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April 20, 2021

Your Little World (18+)
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Your Little World (18+)

Written by Edymaniac

I made it obvious to you. I worship you! So relax. I am going to give you pleasure and I will adore you for as long as it takes, as long as you need. I want you to enjoy it. Don’t push yourself; don’t be anxious that it will end before you cum. It won’t. I am here to give you pleasure, to bring you to an exquisite climax. I want to worship you; adore your pussy. And in that act, I will find my pleasure.

You have understood that. You slipped out of your clothes, just as you peeled off the silky skin of your shyness. Your panties came last and as you pulled them down, leaving a delicious cotton pool on the floor, your uneasiness dissolved entirely.

You lay down on the bed and position yourself. I have told you what I am going to do to you. I am going to go down on you and give you nothing but my tongue, my lips, and my fingers. My whole focus will be on your delicious pussy. I want you to lay there and let it happen. Close your eyes; imagine your every fantasy taking place as my tongue works inside you, as my lips play over your hard little clit. Watch me if you want, watch my head working between your legs; watch my mouth against you, eating you with intimate intensity. Read a magazine. Watch the TV! Do what you want. Just let me worship your perfect pussy.

You lay back, supporting your head against the rounded pillows. I can see that you are relaxed, happy to be naked before me. For a few moments, I gaze at you and take in the curved femininity of your body. Your boobs are rounded and beautiful. Your shoulders, naked and sexy, rest against the pillow. Your face is oracular and so beautiful, I love the way your lips are slightly parted and your eyes glitter with silent intelligence. The dark hair of your pussy is delicate and shows me the woman you are. I want to be between this woman’s legs.

Your eyes are fixed on me as you deliberately open your legs. I nod, pleased, and watch you spread your legs before me. I can see the lips of your pussy, kissable, juicy, but not yet open and inviting. You are fine art, rather than pornography. At least, for now.

I position myself, kneeling between your feet. Such gorgeous feet. I could kiss them. I could worship them, never mind the rest of you. I could spend hours kissing your feet, sucking your toes, caressing them, rubbing my hard dick over them, spilling warm cum over them and marking them as mine. Maybe some other time. Today I have promised you something so much more intense. I have promised it to myself, too.

I lean forward and bring my head between your open legs. I am tempted to kiss your thighs, to bite them, lick them, and caress them with my fingertips. I think I could push you to spread your legs further, impossibly so, if I teased your thighs in this way. I think I would make you beg me to move up, to work your pussy, to make you cum, if I just teased your thighs without end. I am tempted. But not today. Today’s experiment is to focus on your pussy. I want you to feel nothing but your pussy. It will be the centre of your sensation. It will be all you feel.

Here, between your legs, I can smell your skin. It smells lightly of soap. I can’t wait until this clean smell is over-ridden by the earthy, aromatic sweetness of your pussy, as I open you up. I want to smell your excitement. I want to smell your desire.

So close up to your pussy, I can see every detail. I wonder what you make of me, here between your legs, gazing at your pussy with intense examination. The lips of your pussy are sealed. I need to ease them apart, to open you gently.

I lean forward and kiss your delicate flower. You make the tiniest sound. A sudden little gasp. Your legs shift, spreading a little further for me. Carefully, I run the tip of my tongue up your soft lips. They are velvet against my tongue. I wet my tongue and begin to lick up and down your delicate skin, your pussy, with deliberate intent. I lick and tease and with each stroke of my tongue, up and down, I push forward a little way. In a few strokes your lips part and my tongue is moving between them, pushing between them and digging into you softly.

Your pussy now open, I kiss it lovingly. Gently, I suck it in between my lips; suck your soft, sensitive pussy lips in to my mouth. I let my teeth graze you lightly, not enough to hurt. Your breathing is rapid above me and I am aware of a new taste, a new smell, as your excitement begins to come. I push my tongue in to you and love how wet you have suddenly become. You taste divine. Sweet, salty – the taste of a woman.

I pull back to look at your newly excited pussy. There, before me, is your cunt, now open and inviting. It glistens with love and expectation. I push out my tongue and begin to lick your slit, up and down, in long, slow gentle strokes. I drink you in, you taste so good. Now and then I push my face in between your legs, hard, burying myself in your wetness. The delicious smell of you is over my face and I feel owned. I feel marked.

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Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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