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Vixen Banks: The Amazingly Talented, Weird but Devious Couple [Part 6] (18+)

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Vixen Banks: The Amazingly Talented, Weird but Devious Couple [Part 6] (18+)

Watching my cousin cum all over himself over a woman fucking herself with a dildo was the highlight of my night. By the time he could get proper and come out to investigate who was at their door, I had run to my room and pretended to be asleep.

I heard my door creep open and felt eyes staring at me but I didn’t make any sound. A few seconds later, he shut my door and that was all I needed to get into my pussy. I love playing with my body as its growth fascinates me. I had been very aware of my body ever since I started touching myself. I noticed that my boobs had grown bigger and softer with very large aureoles and protruding nipples.

Rubbing my nipples through my thumb and forefinger usually sets me on fire and makes them as hard as steel. The tingling feeling I get from the fabric of my clothes rubbing against my nipples usually sends electricity down my pussy. But as a ‘supposedly’ good girl, I always wore bra whenever I have to go out.

After that day of watching Dayo my cousin wank himself to porn, I began stalking him. I would secretly tail him whenever he was home alone. I wanted to know when next he would wank and the devil in me wanted a taste of that white liquid coming out of his cock.

Another new for me for porn. I began searching the net for porn and were there several! My erotic novel was no longer sufficient to bring me to orgasm without imagining I was the one in the video Dayo was watching or that I was sucking his cock.

One day my stalking was rewarded as I stumbled on Dayo and his girlfriend. I had gone to the shop with my mom on a Saturday like that while the boys went out to play football or something. Around 11 am, mom wanted to get something from the house but on her way, she met a friend and they started gisting. Soon mom returns to the shop with her friend and instructed me to go home and bring her what she was going to get.

I innocently went and got what she wanted. I did not suspect a thing as the doors were locked and I had to open with mom’s key. I would never have guessed that anyone was home.

Having taken what I was sent to get and about to go back out, I heard a loud moan and giggling sound coming from upstairs. My ears pricked up upon hearing the sound and I crept upstairs to get to the bottom of it. Lo and behold my brothers’ room was open and Dayo my cousin was kneeling between a girl’s pussy!

I tiptoed to the door and peeping in was created with a very erotic sight! A chubby girl with a thick ass and heavy boobs was lying on the bed with knees spread and pussy wide open and Dayo kneeling on the floor with his head between her thighs and licking her pussy!  It was that had moaned and was still moaning.

Her pussy was directly over Dayo’s face. At one point she reached down and pulled apart her pussylips so he (and I) could gaze directly into her pink hole. She then grabbed Dayo’s head and lowered his face buried completely. 

I could hear the slurping sounds his tongue was making as he lapped and sucked her pussy while she kept moaning and making funny indescribable sounds. Her twitch and moan were so loud and strong that I felt she would fall off the bed. 

Dayo licked her all over and the scream she gave showed that he had found her clit. He sucked and licked on it as if his life depended on it. One could see shockwaves of intense, sharp, powerful pleasure coursing through every single fiber of her very being, and she tried desperately not to suffocate the guy licking her. 

I was carried away into their world with my fingers in my pussy, fingering myself for all I was worth with my mouth hanging open and drooling in a kind of trance. I was soon jolted awake by a loud scream as an orgasm hit the girl and she erupted. Her body shook violently as if a volcano was about to erupt. 

‘Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! She screamed and pushed his face deeper into her cunt. Dayo just kept sucking away while she kept screaming. 

Her cum also triggered mine as an orgasm hit me and I bite hard on my lips, eyes shut tightly, to stop myself from crying out. 

Coming down from my high, I opened my eyes and stared straight into the eyes of my cousin who unknown to me had raised his head from the girl’s pussy. If only I could blush blood would have filled my face as I quickly scurried away from the door and ran out of the house.

When I got back from the shop with mom, I was kind of expecting Dayo to say something but he didn’t. he didn’t even look at me anyhow and I sort of started thinking that maybe I had imagined him seeing me. This only fuels my lust for him

The next morning I passed by him in the hallway and ‘accidentally’ fell on him. While trying to lift me up, I grabbed his cock and pressed it hard, looked at his face and licked my lips.

‘sorry, Egbon’ I said and sauntered away.

This became a pattern as I would try at every opportunity to feel his cock or press my already C-cup boobs hard against his back or chest. Whichever presented itself. He tried avoiding me as it became obvious I wanted something that he felt he couldn’t give me. 

The only thing he didn’t do was tell my parents or siblings about my behaviour. I guess he felt they would not believe him and he didn’t want to rock the family tie boat.

Anyways, one day I had my way.

I had so studied his routine I knew when he would go out and when he would be home alone. So this day I snuck out of the shop and came back home, knowing full well he would be home alone.

He was in the bathroom when I got home. So I slipped out of my clothes and stood by the door of the bathroom stark naked. I then waited for him to finish.

Soon the door opened and he was confronted by my naked state. I saw his towel tent on seeing my young firm boobs and unclad body.

‘Bisi!!!!! What are you doing? He shouted, trying to evade me but I just grabbed unto him and moulded my nude body to his.

‘Egbon I want you’ I replied, pressing my boobs to his chest

‘stop this nonsense Bisi, you know its not right’ he tried to reason with me

‘says who, egbon? I asked coyly

‘One, you are my cousin. Two, you are still too young’ he replied all the while trying to extricate himself but yours truly wasn’t letting go at all. I clung harder to him, pulling on his towel, rubbing his cock through the coarse material

‘Ohhhh!!! He moaned ‘Bisi please stop’

I didn’t bother answering as I saw his resolve weakening. I forcefully pulled off the towel and his cock that I had been fantasizing about all this while sprang into full view. I held on to it and squeezed hard and was rewarded by a loud moan from my cousin 

‘Oooooooohhhhhhhhh!!!!! Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh’ he moaned

Knowing I had him where I wanted, I quickly went on my knees in the hallway by the bathroom door and without wasting time wrapped my lips around his manhood and started sucking him. I was a theoretical pro as I had watched many porn movies online even if I hadn’t done it physically. 

So I practised on him

I began licking his cock all over, starting from the tips and licking all the way to his balls which were hanging heavy behind them. I didn’t want to give him any chance to stop me so I licked from the cap to the balls and took the ball one after the other into my mouth, sucking as if it was a lollipop. 

I was rewarded by a large moan as my cousin now had his hands pressing down on my head. I cheered myself subconsciously for a job well done.

Then I started planting little kisses all over his dick and then licked and sucked on his cock cap only. Soon I had about two inches of his cock in my mouth but couldn’t go any further. I just kept sucking the part in my mouth as I slobbered all over it and jerked on it as I had seen it done in porn.

‘Yessssssssss!!!! Yessssssssss!!!!! Yessssssss!!!!’ my cousin kept screaming as he pressed my head further and further on his cock trying to shove it all in. I choked and coughed and he released my head, rubbing it.

‘Sorrrryyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! He gasped as he tried to restrain himself

Regaining myself I went back to sucking and licking his cock. His hands had by this time strayed to my heaving boobs which he was squeezing and them pinching the nipples. I moaned through the cock in my mouth but didn’t stop sucking. Soon I felt something salty and tangy licking out of his cock. 

My instinct told me it must be that white substance I had seen and that he was preparing to release more. So I sucked harder.

‘ahhhhhhhhhhh, bissssiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! He moaned as he pinched my nipples harder, I felt his cock swelling in my mouth and then he tensed and I felt his cock begin pulsing as he came in my mouth. 

‘Arrrgggggggggggg!!! Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! He groaned, pressing down on my head as he spurted the salty substance in my mouth. It neither tasted sweet nor sour but I liked it and tried to swallow everything. Of course, I couldn’t for a first-timer and soon had it trickling down the side of my mouth. 

After some minutes the spurts stopped and his deflated cock plopped out of my mouth. I licked the few drops still hanging by my mouth as I looked up at him in my kneeling position.

‘Thanks egbon. Now come and fuck me’ I said. 

Written by Vixen Banks

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