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Average Joe: Helping the Neighbour’s Wife IX (18+)

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Average Joe: Helping the Neighbour’s Wife IX (18+)

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I knew that was completely true and indeed had been reflecting upon that during the day. “I know…but at least we didn’t break rule one and rule eight,” I quipped. Rule one had stated that there were 5 attempts, and rule 8 that we were never to speak about all of this again after the 5 nights, so breaking these last night would really have been some effort.

I could not help but give a half-smile at my weak attempt at humour, and she saw this and also appeared to smirk for a second before reverting to a serious look.

“Those are the ones we must never break, under any circumstances, if we care about our marriages. And you must not joke about this,” she reprimanded me slightly. Then she asked, “Can we do this while abiding by Bisola’s rules?”

“You know the answer to that is ‘no’,” I replied. “We both know that if we do this again, after how incredible last night was, we will obliterate their rules. By being here, we both know we have already decided to disregard all the other rules.”

She looked suddenly downcast, but did not say anything for a few seconds, which was an implicit acceptance of my statement. Then she stated, “I felt so…sad…last night, lying down next to Nnamdi, feeling like I had betrayed him in a way I never expected to. I don’t know if he sensed that I was in turmoil inside. And yet, I felt sad but at the same time strangely elated. I wanted to call Bisola to cancel today, I really did, but the memory of you being inside me, was too much.

I could not resist being here with you again tonight.” This was all delivered quietly, but the words ‘inside me’ were delivered with emotion, and my lust for her again gripped me.

For a couple of seconds, I wanted to blurt out what I had been thinking about over the course of the last 24 hours, of how I had been thinking about her and what I wanted to do to her. Part of me wanted to tell her about the sex with Bisola the night before and how she had dominated my thoughts during that session. To tell her about how I had been like a schoolboy with a crush all day, counting down the hours to when I could again see the newly found object of my desire.

Instead, with far more control, I said, “Stand up, and come over to me.”

She paused for a second, then she got to her feet up and walked toward me, and I concluded with elation that she was resolved to the course of action that we were both set upon. I could see the delicious swell of her small breasts against the silk dressing gown, and I felt a sense of triumph from the fact that she had made herself ready for me.

She stopped a couple of feet away from me, her eyes locking onto mine as if to challenge me to make the next move. In response, I moved forward to enter her personal space, about a foot away from her. I could smell her perfume more intensely now, could sense the tantalising proximity of her flesh beneath the dressing gown, and my cock started to respond. However, I also wanted to savour this moment.

“Before we start,” I said, emboldened now, and picking up on the theme discussed moments earlier, “I want to set out some new rules.”

Her eyebrow raised slightly, but she quickly recognised from my look that I wanted her to play along with my game. “Oh yes? What rules?”

“New rule 1,” I announced, edging slightly closer to her, our mouths just inches away. “In this room, there is no guilt, however, we both feel when we are outside of this place.” I moved my right hand to place it on her left arm.

Her expression shifted slightly again at the use of the word ‘guilt’, then it looked like she was again re-confirming a decision which she had already made, and with resolve, she smiled and said, “Agreed. Shall I make up rule 2?” Her hand moved in turn to my arm.

“Yes, sure,” I replied, slightly surprised that she had joined the game so quickly.

“Rule 2. We only have…intercourse….here, in this bedroom.” I recognised that she was repeating what Bisola had said the night before, but then she added, “….but, anywhere in this bedroom, and I guess that includes the en-suite too.”

She edged in closer to me as she expressed this variation of the rule that Bisola had set out, such that there were less than 3 inches between our bodies, her mouth slightly open in a pose which required all of my willpower not to lean down and draw her succulent bottom lip into my mouth.

“Good rule,” I whispered, and my other hand found her neck, caressing her neck and hair. She responded in an almost cat-like fashion, turning her head into my hand to receive the caress. “Rule 3. We do what we have to do as soon as possible, then finish and go back downstairs. But if what we have to do is make love to each other for over an hour, then that is what we have to do.”

“Mmmm….that’s a good rule too,” she replied, and we both knew that, having already made the joint commitment that this was going to happen, we were crossing yet more boundaries with each other by playing in this manner. “Rule 4. We only undress to the minimum extent required.” As she said this, both hands went to my belt, and in seconds she had undone my belt and unzipped my fly, giving some freedom to my now rigid cock, which she stared at brazenly.

Having released me, her hands then went to the sash on her dressing gown, and she untied this before sensuously and slowly shrugging the gown off her small shoulders. “As in, take your bottoms off but leave your tops on.”

The erotic charge that was already building in the room moved up to another level when she released her incredible body from the dressing gown. Under the gown, she was wearing a red slinky camisole on her top half, which barely covered her small breasts and did nothing to cover her sleek stomach, and she had nothing on her lower half such that her silky slim legs were well-displayed.

I consumed the sight of her body like a starving man, savouring her petite frame and toned body, relishing the soft swell of her small breasts and hips, the dark black triangle of the hair at her sex. Her body was flawless, and I could see that she was delighted by my appreciative reaction.

I pulled my t-shirt over my head with purpose, then pushed off my own jeans so that I was standing in just my boxer shorts, our bodies ever closer, both of us knowing that our mutual lust was coiled and waiting to explode upon each other. “Rule 5,” I whispered.

“No intimate talk, obviously…no saying anything remotely unfaithful like….’You are the most effortlessly erotic woman I have ever met, I want to bend you over the side of that bed and fuck you until you scream for mercy, until I unleash my sperm in you’.”

Her hand moved to my chest, resting there lightly. “No, definitely nothing like that, or anything like me saying ‘I want to ride your cock and feel you stretch me again in a way which my husband is incapable of doing, and I want to grind my clit against you while I fuck you from on top until you shoot your delicious sperm inside me’.”

Her hand slid down from my chest to my lower stomach. “Rule 6,” she added. “No intimate touching.” With this, she leaned forward gradually so that her head was resting into my chest, and her left hand reached down into my boxers and her delicate fingers trailed softly around my cock. She twisted her hand gently so the palm of her hand was gently caressing me, and then she started to slowly masturbate me. I took the opportunity to lose the last my clothes, as she added,

“If we need to use our hands to steady each other, like this….” She leaned more firmly into me as she moved her hand up and down my shaft, “…that’s fine. But nothing else.”

I responded by moving a hand onto her chest, reaching under her camisole to cup one of her delightful small pert breasts for the first time.

My large hand enveloped the breast, and I could feel her nipple pressing hard against my pal 7,” I stated, huskily, while her hand slowly manipulated my cock. “There is to be nothing else intimate. “No kissing, obviously…” With this, my other hand raised her chin and our mouths found one another, in a surprisingly controlled and tender kiss.

“In fact, nothing with mouths…” And with this I started to trail soft kisses down from her mouth, to her chin, to her slender neck and shoulders, until my mouth was over her breast.

I pushed the camisole up with my hand, relishing the contrast to Bisola’s large full tits as I stared at her small breasts, then my mouth was on Chioma’s small erect nipple. It was hard in my mouth as I started to tease it with my lips and tongue, and I heard Chioma whisper, erotically, “Rule 8…let’s forget the rest of the rules…”

It was effortless, given our contrasting size and build, to softly pick her up and carry her to the bed, where I lay her gently on her back, her legs pointing out to the side of the mattress. Once she was deposited there I returned to her breasts, sucking and licking the nipple of her right tit while my right hand played with her other breast.

I heard her sigh in pleasure while I aroused one nipple with my tongue while circling my right palm around the other. I had always imagined that I was a big breast fan, given that Bisola and the two girlfriends that had preceded her were all large-breasted, but I was delighting now in the experience of being able to surround and engulf Chioma’s small breasts with my hand and mouth.

Chioma was clearly very sensitive in her nipples as well, because her body was squirming slightly on the mattress as I pleasured her, and one of her hands moved round to play with the back of my hair.

I circled my right hand on her nipple once more, then slowly started to slide it down her body, teasingly circling on her midriff, waiting to see how she would respond while I continued to lick and suck her other nipple. I felt her legs shift to spread apart, in what was an obvious invitation for my hand to gain access to her sex.

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