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February 25, 2021

Your Little World II (18+)
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Your Little World II (18+)

Written by Edymaniac

You don’t move and I am impressed by your self-control. I half expect you to move against me, to grind against my face – to work with me for your pleasure. But you don’t. I told you not to. I told you to remain absolutely passive and this is what you are doing. You are letting me do the work. You are letting the pleasure come to you.

Your love spills out, and I am wet with your excitement. I continue to run my tongue up and down your slit, and now, with each stroke, I push in to you a little way. I penetrate you, like a dick, tongue fucking you a little with every lick. I need more of this and so I stop licking up and down and push my mouth against you, digging into you with my tongue, stabbing your pussy with a firm, gentle rhythm. I love the feel of your pussy around my tongue. It is warm, wet and so delicious. The soft walls of your pussy push against me, as I tongue fuck you and eat your perfect wet cunt.

The juicy aroma is intense now. It is all around me. I love how warm your pussy is and now, as I tongue fuck you, the wet sounds add a soundtrack of lustfulness. My wet tongue, your wet pussy. Your quick breathing. Such wonderful music to eat pussy to.

I am aware, as I push in to you, to get my tongue as far inside you as I can, that my face is pushing against your clit. I am aware of it against the bridge of my nose, small, but hard and slick with our excitement. I stop licking you, and flick the tip of my tongue over your little clit. The sudden noise you make is one of the most exciting moments of my life. It is a quick, soft moan. You weren’t expecting the sudden attention to your clit. In that sound is the very essence of a woman in search of pleasure. A passive woman, giving herself up fully. It is primal and raw. It is too sexy for words.

I brush your clit with my lips, gently kissing it, stroking it, before I take it in to my mouth. I suck it with exquisite slowness, in to my mouth. I play with it between my lips and, so, so gently, graze it with my teeth. I take it lightly between my teeth. I don’t want to hurt you; I just want you to feel a perfect contrast to the softness of my lips and tongue. My teeth are hard and sharp against your sensitive clit.

Your breathing is hard now.

I know that we are moving towards a climax. Your pussy is so wet now; I see your juice dribbling down your thighs, over your ass, on to the cool cotton of the bed. Still you don’t move. You are still, passive, taking all that I give to you. I love your pussy. I worship your cunt. I adore the woman you are.

Your clit is swollen in my mouth. I continue to suck, to play. I suck a little harder now, not only drawing your clit in to my mouth, but also your lips and pussy. Sweet juice spills in to my mouth and I drink it. It fills my mouth and I am so in love. With your pussy inside my mouth, I push my tongue in to you. I am sucking on your pussy as you would suck on my dick, drawing it in to my mouth, swirling my tongue around it, releasing it…

I could play with you all day. I want to give you such pleasure, such pain.

For a final time, I pull back to admire your pussy. You are so open now, it is almost lewd. But beautifully so. The fine art lays torn on the floor and now we are swimming in the very warm, sensual waters of uninhibited pornography. I look at your pussy, glistening and wet. It almost seems to be pulsing gently before my gaze.

Your breathing, deep and hard, comes with soft feminine sighs. You are in some place now that is yours. You are no longer in the room with me, though your pussy is in my face.

I want to make you cum. I want to hear you cum and feel it happen. I begin to lick you again, my tongue riding up and down your perfectly open slit. I push in to you, tongue fuck you with a slow, deliberate rhythm. I can feel you tensing and now your pussy is full and engorged; my tongue feels it’s warm, wet, sensual resistance as I push inside you.

I tongue fuck you with slow strokes and listen to your soft, soft sighs as I work your beautiful pussy. I adore you. I love your warm wetness and I love to worship your pussy. With each push of my tongue I can feel your pussy getting more and more puffed-up. I am now pushing between tight wet walls, with every stab of my tongue. Your warmth is quivering lightly, and I know you are soon going to cum. I think about moving to your clit, sucking it and sucking it until you cum…But I know that you want it now. And you want it like this.

I open my mouth around your cunt and get my tongue as deep inside you as I can. Your juices are in my mouth and suddenly I feel quick, sudden spasms in my mouth. You cry out, it comes from nowhere. You don’t care how you sound; you are expressing your orgasm. Your cry is beautiful and sexy and so raw. I want to die listening to that sound. Again, I expect you to move against me, to lock your thigh around my head to keep me in place. But you don’t. You remain still, fully allowing this pleasure to come from me. You lay still and let the orgasm sweep through you.

With each stroke of my tongue, your juices pour in to my mouth. I am intoxicated. I let the juice spill over my tongue and I drink you gratefully. You moan again. And again. The spasm of your pussy around my tongue is beautiful and seems to last for hours. I don’t tongue fuck you so deep and violently now. I don’t need to. A gentle fucking is all you need and with this gentle digging, my tongue fucking you wet pussy with easy sensuality, you continue to cum and moan and spill your juice in to my mouth.

I know when you have finished because the moans stop. The tremors subside. And your breathing becomes slower…

From between your legs, my tongue still inside you (I will stay inside you for a while longer, I think), I look up. Your face is glowing and satisfied. Your eyes are open and they glitter, still, with perfect sensuality. But you are looking up at the ceiling – and I wonder if, in your little world, I am there at all.

I don’t really care. You have given me so much.

And so I continue to worship your delicious pussy.

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Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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