.

Groaning with pleasure beneath me as I fucked down into her, holding her legs tightly as I felt my own climax approaching swiftly.

I pumped her with a ferocity she had seemingly forgotten could exist in sex, groaning loudly with pleasure as I fucked her, her body tensing and writhing in the dark as I fucked her, squeezing her pussy on me as tight and as fast as she could muster to help get me off as our hips slapped together loudly.

I revelled in the feel of her wonderful pussy, her ass was tighter but her pussy was just as heavenly, and so easy to fuck, and it made me realise just how much I missed sex on the road, driving myself as fast as possible as I felt my orgasm start.

Holding it back as long as possible, I felt my climax boil in my balls as I pumped her hard for several more seconds till I couldn’t stand any more, driving deep inside her with a stuttered thrust, pressing my weight down on her to push myself as deep as possible as I unloaded a big, thick load inside her.

She gave a murmur as my hard cock twitched and surged inside her, shooting my cum deep into her womb as I rested on her gorgeous ass, filling her up. I felt such a wave of pleasure as I came inside her.

Emptying my very soul into the sexy Afropop star, feeling her clenching to squeeze every last drop out of me before I rocked back on my heels, both of us breathing hard as I leaned down to just share one soft kiss, before slipping out of her.

We just lay there for a couple of minutes before I slid off her, kneeling up on the bed.

“I think you need to be spanked,” I said with a smile, a joking tone clearly in my voice as I looked down at the exhausted Yemi laid on the bed in the gloom, her legs open, skirt up over her tight tummy.
I had only been joking, but my eyes widened in amazement as after a brief pause Yemi got up and then rolled over onto all fours, pressing her chest down to the bed and arching her back, reaching back to flick her little skirt back up over her amazing ass without a word.

I wasn’t going to refuse it, and reached out to just stroke her ass softly, before pulling back and giving a good firm spank, making her gasp lightly. I then did the same on the other cheek, much harder this time, a properly stinging slap that made her clench with a mumble of pain, dropping down onto her knees, making it clear I had given her a spank.

Turning, I slid my legs off the bed and pulled my shorts up, followed by my jeans, doing them up as Yemi turned back over and pulled herself to the end of the bed, pulling her skirt down and reaching to the floor. As I went to step away, she took my hand, making me pause.

“Goodnight,” she said softly, squeezing my hand, and with the other stuffing her underwear into my back pocket.

“Night,” I replied, walking slowly from the bed to her door in the darkness, just able to see my way now, seeing clearly that Yemi wasn’t coming to see me out, opening the door and stepping back into the bright corridor, shielding my eyes from it as I closed her door firmly.

Reaching back, I felt her soft lingerie in my back pocket, then I headed to my own room down the corridor, thinking of how I just fucked Yemi, twice, and it had been simply fantastic, but also that things between us may never be the same again, or that I may even lose my job.

Despite that uneasy thought in my mind, as soon as I stripped off and got into bed I fell asleep, Yemi having worn me out completely.

The next day was horribly awkward, and the next couple of weeks weren’t a lot better either. Things between us were strange, which was kind of expected, especially since Yemi had a long term boyfriend at home.

Our professional relationship was ok, we did our jobs, or rather I did my job and she didn’t fire me, so evidently it wasn’t enough of a problem to be rid of me. It had been a fantastic night, and I wanted to know how she felt as much as whether there was any hope of more.

I politely and cautiously broached the subject, getting an equally polite hint of no, clear enough not to mention it, so I backed off, not wanting to ruin things completely, wanting to keep our friendship professional at the very least, even though I wanted to fuck her again.

Yemi however was feeling much like I was, thinking back over it all the time, about how great it had been, how she had not felt so desired and wanted in months, years even, and she certainly hadn’t been fucked that way for a long time, it had been fantastic, and she got the anal sex she loved so much.

However, she cheated on her boyfriend for that fantastic fuck, and that guilt was weighing on her conscience. It would be cheating to continue it, once was one thing, at least she could pretend so, but a long term affair to get her fix of sex was quite another, and this little personal war raged in her mind for days.

However what I didn’t know, is that Yemi decided that she couldn’t be without it and wanted more, and made the decision to just go for it and make sure she kept it all quiet.

A few weeks after our little encounter, with things between Yemi and I returning to normality almost, as much as could be expected, I was intrigued to find a note left in my hotel room, having been slipped under the door, a do not disturb sign hanging on the handle that I didn’t remember putting there.

It was late in the afternoon, another rare day off from the tour that we had been enjoying, and I just got back to the hotel after being out all day. Picking up the note, I kicked the door shut and opened it, immediately recognising Yemi’s delicate handwriting.

I stopped where I was, almost feeling my heart stop, before a sudden rush in its pace as I read her note, which outlined just how she felt about the encounter we shared, how much she loved it and that she wanted to continue things, and to meet me at a small motel on the outskirts of the city, leaving directions and telling me to arrive that evening.

I immediately stripped off and headed for the shower, resisting my growing erection and telling it to wait for Yemi as I cleaned up, picking out some fresh clothes and quickly planning my evening, thinking of what might await me in a few hours’ time.

Arriving at the motel, I parked up in the rental car I got from the front desk and checked my watch, and the name, just to be sure, then got out, flicking the locking as I walked towards the motel, looking along the door numbers.

It was a small, out of the way place, a little run down too, certainly not somewhere you expect to find Yemi, and that was likely the idea, so she would not be found here and could indulge herself.

Finding room 15, right at the end of the building, probably to limit listening ears, I knocked at the door, feeling my heart pumping strongly.

There was a pause, and then I heard feet on the floor before the door was pulled quickly open, a hand reaching from behind it to gesture me into the room before it was swiftly closed and locked, the curtains already drawn.

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