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Average Joe: The Raunchy Fashion House of Arinze (Chapter 6) [18+]


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Average Joe: The Raunchy Fashion House of Arinze (Chapter 6) [18+]

Bimbo arranged the dress so she could sit down. Looking at nearly half of her breasts as they stuck out from the top. She looked like she was a stripper or an adult film actress.

Arinze retrieved a small roll of fabric that matched the tone of Bimbo’s skin fairly well. He had a roll of white medical tape and scissors. Placing these on the table nearest the platform, he walked behind her. She felt a tug at her back and heard the zipper going down. He had unzipped her without warning. She clutched the sides of the chair, feeling her breasts tumble out.

Bimbo’s heavy breasts dropped down to a more natural position. Her nipples popped over the loose fabric, shrinking in the cool air of the shop.

Arinze walked around the front of the chair. Standing over her, he pushed the front of the dress down to her waist. Her dewdrop breasts hung bare and heavy between them. As he had done last time, the tailor grabbed each breast in one hand and squeezed them together. He lifted them from the bottom and pressed them together playfully.

Bimbo arched her back thinking that he was manipulating them for the makeshift bra. But her natural reaction to having her breasts played with was to become aroused, and this time was no exception. Her nipples hardened, aching to be touched.

With her breasts thrust forward, and Arinze’s hands lifting them up, they stood out a foot from her body.

Arinze shifted forward slightly. Bimbo felt her nipples lightly graze the fabric of his trousers. This light touch only exacerbated their stiffness. Arinze seemed lost in revelry and he manipulated her breasts so that her nipples dragged back and forth across his tented crotch area.

Bimbo was becoming increasingly wet. Her head was spinning and she caught a glance of her face in the mirror. She recognized the desire in her own face. She looked down to see Arinze’s bulge actually touching her exposed breasts and nearly lost it.

How could this weird little man be such a turn-on to her?

After a few moments of rubbing, Arinze “arranged” her breasts, mostly because he was just feeling them, and began wrapping each much the same way he did the other day.

“Please pay attention to how I wrap your breasts so you can replicate the procedure when you wear the dress.”

He moved his body to her left side and began wrapping her right breast.

As Arinze leaned over her, Bimbo could feel his hard cock press distinctly into her soft left breast.

There was no doubt about it, Arinze was stiff as a board and taking every opportunity to drag his bulge against some part of Bimbo’s body as she sat there keeping still.

He gave her instructions as he wrapped her, maintaining his professional tone.

“Wrap the fabric around your back now and catch it with the other hand. It can be tricky, you may need help.”

Bimbo was only partially paying attention. It was difficult to focus when he was rubbing his bulge all over her body.

When he was finished, he unwrapped her and explained how to wrap each breast in detail. He lifted each in his hands, pressed against them and caressed the nipples as he spoke.

Despite her distracting arousal, Bimbo did this for herself after his example. It wasn’t as perfect as Arinze’s wrap job, but she was able to get the gist of the process.

When she was done wrapping and taping her breasts, she found it odd that Arinze helped her unwrap them once again. Shouldn’t they see how the dress looked with her breasts wrapped? She wondered.

Instead, he helped her step out of the dress entirely. Arinze hung the dress carefully on the nearest rack to the platform.

Bimbo sat with her back arched, bare-breasted and naked, save for the thong she was wearing, as Arinze rolled the fabric back up and walked behind her.

“Please place your hands behind your back for a moment.” He commanded.

Without as much as a second thought, Bimbo put both of her hands behind her back.

She felt Arinze’s smooth touch on her wrists, then the fabric. He was wrapping her wrists together behind her. Arinze gently and slowly bound her hands at the wrists with the fabric he was using to create her bra.

Bimbo’s heart beat out of her chest.

She said nothing.

Bimbo’s breasts stood out as her hands remained behind her back. She couldn’t move, but she didn’t really test her restraints. Bimbo was held in place more as a result of her being completely under the spell of the strange man, and not so much as a result of his tying her hands together.

Arinze walked around in front of her. His hungry eyes were locked on her heaving breasts as he slowly unbuttoned his trousers. He slid his boxers down stepping out of his sandals and the trousers in the same motion.

He was smiling, but totally silent as he rose to stand before her.

Bimbo’s eyes moved from his smiling face, down his body to lock upon his thick tool. It was bigger than she expected; easily longer and wider than Tayo’s. It was the biggest she had ever seen in person. She noticed a wet drop appear at the tip as she stared at it.

She began to salivate.

Although she was a bit nervous, she did not feel threatened. Her pussy was soaking her underwear.

Arinze unbuttoned his shirt, amused that his prey seemed spellbound by his cock. She didn’t take her eyes off of it as he stepped up to her, completely naked and hairless and toned. He stroked his cock in front of Bimbo, the woman who had occupied his every waking thought since he first set eyes on her.

He knew she wouldn’t struggle, nor would she report him. She was submissive, and she was interested, at least at some level. He could tell as much by the wetness he felt last time, and her lack of effort to cover herself.

He bound her to ensure that he had unfettered access to her heavenly breasts.

Bimbo was in a dream state. She could sense what was happening. Understand what the tailor was subjecting her to, but she could not move. She was excited but didn’t know what to do. Part of her was relieved that he bound her for now she wouldn’t have to worry about her role.

Arinze was in charge.

Bimbo’s enormous breasts were now on full display. Completely and thoroughly accessible. Her pulse rate increased, her skin’s sensitivity was heightened. She could not remember her nipples being harder or more erect than they were now.

She needed his hands on her.

Arinze walked off the platform to a small shelf that sat on a table near the corner. He came back with a scented oil.

Standing over Bimbo, he uncapped the bottle. As they both watched, Arinze let a long drizzle of the oil drip from the bottle onto her skin. Bimbo’s skin felt electric as it erupted in goosebumps. Arinze slowly allowed the oil to drip luxuriously, collecting around her hard nipples.

He paused for a moment to admire Bimbo’s perfectly formed breasts. He was a breast man, through and through, and these massive melons were the best he had ever seen and the biggest ones he had seen in person. He watched them heave as Bimbo breathed nervously and squirmed, although she did not seem to struggle.

Bimbo felt her breasts tingling from the scented oil. It smelled of spices. It smelled of sex. It was intoxicating. She breathed deeply, watching Arinze as he squeezed oil onto his hands, then coated his cock too. She inhaled again, then closed her eyes in an effort to quiet her anxiety about being tied up in front of the strange man. He seemed to be harmless. Very forward, and domineering, but harmless.

Before she could continue the thought, a sudden rush of pain opened her eyes in shock.

Arinze was twisting her sensitive nipples, his oily fingers pinching her sharply.

“Ugggh!” She moaned in what immediately sounded more like an exclamation of pleasure, and less an outcry of pain. Bimbo hated her nipples being twisted like this.


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